41+ Unique Crop Tops CC for Male & Female Sims in TS4

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Searching for new crop tops for your male and female Sims? Simmers, I’ve got your back! Thanks to an array of incredible CC creators, there are many, many unique styles that I can’t wait for you to see. From fresh and funky patterns to stylish, solid colors, there is a crop top – or twenty – here that we know will make you and your Sims VERY happy. Enjoy!

sims 4 crop tops

Style Up Your Sims with the Latest Crop Top Custom Content!

Recently, I’ve been seeing some really unique crop top designs from various CC creators that take the classic look to an entirely new level, and just thought this post needed a fresh new update!

Crop tops are honestly plain cool, and if you’re reading this right now, we most likely see eye to eye! Not only do these CC creators provide an unlimited selection of fun options to choose from, but their pieces are also incredibly well made. So whether you’re searching for long-sleeved and sophisticated crop tops or simply cute off-the-shoulder styles, or even grungy biker-inspired looks, I’ve definitely got you covered today!

Oh and hey, worry not as I’ve included both maxis match and alpha styles! And now, without any further ado, let’s dive right into our crop top CC collection!

41. Euphoria highschool cC by Belaloallure

crop top cc
Crop Tops CC: Euphoria highschool cC by Belaloallure

Wouldn’t you want your high school teens to express their style in these unique crop tops? Thanks to Belaloallure, this set has different designs in store for us, all of which vary in color.

Here’s your download link.

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40. Top Bundle by Madlen

image 478
Collection by Madlen!

Madlen is one of those CC creators we simmers can’t live without! This bundle is honestly perfect because the 8 crop tops included are the entire package – so whether you’re looking for a casual look or something more formal for your female simmies, you’re sure to find it here. Here’s your download link.

image 479
How incredibly cute, right?

39. Halter Crop Top with Gloves by BackTrack

image 291

Backtrack is a CC creator I’ve only come across recently, but now I always keep an eye on their newest creations. This choker crop top is the cutest especially with those glove ends right at the wrist! It comes in 18 different swatches. Check them out below!

image 295
Beautiful range of colorful swatches here!

Here’s your download link.

38. urban love top by bluerose Sims

fitness crop top

This BGC top is available in 15 different swatches, including both solid colors and patterns. Here’s your download link.

37. Sky Outfit Crop top P23 by Busra-Tr

image 450
Top by Busra-Tr!

Quite chic, isn’t it? The back of this top brings its entire look to the next level!

image 451
Personally in love with the lime top in the first row!

Here’s your download link.

36. Leather crop top by idsims

leather crop top

This is the only leather crop top we have on this list and it’s a killer! You get it in 6 different swatches. Here’s your download link.

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35. Lennox Layered Blouse by kleos Sims

These are actually two separate CC creations by Kelos Sims. They’re both super intriguing, couldn’t pick one so here I am showcasing both. If you’d like to grab the layered blouse, visit this link. If you like the cropped jacket better, find it here.

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34. Lace crop-top by miiko

lace crop top
Lace top CC by Miiko!

This lace crop-top is perfect in summer! It’s compatible with the base game, in case you were wondering. Here’s your download link.

33. lettuce edge crop top by elliesimple

image 482

This top is quite simple yet very fashionable! I can already tell it’ll be my go-to for so many upcoming CAS creations heh. It’s available in 18 swatches, some of which are showcased below!

image 484

Here’s your download link.

32. savage crop top by tomiochan

image 305

I tried this one in-game and it looked just as good as this thumbnail. If you’re into anime and cosplay, your mods folder needs to have it. Here’s your download link.

31. angel outfit crop top P67 by busratr

sims 4 crop tops

Here’s yet another breathtaking top by Busratr! It’s basically all black except for the off shoulder ends.

image 459
P67 crop top swatches!

Here’s your download link.

30. Cropped Sweater by serenity

cropped sweater
Cropped Sweater by serenity

How cozy does this cropped sweater make you feel? It’s available in two versions as shown above. Check them out and download by visiting this page.

For more cozy sweaters for your male and female Sims, visit this page!

29. Print Crop Top by SUNBERRY

cute crop top

If you’re a cat person, this is the top to have heh! Not all of them include cat prints but those are the reason why I added this set to the list!

image 308
Solid colors and cool mixed patterns – and CATS!

Here’s your download link.

28. Heartshaker crop top by nuribatsal

Here’s your download link.

27. Diala cC Set by Belaloallure

crop top
This is more of a laid back look type of crop top! Very well made and looks cool in-game. Huge shout out to Belaloallure. Go ahead and check it out yourself.
image 333
Get downloading already!

Here’s your download link.

