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There may be some challenges when you create a sim character because it’s really hard to find the right items and body parts, especially when you want your character to stand out from the crowd. In this post, I’ll give you some ideas for whisper eyes sims 4. These sets of eyes can’t be found anywhere else and you can download all of them for free.

whisper eyes sims 4

magical whisper Eyes for All characters!

As eyes communicate more than actual words; therefore, it is so important for you to know how your sims’ eyes should be shaped, and what their colors should be. This will help you have such an impressive character that no one has seen before.

With this new post designed for sims 4 eyes to inspire gamers and creators of how their sims eyes should look, we have gathered countless different colors that you will surely love. Keep in mind that these eyes are suitable for any occasion. Don’t miss any of them, keep reading and create the absolute best sims’ looks with these eyes! Enjoy.

Whisper Eyes

Whisper Eyes Sims 4

The first thing that comes to mind when creating a character is how their eyes would look. You might even think about what swatches the eyes would have. The first whisper eyes sims 4 mod we have on our list is suitable for all sims of all ages and genders. With these whisper eyes you can choose from 39 beautiful colors so that your character looks fancy. Try them now for free, click here

Original whisper eyes sims 4

Whisper Eyes Sims 4

To make the Sims game more enjoyable, the developers let you change the way your sims look, for example by changing the color of their eyes to be blue one day, and green the next, and nobody would care about your choice, so check out these eyes that are suitable for all ages. Give it a shot and download these best cc eyes free from here.

dangerouslyfreejellyfish’s Whisper Eyes Sectoral & Berry

Whisper Eyes Sims 4

Sim’s world is all about creativity, so think out of the box about what the eyes on your Sims should look like. Whisper Eyes Sectoral & Berry is one of the most impressive sets of eyes we have seen. They are also enabled for Aliens, and suitable for All Ages. This set of eyes is very close to realistic eyes that you can use for your sims Character. And we have to say that we’re in love with its berry colours. You can download it from here.

Whisper Eyes for Aliens

Sims 4 Whisper eyes berry

It’s not surprising that you need to go nuts when you create your sims. This set of eyes has been designed specifically for Aliens. It can be chosen from nine different colors to make sure it matches your Alien character. Aren’t they magical how they work on the sims? Go nuts and download it from this simfileshare’s page.

Nondefault Heterochromia Whisper Eyes

Whisper eyes Heterochromia

Among the most amazing aspects of these eyes is that they can be colored differently, for example, the right eye can be blue-ish while the left eye may be brown or green as you wish. They can be applied to any type of sims character of any age. Enjoy these eyes for free from here.


Sims 4 Whisper eyes mermaid

This set of sparkling eyes can be used for all types of sins, all characters, and all ages so that you’ll have the right eyes for whatever you are going to do in the game. Don’t let any occasion pass you by – download these eyes today from here!

Polycoria– whisper eyes sims 4

sims 4 whisper eyes alien

Masquerade parties require you to wear strange clothes and the makeup should match that as well. This is why today we’re showing you the two eyes on the Sims. These eyes are a bit unusual because they’re actually two pupils in one eye so it’s like your sim will have 4 eyes. I think this set of eyes will work best with adult Sims characters, as I think they might be scary for children. You can download these eyes in more than fifteen colors from here.

Encore skin detail Heterochromia mesh

Encore Heterochromia

The Encore Heterochromia eyes are a different type of eyes that will give your Sims dreamy eyes. They can come in a variety of colors and shades. Be creative with the heterochromia option, let your imagination run wild, and show us what they will look like. All you need to do to get these eyes is to click here.

Opal Eyes

Opal Eyes

It can be difficult to choose eyes for your Sims when there are so many options available, so we recommend you try different kinds of eyes every once in a while until you find the best type of eye for your Sim. For fans of the freckled characters, these eyes come with a set of freckles. These eyes will make your characters look prettier among their friends, as they come in more than seventeen colors in the facepaint category. Download it from here.

Vivid Daydream Eyes-Whisper Eyes Sims 4

Vivid Daydream Eyes
This type of eye can be used with any Sims character, regardless of their age, whether they are humans, vampires, or mermaids. You can find them in the face paint section. Of course, these eyes will add a great addition to your Sims characters, so download them right now! Click here.

And now we finished our great selection of Sims eyes. We included some crazy colors, but a little bit of craziness wouldn’t hurt. Be creative when picking the perfect eyes for your sim characters. Don’t forget to share with me what color your eyes are in the comments. Check out other related content as well!

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