60+ Pieces Of The Best CC for Black & POC Sims

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If you have been looking for more content for the Sims 4 specifically for POC sims, you’ve probably been disappointed with what the game has to offer. CC creators have stepped up and shared a variety of content to give your black sims the representation and love they deserve.

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The Sims series has always touted itself as being a game for everyone, no matter who you are or how you like to play. Unfortunately it has been historically lacking in content for sims of color, and while the game has recently made strides to include more content for black sims there’s still a lot of work to be done. Thankfully, the modding community is full of creators who have given players a much better selection of content for their games. Here are our picks for some of the best black & POC custom content for the Sims 4.


With so many talented creators out there we wanted to make sure to show off as many as we could. That being said, we urge you to explore the rest of their CC catalogs. It wasn’t easy choosing which pieces to include on this list because there were so many lovely options!

Genetics & Hair

Rich, deep skin tones that give black sims the attention they deserve without sickly undertones. Locs, braids, afros, and more. Facial hair in realistic curly textures. We’ve got something for every style of sim!

1. Melanin Pack 2 by XMIRAMIRA

image 121 edited

This skintone pack comes with 54 melanated non-default skintones in a range of beautiful colors. Get these gorgeous tones here.

2. Cloud Skin Tones by disorganized

image 119

52 glowing skin tones based on EA’s but without the ashy grey tint to them. See all the shades (and download this black hair CC) here.

3. Lightside & Darkside Skin Colours by Peacemaker_IC

image 120

A small collection of 5 light and 5 dark skin tones in deep, rich hues. They come for Sims from teen to elder! Learn more and download the CC pack from here.

4. Marcus Skin VITILIGO & set of genetics by Sims3melancholic

image 158

A combination of genetics & overlays to give your sims realistic vitiligo effects. Get the set details and download here.

5. Rashod Twist by XxBlacksims

image 132

A funky set of braided locs in 9 swatches. Download them here.

6. Fuchsia Hair by Joliebean

image 149 edited

A braided updo that comes in 24 Maxis-match colors. Download this cute style here.

7. Kelani Braids set by arethabee

image 151

10 Sets of braids in Maxis-match colors with optional roots and ombre overlays. See the rest of the collection and download here.

8. Raven Hair by Ebonix

image 136

Chunky box braids in 21 colors with optional thread accessories. Get it here.

9. Fana Fro by Sheabuttyr

image 143 edited

This afro is part of a collection of 19 different styles, some in multiple versions, with 31 color swatches. See the whole collection and download them here.

10. Jort hair by okruee

image 152 edited

Sexy loose curls available with & without strands in 24 Maxis-match colors. Get this dreamy style here.

11. Moxam locs by Ceeproductions

image 142 edited

A very cool loc updo for men in 24 Maxis-match colors which you can download here.

12. Honey Locs by sleepingsims

image 145 edited

A “slightly messy” more casual loc updo style with several color pallet options to choose from. Get the details and download here.

13. Montrose Hair by Simstrouble

image 141 edited

A hunky loc style perfect for your POC heartthrobs in 24 Maxis-match colors. Download this handsome new hairstyle here.

14. Bianca hair by greenllamas

image 153 edited

A long, braided loc hairstyle in EA’s original 18 swatches with optional cuff accessory. Download this beauty here.

15. Will hair by Johnnysims

image 140

This textured flat top style is part of Johnnysims’ Men’s 90’s Hair Collection and comes in 24 Maxis-match swatches. See the rest of the collection and download them here.

16. Ashanti hair v2 by Alexo

image 148 edited

This slick, straightened style comes in 45 colors including two-tone swatches. See all the colors and download the set here.

17. Turban Locs & Twists by Ceeproductions

image 146 edited

These locs are part of Ceeproduction’s Cottage Core-Ish collection and include 25 swatches with an optional ombre overlay. See the rest fo the collection and download it all here.

18. Coralita Hair by silverSims

image 134 edited

This hairstyle comes in 2 versions, one with hair over the shoulders and the other with the hair pushed back. Both are available in 24 Maxis-match colors. See the other version and download here.

19. Milo Hair by QWERTYsims

image 139

A collection of thick braids for men in multiple palette options. Sadly it’s a pretty high-poly mesh so as tempting as it may be, you can’t put this hair on every one of your POC sims but you should definitely check it out here anyway.