26. ruffle crop top by Lynxsimz

sims 4 top

I also tried this one in-game and I guarantee you’d like it. It’s available in 14 swatches. Here’s your download link.

25. Gossip Cropped T-Shirt by adrienPastel

male crop tops

These ripped crop tops are quite the vibe! The set is designed for masculine frames but it works on Sims from teen to elder. Here’s your download link.

24. fairycore things by babytears

image 470

The long-sleeved gloves that come with this top are super cute! This set has more to offer actually as can also get the two skirts shown in the pic above. Just a heads up, the top is available in 50 swatches (I know, I know, overwhelming but it’s not like we’re complaining). Here’s your download link.

Kawaii custom content for your Sims 4 is available here!

23. Endros Crop Top by kleos Sims

image 309

Here’s your download link.

22. graphic cropped sweatshirt by 4w25

graphic cropped top

One of my favorites on this list! It looks straight out of another video game for some reason. I admire the unique color palettes that come with them!

image 311
Grahpic cropped tops!

Here’s your download link.

21. Crop Tee with Fishnet by backTrack

crop tee

This basic tee comes with fishnet! Be prepared to dive into an endless collection of swatches because this package has 55 different options in store for you!

image 294

Here’s your download link.

20. Butterfly Detail Crop Top by TurkSimmer

crop tee

This cropped tee is another one we recommend by TurkSimmer. The tiny butterfly print is super cute. Feel free to grab the skirt along the way as well.

image 315
Different butterfly swatches!

Here’s your download link.


image 312

Here’s your download link.

18. top by Sunberry

image 313

Here’s your download link.

17. ViVi Crop Top by dear Solar

crop tee

A cute top that works on male and female Sims alike! Here’s your download link.

16. Nokia Top by Grafity-cC

Nokia Top by Grafity
Sims 4 Crop Tops: Nokia Top by Grafity-cC

This Nokia top by GraffiySims comes in 50 swatches. It’s not for everyday wear for sure but you could create all sorts of looks with it.

image 454
The belt is such a nice touch!

Here’s your download link.

15. Work It Top by gorgeousSims

image 317

Here’s your download link.

14. denim crop top by brsims

sims 4 cropped top

If you’re into the denim texture, you should definitely install this one by Brsims. It’s the cutest one we could find in denim. Here’s your download link.

denim crop top
It’s versatile in color despite it being all in denim!

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13. Luna Set by serenity

serenity crop top

This set by Serenity has a few things to offer us in addition to the below tops! I already have it installed and I know any Simmer would appreciate it too, so there ya go!

image 472

Here’s your download link.

12. Stripe Cut Out Top by SimmerKate

cute crop top

Here’s your download link.

11. LILY TANK TOP by moonrise Sims

Here’s your download link.

10. CC Tops by Belaloallure

image 465
How cool is this design?!
image 467

Here’s your download link.

9. Y2k Stuff by Babyetears

image 468

This Y2K set includes a hoodie top with jeans. Here’s your download link.

8. Naughty Top by plbSims

sims 4 cropped tee

This top is available in 30 swatches so whatever outfit you’re imagining for your Sims, this top will make it work!

image 457

Here’s your download link.

7. not the end of summer male crop top by wistful Castle

These tops are brought to us by the one and only Wistful Castle! We’re always in awe of their creations. Pretty funky patterns are included along with some solid colors.

image 446
Sims 4 Cropped Top by Wistful Castle!

Here’s your download link.

6. Solar Bustier by Trillyke

This top has to be my second favorite on this list. It’s shimmering with liquid gold. Huge thanks to Trillyke! Here’s your download link.

5. Sour Candy by serenity

image 473

This beautiful set has a lot more than just crop tops! Allow me to shift your attention to the four special patterns in the pic below though.

image 474

Here’s your download link.

4. Crop Top by NitroPanic

image 320

Here’s your download link.

3. Lift-Up Slim-Fit Top by 4w25

sims 4 crop top

You should grab this one if you’re shopping for Halloween or winter clothes for your Sims. The prints included are original and different than most other cc packs. Here’s your download link.

image 327
Sims 4 crop tops CC by 4w25

2. Ribbed off-shoulder Crop Top by RIMINGS

image 321

RIMINGS’ creations never disappoint. This off-the-shoulder cropped tee is a must-have for all the cute flower and animal prints. Here’s your download link.

image 322
The last row is screaming perfect in 10 languages!

1. Lollipop Crop Top by Solistair

image 324

Here’s your download link.

image 325
Solid colors and patterns!

Final words

There you go our compilation of the coolest crop tops for the Sims 4! We hope you found a piece or twenty to your liking! You know there’s always more to experiment with when it comes to clothing in the Sims 4. Check out related content below for more endearing CC collections. Happy CC shopping!

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