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Looking for a nice parquet for your house? Thanks to wood floor CC, we can have realistic floors for different design styles, and get super creative in the process of homemaking. Stay tuned to discover the best custom content wood floors for your favorite game!

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wood floor CC: Rustic, Herringbone, deck floor & more!

Together with wallpapers, quality flooring is the base of interior design. With the right wood color and style, we can recreate monumental interiors, prepare a base for a log cabin or add warmth to dull rooms. While there is a lot to play with in terms of floors that came with extension packs, for us who love to build there is always room for more cool floor designs.

Luckily, we can rely on incredible custom content creators to supply us with equally incredible designs. So, here comes a list of wood floor CC, created to help you find the best picks for your next build. We have included various styles, from classic herringbone to hexagonal. Enjoy!

1. Axioma walls &floors set by simspiratioBuilds

tumblr cd3fd1b5848d15c4396bb5f745b495bc b74000cc 1280

If you love neutrals, this set is for you. It includes five styles of floors that resemble quality hardwood floors. With them also come soft pastel walls, which is a good combo if you love lightness in your interior. All are perfectly textured, and you’ll love the realistic effect they create. If you’d love to try these out, download this into your mods folder from here.

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2. walls & floors set 5 by ShojoAngel

ShojoAngel S4 WallFloorSet5 patreon

Looking for something to give your space some personality? This set of wooden floors and exotic walls is just what you need. Floors come in more than ten styles and colors, ranging from ash wood to cherry and oak-like floors. You’ll also get vintage tropical wallpapers to match them, which is a treat. You can get yours here.

3. dita floor by nordica-Sims


Classic parquet is never out of fashion. In fact, a well-kept wooden floor like those from this set can make your room look instantly brighter and more luxurious. There are seven variations to choose from, from light gray patterns to dark pine styles. To get a sample of this wood floor cc flooring set, follow this link.

4. hyperrealistic wood floors by sims4life

tumblr 60762f2e58e6a5e493ad8aa94160a420 c436558a 1280

You just gotta love these hyper-realistic wood floors! These twelve come with realistic details, such as wood cracks and wood patterns which. No matter if you choose a square, hexagonal or classic, they all replicate different styles you can find in floor stores near you and will make you truly feel at home. To get this amazing set of wooden floors, go here.

5. seaside cottage wooden floor by amoebae


Now you can build the cozies cottage in the world, thanks to this incredible wood floor CC that brings warmth into your space. The creator has added some new bright colors to the existing palette to give you more to play with. This one requires the Cottage Living pack, and if you’d like to download it, you can do so here!

6. herringbone parquet flooring

tumblr ns4tgur9sJ1s4yxajo1 1280

If you love the herringbone parquet, we got you. This wood floor CC set includes 8 colors of herringbone floors, just for you to enjoy! On top of that, you’ll get Chevron parquet and hardwood timber floors in 12 distinct styles. What more to wish for? If classic parquet is your thing, download this wood floor collection here!

7. parquet wood floor collection

tumblr e436af1590ab765951fadb4b5cc3731c ba35acf1 1280

Sometimes it’s more effective to keep the floor as neutral as possible to achieve that luxury home effect. This set of wood floor CC includes a few lighter and gentle wood shades, allowing you to visually expand the space. There are ten swatches in total, so you’ll have a few options to try out. To get this wood floor, go here.

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8. hexagon wood floor

MTS Velouriah 1895229 hexafloor8

Hexagon floor paradise, here we come! If you are tired of the plain old parquet, a hexagonal wood floor is a perfect spice for your interiors. The creator has given us 11 colors of this flooring type, so that it works well with any furnishing. It’s not only pretty, but affordable, as you will spend only 2 simoleons per Sims building square. To get yours, go here.

9. wood floors by Mio-sims

tumblr nyjq6eaXbq1uwyz25o1 1280

Seamless wood texture always looks stunning. Coming in ten wood colors, this set is more than versatile. It is equally suitable for those who love simplistic and elegant interiors, and those who love going extra when furnishing. It includes key wood types, from white oak to chestnut and walnut wood-inspired styles. The link to this wood floor CC can be found on this page.

10. wood floor Versailles by sallysims

4 2

If you love old parquet styles, Versailles parquet is for you. It comes in two colors and has the power to give your interior a sophisticated touch even in a half-empty room. The texture and fine details of this wood floor CC are spot on, so you will enjoy the realistic effect. If this traditional French parquet clicks with your aesthetics, check it out here.