20. Heart Swirl Hair by Ebonix & Farfetch

image 133

Part of their Beauty Spring Collection, this hair only has 2 swatches but it’s just so fantastic that we had to share it with you! See the rest of the collection and nab this fabulous look here.

21. Beards N1, N2, & N3 by ThisIsThem

image 129 edited

A small collection of beards in 14+ colors with more natural texturing to complement various hairstyles. Get the collection here.

22. Beard Megapack N04 by Pralinesims

image 147

10 beard styles in EA’s original 18 swatches with more natural looking textures that aren’t pin straight. Download these beards here.

23. PG13 beard by Hella Good Sims Stuff

image 155 edited

A neat beard/goatee style in EA’s original 18 swatches inspired by NBA All-Star Paul George. You can get this beard here.

24. Curly Beards by XxBlacksims

image 157

A curly black beard in 2 sizes with or without soul patch. You can get these fluffy beards here.

25. Full Scalp with Edges by Setsuki

image 126

This isn’t a hairstyle per se, but instead is a scalp covering that will add edges/baby hairs to your sims. It’s classified as a tattoo so you can wear it under any hairstyle you wish! There are 6 styles in 24 Maxis-match swatches. See the rest of this set and download them here.

Makeup & Accessories

A lot of custom content creators will share makeup collections that look great on lighter skin, but out of place or totally garish on darker skin tones. POC sims deserve to look fabulous too! These collections are black skin friendly and will make your sims look amazing!

1. August & September Makeup collection by akalukery

image 127

A 2-part makeup collection featuring lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, & highlighter designed with dark skin in mind. August is full of neutrals and September is bold & bright. Get the collection here.

2. Melanin Magic Makeup by Crypticism

image 130 edited

This collection was part of a collab in celebration of Black History Month and includes the Moraccan Spice eye palette, Mirage lipstick, and Saffron eye liner. See the entire BLM collab and download here.

3. Velvety Smooth makeup by EmmiBouquet

image 128

EmmiBouquet designed this cosmetic collection with 5 lipstick swatches for light skin tones and 5 for darker skin tones, so every sim can wear this beautiful makeup set. Get them here.

4. The Dark Magic Palette by Crypticsim

image 131 edited

A set of dark and dreamy eyeshadows in 10 solids and 10 blended hues, inspired by an IRL palette. Get this lovely set here.

5. Black Girl Magic Necklace by Vittler

image 189 edited

The title says it all! Get this necklace for your magical black girls here.

6. Africa Necklace by Salem C.

image 168 edited

A beautiful necklace set with pearls and chains featuring a pendant shaped like the continent of Africa. 10 swatches total, and you can get it here.

7. Set of Accessories by Alexmells

image 172

A nicely detailed chain in both a necklace and bracelet style available for both right and left arms in 4 swatches. Download them here.

8. Egyptian Coral and Hardstone Fan Jewelry

image 169

A beautifully elegant set of jewelry inspired by ancient beads found in Egypt. Get the necklace here and the matching earrings here.

9. Delta Chain Belt by RoseGold_CC

image 173

A sexy belly chain belt in 4 swatches that you can download here.

10. African Beading by Xelenn

image 171 edited

A collection of colorful jewelry in a variety of beautiful swatches for all genders. Most pieces come in over 20 colors! See the collection and download here.

11. BLM Face Masks by Wistful Castle

image 187 edited

8 swatches of face scarf in solid colors and BLM patterns. See the other colors and download them here.

12. Rasta Beanies by Pinkzombiecupcakes

image 178 edited

Rasta beanies in 3 swatches with lovely handcrafted details. Download them here.


Because sims, like people, come from all walks of life we’ve tried to compile a list of CC clothes to suit a variety of styles. Whether your sim is from the Bronx or the Bahamas, New Orleans or Nigeria, or anywhere in between, we hope you find something that suits them perfectly!

1 . BLM tops by Llamaloaf

image 135 edited

A collection of Simlish BML shirts which include a default replacement for the “World United” protest baseball tee from City Living, so your sims can autonomously protest for the movement! The original post has been deleted but you can still find the download link on Maxis Match CC World.

2. Calm Fit Collection by Ceeproductions

image 163

A casual collection of clothing with a few extras thrown in. 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 hat, 1 nose piercing, and a hairstyle in Maxis-match colors. Get the details and download here.

