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How cool would it be to have Sims’ hair grow gradually, like in real life? Well, thanks to the incredible Organic Hair Mod, this is more than doable! Read on to discover all about this mod, how it works, how to install it, and more.

Sims 4 Organic Hair Mod
Sims 4 Organic Hair Mod!

What is the Organic Hair Mod?

Organic Hair mod is a creation from SimRealist. Instead of having the same hair length all the time, your Sims can now grow hair just like we do. As time goes by, you will be able to track their hair growth progression and see buzz cuts turn into bobs or long hair! This is an interactive mod, which allows you to not only customize hair growth for your characters, but also share your customized looks with others if you want to. You can switch from short to medium hair, but also cut those split ends and make it shorter if you want to!

These are the key novelties the mod brings into your gameplay:

  • Custom Hair Progressions
  • Special Quirks for Custom Hair Progressions
  • Blacklisting disliked hairstyles
  • At-home styling and more control over dye and haircut treatments
  • Improved Bad Haircuts and shedding
  • Hair Progression UI

To start using organic hair mod, all you need to do is click on your Sim, and select Organic Hair and this will open a few features you can experiment with. Now, without further ado, let’s jump into how each of the mentioned features works!

1. Custom Hair Progressions

This feature gives you full control over hair progressions. Hair progression is fully adaptable to your preferences, so you can always change how your Sims hair will look over time. You can not only customize and load any hair progression via Stylize Hair option but also cancel any custom hair progression via Unequip Hair Progression option.

Custom Hair Progression from organic hair mod has 3 stages main – short, medium, and long, and you’ll get to choose how each progression will look for an individual Sims. To get the most of this feature, the main options you’ll want to play with are Create a New Hair Progression and Edit Hair State (length).

  • Create a New Hair Progression – This option allows you to add a new progression, name it, make yourself the author, choose an icon for it, and pick all hairstyles for three progression stages. Save your new progression, and you’re good to go. For this to work, always select progression hairstyles with the current outfit your Sim is rocking to prevent errors.
  • Edit Short/Medium/Long Hair State – Each hair growth stage from organic hair mod has specific settings. You get to choose how hair growth will look, and select quirks, icons, and quirk buffs. All three states have Normal and Overgrown hair, which gives you 6 different lengths of hair in total to work with.  For instance, for medium hair length, you wil get to pick how ‘’normal’’ medium hair will look like, and pick a different hairstyle for overgrown medium hair. The same goes for short and long hair.

Custom Hair Progressions from organic hair growth mod are applicable for all adult Sims, but not available for toddlers, children and teens. If unsure what their current hair length is, activate cheats (Shift+Ctrl+C, type testingcheats true, and press Enter) and then type the cheat for checking current hair length: oh.hairlength.

2. Special Quirks for Custom Hair Progressions

If you hate having a bad hair day, now your Sims will hate having a bad hair day, too, and the better their hair the better their mood will be! With organic hair mod, your characters will need to take good care of their hair, cut and maintain it regularly, they can even color and style hair like never before. Every custom progression you make can have special quirks that impact how your Sims feels.

You can quirks for all three growth stages (short, medium, long), to set how your Sim feels about each hair length. Just like you have your favorite hairdo, your Sims will want to keep their hair at their favorite length. Having their preferred length will lift them up and boost their mod, while other lengths will make them uncomfortable.

3. Blacklist Hairstyles You Don’t Want to See in Your Game

Are there any hairdos that make your skin crawl in Sims 4? Well, thanks to organic hair mod, you can completely blacklist those so that you never see any Sim rock them on the streets again. The mod gives you more control not only over the hairstyles of your active household folks but also over the hairdos of non-played Sims. 

If you dislike seeing some haircuts, simply blacklist them, so feel free to disable hairstyle changes. To access the blacklist, go to Organic Hair…>Blacklist Hairstyles. Here, you will see male and female hairstyles you can then select and blacklist. Once these organic hair mod settings are applied, all currently saved Sims will be restrained from wearing unappealing hairstyles.