11. limber lumber Floor Recolor by MadameRia

Tumblr post

Let’s be honest, a lumber hardwood floor is essential in a floor collection, especially if you love simple designs. Well, now it’s also available in Sims 4 in a few effective variants. There are 14 wood shades and four gray options if you prefer to keep your interior more neutral. To get Limber Lumber wood floor cc, check it out on this page!

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12. log wood wall & floors set

1Sims 4 Release

If you love building cabins as much as I do, you’ll certainly find good use of this one! This log wood floor CC is an ideal option for building mountain resorts, seaside villas, rustic interiors, and exteriors. It comes in three natural wood colors, and it’s nicely textured! To take a closer peek, check it out on this page.

13. ashton wooden floor by Mayheem

tumblr ocntjbQiZE1uvzr6lo1 540

Now, if you want to replicate a laminate floor in Sims 4, you will find this set more than useful. Not only does it replicate the laminate layering and looks like your Sims installed it themselves, but it also comes in a few wood shades. You will get 8 amazing options to play with, from super light and grayish to super dark. This wood floor CC is available here!

14. regular rustic wooden planks by amoebae

tumblr 04da4ca014e9c69efb975af4d2ee4da7 afd87c16 1280

Do you love the rustic look? Are you looking for more variety in terms of colors and styles? Look no further, as this wood floor recolor from Jungle Adventure is all you need to start building a rustic paradise. You can choose smaller or bigger planks, and opt from 48 colors for each style. To get a sample of this wood floor cc flooring, go here.

15. deck floor by dinha

1 2

Deck floor is a must-have. No matter if you need wood floors for your front porch, to design the pool and lounge areas, this set will do. It comes in nine variants, all incredible for outdoor use. Some have bigger spacing between decks, so you can achieve that realistic deck floor in your backyard. To get this wood floor CC, go here.

16. ”Barco” Wooden floor by mellios

tumblr pl11i2BRZZ1uobphlo2 r1 1280

This wooden floor will warm your interior and your heart. Orange undertones work great if you want to make your space look sunnier and lighter. It’s compatible with the base game, and versatile, as it can be used both indoors and in the backyard. Although it’s pretty, it’s not expensive, and you can equip your space with it for only $4 per building square! To download, follow this link.

17. natural wood floor 16 by Celinaccsims

preview 1

Sometimes choosing a neutral floor is the best way to accentuate other colors and furniture. This set of floors will give you a great base for playing with patterns and vibrant shades of textile, as it doesn’t visually overpower the space. It includes six swatches in natural wood colors. Check out this incredible wood floor CC here!

18. herringbone parquet by minerva

tumblr 05cd7c8b40cefdecf4f45b30095841a5 deeb8b63 1280

Wanna have the same parquet in Sims 4 as you do in your home? Choose this wood floor CC and you’ll love the results! There are three shades of wood available: light brown, dark brown, and super light rustic beige, which is a treat, as a style like this is a rare find. To find the download link for the floor, scroll to the bottom of the post here.

19. ”frostbite” lacquered wood floor by yarrowseed

tumblr 16437ae2f108b285a3ff693259fa2623 937a182a 1280

Tired of the old wooden floors? It’s time to spice up your interior with some bold, vibrant colors! Besides the natural wood floor CC includes a variety of colorful options, including purple, yellow, red, green, and blue. You’ll also get black and white options. With these, your Sims will have the most unique rooms for sure. To get this stunning floor, go here.

20. wood floor pack by simtographies

Wood Floor Pack

Besides the Herringbone style, the Brickbond parquet pattern is among the most popular. Now you can have a top-quality brick bond and seamless wood floors in the build menu, thanks to this set. There are 13 swatches included, so there is something for every type of interior. This gorgeous pack is available for download here.

21. woody house by ohmybunnny


Oh, those pretty pastels! If you love pink aesthetics, this floor is all you need. This wood floor CC is ideal for color-themed rooms. Not only do you get pink and purple, but you’ll also get green, blue, and natural wood options if you decide to switch back to regular floors. You can find the installation link on this page!

22. koa flooring by peacemaker_ic

Although this one is a rework of the original Island Living floors, you can now use this set even if you only have a base game installed. This timber floor comes in two styles: long board and short board. Both come with 25 color options, ranging from light beige to black wood. To get this wood floor CC set, follow this link.


Quality floors are the absolute home design essentials, no matter what your preferred building style is. These were our top wood floor CC picks. This list included key styles, from laminate and deck floors to various parquet styles. We hope you have found your ideal picks. Have fun building and happy Simming!

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