3. Babes Leisure Set by Savage-Sims

image 165

Savage-Sims makes a lot of high-fashion pieces but we decided to feature this set because of its simplicity and versatility. A maxi dress and 2-piece pant set in 10 swatches each based on an IRL clothing collection. Get more info & download here.

4. Half Zip Sweaters by CreamLatteDream

image 174 edited

A cozy, casual sweater in 23 swatches ranging from simple color clocking to branded patterns. Get this comfy top here.

5. Monet Outfit by Ridgeport

image 164 edited

A separate bralette and flare pants in 25 swatches with a groovy retro velour texture. Get more details and download them here.

6. African Love set by Frenchiesim

image 124

10 pieces of absolutely stunning formal wear & accessories in west African-inspired designs, which you can download here.

7. Athletic Sweatpants by Darte77

image 183 edited

Baggy striped joggers in 12 colors which you can download here.

8. Lea Outfit by Malden

image 162 edited

High-waisted cotton joggers and a matching halter top, in 10 colors. Download them here.

9. Retro Swimming Shorts by Lazy_Eyelids

image 184

A nicely detailed set of swim trunks in 24 swatches of solids and colorful retro patterns. You can get them here.

10. Jamaican Swimwear Set by Mangoo_Official

image 177 edited

This lovely form-fitting bikini set comes in 7 different pattern options. Get the mesh and snag these suits here.

11. Shirt Bow Tie With Vest by OranosTR

image 182 edited

A dapper vest & bowtie combination in 10 different colorways including several festive patterns. Get them here.

12. Angie Dress by Nitropanic

image 160

This slinky little number comes in 20 solid colors and includes some really lovely accent details. See the swatches and download here.

13. Blue Moon Puffer Jacket by nucrests

image 175

3 styles of puffy winter jacket in 24 swatches apiece which you can download here.

14. VIP Coat Collection by Busra-tr

image 186

4 coats in 10 swatches each in a variety of styles. Download the look that suits you best here.

Buy Mode Objects

We’ve included a selection of decor items for your black sims’ homes and businesses in both modern and traditional styles. Many of these creators have expanded collections beyond what you see here, so be sure to explore the rest of their CC!

1. DIY Wig Stand & Wigs by Ebonix

image 192

Organize your wig collection with this nifty DIY wig stand which you can get here.

2. Africa Bookcase by NcyPooh

image 191

A functional wall bookshelf in the shape of the African continent which you can find at the bottom of the page here.

3. Huck Wall Art & Decor Pillows by Ebonix

image 123

Wall art and throw pillows in 56 stunning afrofuturistic swatches which are a must-have for your builds. Get the collection here.

4. The Beauty of Mermaids by Paradoxx Sims

image 167

6 beautiful paintings of black and POC mermaids in elegant and abstract styles to match any decor. Download these beauties here.

5. Zanzara decor by Severinka

image 125 edited

This is a collection of decorative masks, plates, and statues in African-inspired styles. Severinka has made several sets for this collection so if you like it, be sure to check out her other Zanzara uploads! Download here.

6. Urban Art by XxBlackSims

image 188

63 swatches of urban art in bright, pop-art colors. See the rest of the swatches and download them here.

7. Egyptian Relics from TS3 by TheJim07

image 170 edited

A simple conversion of the Egyption items that came with The Sims 3 World Adventures. Download them here.

8. Voodoo Island Clutter by Existential Pudding

image 179

A small set of Voodoo themed clutter items for your games. The plant and cloche are a little finicky so be sure to read the directions on using them on the download page here.

9. Black Lives Matter Wall Sculpture by Soloriya

image 122

A poignant reminder that we must do better for players and sims of color. With 18 swatches you will find one to match any decor. Download them here.

10. Flags of the World by Shirina_chan

image 181

This is an absolutely massive collection of flags from all over the world. No matter where your POC sims are from, they should be able to find their country in this collection. See all the included countries and download here.

Hint: you can use Sims 4 Studio to delete any flag swatches you don’t need. Check out our tutorial to learn how.

Final Thoughts

Black and POC players have lacked representation in the Sims 4 since launch and while progress has been made, there’s still a ways to go. Lucky for us, modders have filled the void with tons of custom content. Hopefully you have found some new favorite creators and with their help, shown your black sims the love they deserve. Happy simming!

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