How To Start With The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge?


If you have not yet tried the Not So Berry Legacy challenge, then you definitely have to join in on the fun! This famous challenge, created by Lilsimsie, dares you to create ten colorful generations of sims with specific rules per generation. Read our entire article to know all the guidelines of the awesome Not So Berry Legacy challenge!

sims 4 not so berry challenge
The Not So Berry Challenge: Create Colorful Lives in The Sims 4

Splash Color into The Sims 4 with the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

LilSimsie launched the Not So Berry Legacy challenge in February 2017. Since then, the challenge has gained popularity with simmers all over the globe. At present, plenty of simmers are still busy playing this challenge, using the #notsoberry hashtag to document their entire gameplay.

But what does the Not So Berry Legacy challenge actually entail? This challenge, in a nutshell, urges simmers to create and play ten generations of Berry Sims. If you’re thinking of creating a bunch of multi-colored Plant Sims, then you’ve got it wrong! Berry Sims is simply ten generations of sims—with each generation representing a certain bright color.

The Rules of the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge

Lilsimsie made sure to make the Not So Berry Legacy challenge exciting by imposing a few rules. Following these guidelines will ensure that simmers can successfully complete the challenge, so we rounded up the fundamental ones, so you’ll understand how to join in on the fun!

  1. There will be ten generations of Berry Sims. Each Berry Sim will represent a specific color and a certain aspiration, career, and a set of traits.
  2. A Berry Sim can represent the color of his/her generation through the color of his/her hair, clothing, makeup, or even skin!
  3. The spouses of each Berry Sim are not included in the legacy challenge so the colors they choose to wear do not matter.
  4. You can use money cheats in doing the Not So Berry Legacy challenge, but it is recommended to do so sparingly. Lilsimsie recommends that you only use the freerealestate cheat to purchase the first home of your Berry Sims, and nothing more thereafter.
  5. Your Berry Sims may live anywhere, but there are exceptions on certain Berry Sims that have specified residence rules.
  6. Berry Sims must complete the assigned aspiration and career for their generation. However, some Berry Sims may have the opportunity not to accomplish these!
  7. Turn on the normal lifespan settings of Sims for this challenge.
  8. Use the #notsoberry hashtag when posting about your Not So Berry Legacy Challenge on social media!

Meet The Ten Generations of Berry Sims!

Now that you know the rules, you’re ready to start the Not So Berry Legacy challenge! Check out the stated specifications below for each generation of Berry Sim. In these sections, we detailed the exact color, traits, aspiration, and career that each generation of Berry Sim should have to correctly carry out the challenge.

The First Generation: Mint Berry Sim

The Mint Berry Sim should have the following traits: Vegetarian, Materialistic, and Jealous. This Berry Sim must have the Chief of Mischief aspiration and the Scientist career. Rules to accomplish for this Berry Sim includes mastering the stated career and aspiration, and the Mischief and Logic skills. Also, this Berry Sim should complete the entire elements collection!

The Second Generation: Rose Berry Sim

For the second Berry Sim, the rules are to sire only one child, master the Politician career and finish the Serial Romantic aspiration. This Rose Berry Sim must also master the Charisma skill and have the following traits: Hot-Headed, Snob, and Romantic. But wait, there’s more! For a little drama, the Rose Berry Sim must experience leaving another sim at the altar, and get officially for the first time, as an elder.

The Third Generation: Yellow Berry Sim

The Yellow Berry Sim must make sure to climb up the ranks of the Astronaut career and complete the Nerd Brain aspiration. He/she should master Rocket Science and Handiness skills, build a rocketship, and be able to visit the alien planet of Sixam! Not only that, he/she should also enter the secret lot in Oasis Springs. Plus, he/she should never have any close relationships other than his/her Mint Berry Sim grandparent (first generation). Finally, the Yellow Berry Sim should have the following traits: Clumsy, Ambitious, and Loner.

The Fourth Generation: Grey Berry Sim

The Grey Berry Sim should have the following traits: Active, Slob, and Music Lover. He/ she must master the Singing, Parenting, and Athletic skills, as well as complete the Athlete career and Bodybuilder aspiration. You must make sure that the Grey Berry Sim will have a total of three failed relationships before marrying a neat spouse. The Grey Berry Sim must also build a good friendship with all of his/her children and have movie nights with his/her spouse and children each Sunday of the week!

The Fifth Generation: Plum Berry Sim

For our fifth-generation Plum Berry Sim, this should be his/her following traits: Noncommittal, Dance Machine, and Genius. This Plum Berry Sim must complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration. He/she could choose among the Fast Food, Doctor, and Entertainer careers. The Plum Berry Sim must marry a sim, divorce this sim, then later remarry this same sim. He/she must also get to experience living in a total of three different worlds in the game.

The Sixth Generation: Orange Berry Sim

The rules for the Orange Berry Sim are to master the Criminal career and Public Enemy aspiration, to master Baking and Charisma skills, to live in a “needs TLC” apartment for his/her whole young adult life, and to sire only two children—twins (cheats are allowed for this). The Orange Berry Sim should also have the following traits: Glutton, Evil, and Self-Assured. Finally, he/she must claim to be an evil sim who is a criminal mastermind, even if no one believes him/her.

The Seventh Generation: Pink Berry Sim

For the seventh generation, the rules are to complete the Postcard collection, master the Writing and Wellness skills, have a well-maintained garden, and complete the Best Selling Author aspiration. The Pink Berry Sim should pursue a career in Business and should have the following traits: Neat, Creative, and Unflirty. To further complete the Pink Berry Sim’s goals, he/she must make sure to quit his/her job during adulthood in order to go for his/her personal dreams.

The Eighth Generation: Peach Berry Sim

The Peach Berry Sim should have the following traits: Foodie, Lazy, and Goofball.  His/her aspiration should be the Joke Star, and he/she must pursue a Detective career. The rules for the Peach Berry Sim are simple. You must ensure that this sim will marry his/her co-worker, will know how to play a musical instrument, will master the Gourmet and Comedy skills, will complete his/her Detective career, and must live in another world different from the one they were born and raised in.

The Ninth Generation: Green Berry Sim

For our ninth Berry Sim, the rules are to master the skills of Programming, Mixology, and Video Gaming, and to complete the entire Tech Guru career, as well as the Computer Whiz aspiration. This Green Berry Sim must also make sure to accept every invitation of friends to events and parties. Being a good fellow, the Green Berry Sim must also make good friendships with five sims and make enemies with another five. Squeamish, Cheerful, and Geek are the chosen traits of the Green Berry Sim.

The Tenth Generation: Blue Berry Sim

The Blue Berry Sim, in his/her lifetime, must be able to marry their high school sweetheart and remain together with this person until death, adopt at least one child, have an affair once in his/her life, master the critic career, and to complete the Super Parent aspiration in the game. He/she must also master skills in Photography, Cooking, and Parenting. Finally, the Blue Berry Sim must have Gloomy, Perfectionist, and Family Oriented traits.

In Conclusion: Are You Ready to Begin the Not So Berry Legacy Challenge?

Now that you have been introduced to each vibrant generation of Berry Sims and you’re now familiar with every rule of the said challenge, you’re definitely ready to begin your own #notsoberry legacy in The Sims 4! Don’t forget to enjoy the challenge, and to use the aforementioned hashtag so you could share your “berry” exciting progress with other simmers! As always, happy playing!

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