The Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge: Your Ultimate Guide!

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Have you ever heard of the popular Disney Princess Legacy Challenge? If you want to try it and don’t know where to begin, then this article is perfect for you. In this guide, we will walk you through the full rules of the challenge!

Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge
The Sims 4 Disney Princess Challenge: Your Ultimate Guide!

What is The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge?

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Disney princess challenge!

The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge, also known as the Disney Princess 10 Generations Challenge, was the brainchild of simmer MissPlaying. MissPlaying first posted the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge on The Sims Forums in 2014, where it gained popularity among other simmers who were willing to take on the game. The challenge has constantly been updated through the years, further integrating other princesses who have also debuted on Disney.

The Rules of The Challenge

The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge drew inspiration from the original Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. It has, of course, its own enchanting twists, such as the incorporation of the stories of Disney Princesses into the challenge. The main goal of the challenge is to create 10 generations of sims, with each generation being based on the life of a particular Disney princess. Each generation has its additional set of rules, which we all detail in the next section.

The Ten Generations of Disney Princesses

You must start the game by creating the first Disney Princess (or Prince if you prefer to take the Patriarchal route). When you have created the first Princess, make her live her life by following the rules stated for her generation, and then make sure that the next generation continues from her lineage, and so on and so forth. The sections below detail every generation in the hierarchy and the corresponding rules that come with each. Take note that we have integrated the extra rules that MissPlaying devised in relation to other The Sims 4 expansion packs.

1. The First Generation: Disney Princess Snow White

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The first Disney Princess you should create is Snow White. It does not matter whether you create her as a child or a teen. We recommend though, that you create her together with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, to make her generation consistent with her Disney story. When she becomes a young adult, her narrative begins. Snow White must have seven children, which represents her dwarves. Each of these children must have one negative trait, and they must all have the same father.

Before they reach their teen life state, each child must be able to accomplish their aspiration or become an A+ student at school. Before they age up, they must also be able to gain at least one positive trait. For additional rules, Snow White must never open the door and interact with strangers, even if these are her neighbors. She also cannot talk to elderly female sims.

2. The Second Generation: Disney Princess Cinderella

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One of the children of Snow White will grow up to become Cinderella, the second generation of the Disney Princess Legacy. Cinderella, while growing up, must be deeply involved with all the cleaning and cooking in the house. Although she has other siblings, she is the main person who is responsible for these chores. But she enjoys these tasks as they serve as her escape from the rigors of her life. Her narrative begins once she becomes a teenager.

First of all, she must have Neat and Foodie character traits. Each day, it is her duty to make the house spic and span, as well as to cook all the meals of her family. She can only marry once her mother dies from any cause (no cheats allowed). For her offspring, she can only give birth to a maximum of three.

3. The Third Generation: Disney Princess Tiana

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For the third generation of Disney Princess, you have Princess Tiana. Her story begins the moment she turns into a Young Adult. Princess Tiana wants to achieve her dreams in life, thus you must assign Tiana the ambitious trait. Next, she must have a food-related aspiration. Tiana’s father must die before she turns into an actual adult sim. She should also marry a sim who has any green physical features (skin, hair, eyes, etc.) Finally, Tiana should work hard to be able to purchase her own restaurant and run its operations.

4. The Fourth Generation: Disney Princess Aurora

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Because her mother Princess Tiana worked hard to give her family a beautiful life, Princess Aurora, your fourth-generation Disney Princess, is able to have a nice life wherein she could have all the things that she wants. But the thing she desires most of all is missing—her Prince Charming. For her life story, you must ensure that she has a father who is strict and would not let her get out of the house. For an added challenge, Princess Aurora must have the Lazy trait, and she must also have only three friends (family members can count).

While her parents are asleep, she should be able to meet a boy who will become her future husband. In the future, she should elope with this boy and have a maximum of two children with him, preferably both girls.

5. The Fifth Generation: Disney Princess Anna


Disney Princess Anna is the fifth generation of the Disney Princess Legacy. Her story begins right away as a child. For her background, she must have a sister with whom she is deeply bonded during their toddler years. However, once they become children, Anna’s sister often locks her in a room. Thus, she never gets to talk to her, not until they become Young Adults.

Ana’s life is filled with adventure. You must make sure that she falls in love with a sim who is involved in evil or criminal deeds. She must experience a near-death situation because of this wicked lover of hers. Afterward, let her become best friends with her sister, break up with her lover, then find a new sim whom she will marry and have one child with.

6. The Sixth Generation: Disney Princess Rapunzel

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Much like Princess Aurora, the sixth Disney Princess Rapunzel is often only at her house, although in extreme circumstances. When she becomes a teenager, her mother will forbid her to ever go out, except for attending school. She is also prohibited from ever having friends until she gets married.

