Exotic Sims 4 Alien CC & Mods That You Need to See

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We have searched the web for the most stunning Sims 4 alien CC & mods. The list does not only include findings from TSR and ModTheSims but also many smaller creator websites. We hope you like the list. Please let us know if think that we have missed anything. Enjoy!

Sims 4 alien CC

The Best Aliens CC & Mods in the Community

Sims 4 has one of the most active modding communities. This game has a huge variety of mods and custom content that you can download from different websites and forums. One such mod is the Alien cc for sims 4 mod which is an addon for the Sims 4 game. It adds additional custom content to the game, mainly of an extraterrestrial nature, including alien characters and clothing.

We can all agree that aliens are a staple for sci-fi and have been part of Sims 4 mods since the beginning. And to put things into perspective, alien custom content is a type of content for The Sims 4 that is created by people who are not affiliated with the game’s developers. It includes clothing, accessories, skins, and other custom content made to resemble aliens.

In this post, I will talk about some of the content items that you can use to create and modify your alien character in The Sims 4. You can also use these aliens CC packs with all other custom content installed on your machine, without any problem or errors arising as far as I know.

20+ Sim 4 Aliens CC & Mods Findings

Alien Crown

aliens crown

Let’s start this list with this mod shown here! Every alien needs to have a crown. It is a creation by Soloriya. You can now create a new alien look with it. It is carefully designed to look different and go with any outfit. This piece of headgear is a must-have accessory for your Sims aliens! You can find it in CAS. Just go to this page to check out this alien’s crown, as the creator has decided to publish its creation at TSR.

If you like that smudged look of lipstick, check out a collection of goth CC packs for the Sims 4 by reading this post.

Alien dress

alien dress

This dress might be the perfect gift for your sims aliens! They can now be the coolest alien in town, use this dress for all of your alien needs. From hanging out with friends to going to parties, this is a utilitarian piece of clothing. The designs are versatile and come in 33 different designs. It is created by the amazing Sims 4 modder Fuyaya. Visit this website to download.  

Alien chokers and earrings CC

alien chocker and earrings set

Do your sims need some spooky good looks? This alien chokers and earrings set will be sure to please. So, go ahead and take your Sims aliens to the next level. Alien sims will love the spookiness of these accessories, available in 34 colors for all sorts of fashion combinations. You could follow this link to get this alien choker and earrings set. The source of this finding is blahberry-pancake.tumblr.com.

10 Non-Default Alien Eyes (Also for humans!)

set of alien eyes

A new need for holo alien eyes is definitely on the rise! Since your characters have alien abilities, we could only expect an avatar with exotic mesh for eyes. Or perhaps some type of galaxy-themed, cosmos eyes like the ones this set offers. It is available in a number of different color swatches and variations such as neon green. The download link for the set of alien eyes shown below is available on this site. The source of this finding is ModTheSims.

LeahLillith Alien Universe Earrings Mod

ear rings download

It’s time to get your alien earrings on! This custom set has two pairs of earrings with two different designs. The first earring has an alien face for the left ear, and the other has a cross with the cosmos for the right. Created by Leah Lillith, this is one of the best mods out there for when you want to make your sims look like aliens from another planet.

With tens of thousands of downloads at The Sims Resource, this one is an ear rings download that is a go-to for this overview! You may download the file and find further information here.

Alien Aurelia Lila

alien sim

Let’s continue with a piece for The Sims 4 by Annett. If you want to add the alien sim shown below you will just need to follow this link. The creation is a finding from annettssims4welt.blogspot.com. You should also check then the creator’s website as well as the creator’s Instagram account. You will find regular updates there!

Alien eyes Sims 4 alien CC

alien eyes

Whether you’re creating a new alien character for your Sims 4 game or looking for a quick and easy way to change up your favorite alien’s look, Alien Eyes is just the thing. Available in 18 different eye colors including blue, green, and pink, these custom default eyes will give your alien that soft yet powerful touch. So, go ahead and make your alien character look realistic with these CC packs. You can also wear alien makeup for even more of an alien feel. Follow this link to download this alien eyes set. The alien eyes have been published at eluney-design.tumblr.com.

17 Alien Haircuts for The Sims 4

alien haircuts set

Surprise your Sims with new and unique hairstyles for Alien haircuts. These hairstyles are perfect for aliens to space creatures. Moreover, you’ll find 17 different hairstyles in this set, and you can find them under the Hat category in CAS. Plus, it is always fun to change your Sims’ appearances!

Therefore, if you want to add the alien haircuts set shown below you will just need to follow this link. Have a look at leanderbelgraves.tumblr.com to find this publication.

Tops with Alien prints

tops with alien prints

Another fantastic CC finds worth noting are these tops with alien prints. Sometimes we want to show the world that we are special, other times we just want to be awesome. Be your own hero with these game-changing Tops with Alien Prints. Choose from different colors, patterns to suit your mood. You’ll have to get creative with these tops and give them a nice outfit because they are one heck of a standout piece. You can download here at lulufrosty-frog.tumblr.com.