4. Control Haircuts and Dye Treatments

You can dye hair temporarily or permanently. Temporary hair color will require frequent dye treatments, so expect to dye treatments every other day. You can freshen up the color by using the mirror. Permanent isn’t exactly ‘’permanent’’, as you will still need to touch up every once in a while, once they get a haircut or hair reaches the next hair growth stage. 

Organic hair mod gives you control over the outcome of visiting the salon for a dye treatment or a haircut. Selecting the hair color for your Sim will grant that every time they come back from dye treatment they come back with a color you picked. The same applies to visiting a saloon to get a haircut. However, do note that you will get a random style when you go from long to short when not using Custom Hair Progressions.

Sims can now style hair without having to visit salons. Any adult Sim from the active household can dye and cut other Sims’ hair. To do at-home styling, click on any chair and select either the Offer a Dye Hair or Offer a Cut option. For dying hair, you will need a special dying kit, and to get it, go to Buy Menu>Bathroom Accents>Hair Glow Kit.

Once it’s in the Overgrown stage, you have two options: one, you can let it grow out to the next stage of length, or get a cut. Additionally, with organic hair mod, you can not only switch from short to long hair and vice versa but also keep your preferred look. So, if you like your hair length where it is, you can still get a cut during the Overgrown Period to keep it at that length.

For more interesting dyed hairstyles for the Sims 4, go here!

5. Bad Haircuts & Shedding

Oh, no, your hair is ruined! Well, luckily, you don’t have to parade around with clown hair anymore! With organic hair mod installed, if a hairstylist ruins your hairstyle, now you can wear a hat to cover the embarrassing haircut. If you get a bad hairdo at home, just meet your hairstylist and they will fix the disaster for you. Salons are open Mon-Sat from 9 AM to 9 PM, so avoid doing hair changes on Sunday, as the salon will be closed. The less experienced at styling hair your Sim is, the more chance they will ruin other Sim’s look, so have that in mind.

After you take a haircut at home, expect to see some hair on the floor. Every Sim sheds, so just vacuum the pile and you are good to go. Sims with the Fast Hair Growth trait won’t shed as much, though. 

6. Hair Progression Settings

You have the option to not only control your Sims, but also NPS. Organic hair mod allows you to select a few hair progression options for all Sims, including Disabled Hair Growth, Slow Hair Growth (slower by -0.5), Normal Hair Growth, and Fast Hair Growth (faster by +0.5), with the Disabled Hair Growth setting being the default. To access these settings, just activate cheats with testingcheats true and press Shift + click on a Sim.

To use newly created progressions made using organic hair mod, once you are done setting up your hair preferences, save your hairdo selections by clicking on the disc icon (Save Hari Progression) in Create a New Hair Progression Menu. This will create a custom file for every hairstyle progression, that you can then share with others if you like. To share your customized hair growth looks, just send a copy of OrganicHairProgression file. Saving hair progression changes will automatically apply after saving.

To see changes in hair progression in fellow townies, you will need to have your active Sim be near them to ‘’activate’’ hair growth. In other words, NPS who haven’t been near or interacting with your active Sim won’t show any changes in terms of hair growth, even if you choose the Fast Growth option. So, if this matters to you, make sure you leave your active lot, visit friends or go to community lots to activate hair growth in Sims who are not in your active family. You can also Disable Style Change anytime.

How to Install Organic Hair Mod?

The mod has a few versions, with the latest one being To make sure you have the latest version installed, check SimRealist’s page for updates and potential bug fixes from time to time.

To install the Organic Hair mod, go and get the download link here. For all its features to work, besides the Base Game, you will need the Sims 4: Get To Work pack. Having Sims 4: Cats & Dogs isn’t mandatory, but it is recommended. Once downloaded, unzip the file, and the place is content in Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods, start the game, and you are good to go!

Oh and by the way, if you visit our page here, you’ll find a gallery of hairstyles for your male and female Sims!

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It’s always the little things that make Sims 4 so relatable and realistic. Organic hair mod gives our Sims a unique chance to change hair length, and hairstyles naturally, with gradual length progressions. From haircuts and dying hair, to being in a bad mood when hair is badly done, they can now experience hair just like we do. Try it out for yourself and enjoy your gameplay!

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