Rapunzel must have the traits Loner and Art Lover, and she must reach level 8 in her painting skill before she becomes a Young Adult. Because her parents are quite strict, she must never become close to them and must try to defy their rules by sneaking out at night. Later on, she must meet a sim whom she’ll elope and have kids with.

7. The Seventh Generation: Disney Princess Belle

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Disney Princess Belle’s narrative must begin during her Young Adult years. As she is quite popular with the opposite sex, she must be able to date a minimum of five men. She must meet, marry, and have kids with the man of her dreams—who is an unattractive alien sim.

After their first child is born, you must edit Belle’s spouse in CAS and turn him into a handsome Sim. Aside from these rules, Belle must also possess the Bookworm trait.

8. The Eighth Generation: Disney Princess Mulan

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Our eighth-generation Disney Princess is Mulan, whose story starts once she reaches her Young Adult stage. Mulan will face pressure from her family because she wants to reach her own dreams while they want her to marry a noble and rich sim. You must let Mulan have the Active trait, and have her join the Astronaut career.

As she gloriously climbs the career ladder, you must also let her achieve fame. After she reached the highest rank of her career, she must fall in love with a co-worker, and marry and have kids with this sim.

9. The Ninth Generation: Disney Princess Jasmine

03 look princess jasmine sims4 cc

After her mom and dad were able to accumulate wealth from their careers, the ninth Disney Princess Jasmine is able to live a comfortable life—absolutely deemed perfect for a princess. Her narrative begins once she becomes a teenager. Because her parents are overprotective, she can only leave the house to attend school. They want her to marry a high-status person to maintain her prestige, but she wants to marry for love.

You must let her have a best friend, a pet named Raja, whom she extremely loves. Also, she must be able to sneak out, meet a poor sim who is in a criminal career, and then marry this sim. They must have a maximum of four children together.

10. The Tenth Generation: Disney Princess Merida


Princess Merida is the final sim who will complete the Disney Princess Legacy Challenge! Merida’s story opens once she reaches her teenage years. For her back story, she must grow up in a poor family, as her mom chose to marry a penniless husband. Later on, her siblings and mother must die due to an unforeseen accident. She will try to change this circumstance, but she will always fail.

She must have the Self Assured trait, must not believe in love and thus—must never marry. She must then become alone in the world and feel regretful about her life. However, if you choose to pursue the optional generations below, then you may let Merida marry a sim and have children.

Optional Generations of Disney Princesses

If you let the tenth-generation Disney Princess Merida marry someone and have children, then the legacy of the Disney Princesses can further carry on. We have five more optional generations below that you could play. These five add-ons will make the entire challenge more difficult, albeit more rewarding!

1. Disney Princess Ariel

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Disney Princess Ariel’s story will begin once she becomes a teen. She is a mermaid who has the Loves the Outdoor trait. She loves water! So she must swim every day in a swimming pool that her family owns. Ariel must also meet a handsome sim who has one trait that is the same as hers. They should marry and have kids together.

2. Disney Princess Pocahontas

Like Ariel, the life story of Disney Princess Pocahontas will begin once she becomes a teen. She must meet a sim who looks different from her, such as a sim who has blue or green skin, or a sim who is a vampire. She must marry and elope with this sim. Later on, they must produce a maximum of four offspring.

3. Disney Princess Elsa

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You had Disney Princess Anna in the earlier generations, now you must play with Princess Elsa. Princess Elsa must be a different kind of sim (you can make her an occult one), who has the Loner trait. She must never talk to her brothers and sisters, not until she turns to a Young Adult. She must also try to run away from home in her teenage years. Later on, Princess Elsa must never marry but she must bear one child through an “accident”.

4. Disney Princess Moana

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The narrative of Moana starts when she becomes a teenager. You have to assign her the Loves the Outdoors trait, as well as the Curator aspiration. She must have a close relationship with her grandmother, who dies during her teenage years. Princess Moana must run away from home and explore the jungles of Selvadorada. Here, she must meet a sim named Maui whom she will become best friends. Later on, she must find and marry someone whom she will have children with.

5. Disney Princess Raya


Disney Princess Raya is the last generation in the legacy of Disney Princesses! For the rules of her generation, she must experience losing her father to an accident, and she must have a best friend, named Tuk Tuk. Use the story of Strangerville to create a divided world in the game. Then, let Princess Raya make adventures into this divided world and make friends amidst the chaos.

Let her also have a rival named Namaari. After they enter a hostile relationship for quite a while, they must later become friends and find a way to restore the broken world together. Finally, let Raya also marry someone and have children.

Wrapping It Up: Ready to Take On the Challenge?

We dare you to take on The Disney Princess Legacy Challenge! It might not be an easy feat, but it is definitely worth trying! It lets you play the game through the colorful lens of these charming princesses (or princes, if you choose the patriarchal route), and that enough makes the challenge appealing. If you make it to the tenth generation, congratulations to you! However, if you manage to get to the fifteenth generation, then you are a true legend who receives recognition! Try the challenge now, simmers!

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