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About the Health System and Private Practice in Sims 4

The health system in Sims 4 is far from perfect. Hospitals and emergencies are practically nonexistent, except for pregnant Sims. Your Sims almost never get seriously ill, and for every medical problem they have, they can simply take a pill for it! You can see why this is so unrealistic, especially when considering that the game is a simulation of the real world. And that’s exactly the reason why I want to tell you all about the private practice mod for Sims 4!

First of all, I want to clarify that the developer’s decision to not include serious illnesses in TS4 isn’t all bad. After all, the game is played by children as well as adults, so exposing them to such terrible things isn’t such a great idea. However, at the same time, not having health problems in Sims 4 makes the whole experience unrealistic and dull…

So, how do we combat this problem?

Well, this is where the private practice mod for Sims 4 comes to play. This mod contains nearly all the necessary health aspects that you might need in a video game. It covers most medical categories and can take of your Sim, no matter the problem they might have.

So let’s jump into the details and see what you can expect from it.

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Private Practice Mod for Sims 4: an Overview

The private practice mod for Sims 4 was created by SimRealist. It’s not a new mod by all means, but it receives a regular update once in a while that keeps it fresh and new. Also, new updates also mean new features for the mod, like career branches and other stuff. 

Click here to download the private practice mod for Sims 4.

This mod can be installed like any other TS4 mod. Simply download the file, extract it, and copy the contents to your Mods folder. If you have trouble, check my in-depth guide on installing mods and CC

The Basics

Alright, so what is the private mod for Sims 4 all about?

First of all, this mod adds a brand new venue to your game, called Private Practice. This is a large hospital that you’ll be able to visit, either for a checkup or a treatment. The Private Practice hospital has all the equipment for all types of medical problems. And it treats illnesses from every medical category, such as:

  • General Medical
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Diseases
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Optometry
  • Dentistry
  • Insurance
  • Employee Benefits

Although these are the main categories, keep in mind that there are more inside the mod.

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The New Career

I mentioned above that there’s a new career in the private practice mod for Sims 4. It’s called Health Science Student, and you can start in on any Sim you like.

What is the Health Science Student career all about?

Well, this career is about becoming a doctor. It has two branches that you can choose from, Medical Resident or Veterinary Resident. When you graduate, you’ll shortly receive a call from the Doctor career, allowing you to start from level 7 immediately. 

Health Checkups

One of the things that you’ll often do with this mod is send your Sims to a health checkup. Health checkups consist of multiple different tests concerning weight, blood pressure, needs, and similar. Upon examination, the doctor will tell you your Sim’s health state and then recommend activities/treatment for improving their health.

Health checkups can be done any time you like.

If you’re interested in how to use this mod for different things, as well as the private practice mod cheats, check the official page. It can also help you if the private practice mod is not working for you.

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As you can see, the private practice mod is a complete feature. It aims to replace the health system in Sims 4, and I’d say that it does that successfully. I honestly recommend everyone to at least try this mod, simply because it makes the gameplay more realistic and engaging. Good luck!

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