Alien Eyes CC Sims 4 alien CC

alien eyes

You know what they say, brain power is derived from power eyes. And these eyes are sure to manifest the right amount of power to your alien sims. To download these alien eyes you just need to follow this link. The creation is a finding from nyloa.tumblr.com.

Hair for Aliens

hair mod

This hair mod by Count_cosmos is the next finding which needs that needs to be in here. The creation is a piece from ModTheSims. Having reached 16000 downloads, the hair mod is definitely one of the popular ones in the Sims community. To download the extension, just go to this page.  

Grey Alien Crop Top Mod

alien crop top

You could wear this crop top and be the talk of the town. With it, your sim will be looking better than ever. It is perfect for getting a tan at the beach or just hanging out with friends in residential areas. We’ve found this popular mod at ModTheSims, where it has been downloaded for over 28,000 times! The awesome modification was designed by Karastars. Find more details about this custom content here.

Cravena alien angel costume

alien angel costume

Another fantastic CC you should check is this alien angel costume, which you can download here. The alien angel costume is a finding from jomsimscreations.blogspot.com.

Sims 4 alien CC

alien textures

This skin recolor is like no other! It’s the actual manifestation of psychic powers. We definitely recommend installing this one if you’re looking for unique colored skin. The download link for the alien textures shown below can be found on this site. The source of this finding is luniversims.com.

Alien Skin Overlays CC

alien skin overlays set

There is a bunch of alien CC mods but you can’t create a unique sim without alien skin tones. So, if you’re looking for non-human skin colors, this is the perfect mod to get. This alien skin overlays set published at mintyowls.tumblr.com is another answer if you were looking for more variety for content related to aliens! Head over to this site for more information about this content for The Sims 4. Further skin overlay cc and mods are listed here!

Updated default alien eyes

alien eyes

If you wish to add these unique eyes shown above you will just need to follow this link at ModTheSims, where this set has been published.

Alien Brows as Actual Eyebrows

alien brows

You already have perfect lips presets and pointy ears for your alien faces but we bet you don’t have the perfect alien brows. The next item in the collection is a great alien eyebrow set, which was created by modification maker Maars. The creator decided to publish its creation at ModTheSims. This modification is a popular one in the community and one you should have look at too. Visit this website to download.  

MFS Alien Bodysuit

aliens bodysuit

Do your Sims aliens want to feel sexy and fashionable? That’s why they need to get this custom alien bodysuit. It’s edgy and totally sparkly with the face of an alien on the breasts area. It’ll give your sim that perfect fashion edge they need. With it, they will be ready to conquer any obstacle, from a memorable party to their next big adventure. Given its huge popularity at The Sims Resource, this is one is another great idea for Sims fans! Missfortune created this nice mod. You may download the file and find further information here.

Alien small rock Sims 4 alien CC

alien-like rocks

This is exclusive content! Now, something different but still great if you want to create a truly alien environment in the game. The alien-like rock set has been published at 27sonia27.blogspot.com. To download the alien-like rocks you just need to follow this link

Alien Eye and Mouth Defaults

aliens eye and mouth defaults set

To create the perfect-looking alien character in Sims 4, you don’t need a human third eye. You merely need good default options for eyes and mouths. And this set offers exactly that! We’ve found this popular modification at ModTheSims, where it has been downloaded many thousand times! That mod was created by Menaceman44, who did a really cool job with this creation. Visit this website to download.

Alien Eyes N159 FACEPAINT Sims 4 alien CC

alien eyes set

Now, the next one is another cool finding from The Sims Resource, you should not miss if you love fancy eyes! The mod was published by Pralinesims. Follow this link to download.

Alien Terrain Paints Sims 4 alien CC

alien-like terraints

This one is another mod by Sonia27. For more on the alien-like terrains shown below, simply follow this link to directly access the download link. Check 27sonia27.blogspot.com to find further publications, as there is a lot more to find beyond the two CC items included in this overview.

TS2 Alien Skin – Non-Default, Default + Babies

alien skins

This alien skin is available as a default CC packs. But you could also find non default options for it which makes it a plus. Here’s a fantastic creation by Qahne. The source of this finding is ModTheSims. For downloading the extension and for more on the extension just go to this page.  

Improved reactions to aliens

improved reactions to aliens gameplay mod

Boosting your aliens’ reactions is definitely a mod worth trying. This improved reactions to aliens gameplay mod by Candyd is a piece from ModTheSims and is the perfect download if you would like to improve the gameplay when it comes to aliens. You may download the file and find further information here.

Final words

Creating the perfect alien character in the Sims 4 is not an easy task but it definitely isn’t impossible with the great custom content available online. We hope you enjoyed this collection of alien CC packs and mods. Happy smming!

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