Sims 4 Shaving Mod – How To Shave In The Sims 4?

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Can Sims Shave In Sims 4?

Like it or not, The Sims 4 has many great options when it comes to customizing our playable characters. We can choose among countless different clothes, hairstyles, skin tones… And whether your Sim is a male or a female, they can have a unique look if you’re creative enough. Beards are sometimes the defining characteristic of our Sims, but did you know there is a great Sims 4 mod for shaving beards too? Really, can Sims shave in Sims 4?

Yes, Sims can now shave their beards in Sims 4 with this amazing mod. It’s a well-developed addon that lets your Sim shave themselves regularly, just like people do in the real world. Besides shaving, they can also trim their beards and create different styles of beards.

Unfortunately, you can’t shave nor trim your Sim’s beard in the base game without a mod. The only thing you can do is hop into the CAS menu and simply change their beard style right then and there. But since that’s not really realistic, we absolutely recommend you to use this Sims 4 shaving mod!

What’s in the Sims 4 shaving mod?

Sims 4 Shaving Mod: an Overview

The shaving mod that I’m using in Sims 4 is called Automatic Beards V4.5. You may have heard of it already since it’s one of the most popular mods on the internet right now. It has over 170,000 downloads at ModTheSims, which can tell you a lot about this mod’s quality. Automatic Beards V4.5 is created by the amazing flerb, and you should definitely check it out!

Download the Sims 4 shaving mod from this link!

Once you download it, make sure you extract the contents and copy them to your Mods folder. The installation is the same as for any other mod, so you shouldn’t have too many problems doing it.

Beards Grow Automatically with This Mod

As I mentioned above, the Automatic Beards V4.5 mod makes it, so your Sim’s beard grows automatically. By default, this is set to male Sims only, but you have the option to turn it on for ANY Sim you want. So, all of your Sims can grow beards if you want them to.

There are actually 3 different speed options for growing beards. You can either choose the normal lifespan, the short lifespan addon, or the long lifespan addon. Obviously, the second option makes your Sim’s beard grow much faster than the third one.

Here’s how long it takes to grow a beard in Sims 4:

  • Normal Lifespan – ~3 days
  • Short Lifespan ~1.5 days
  • Long Lifespan – ~12.5 days

This mod also includes beard products that you can buy that stimulate beard growth. So if your Sim doesn’t want to wait for a full beard, you can try some of them.

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Shaving Beards with this Sims 4 Shaving Mod

But the most important question here is: How do you shave your beard with this mod?

It’s easy. All you have to do is send your Sim to their bathroom and click on the sink. You can then choose the option to shave their beard or customize it to other looks. Keep in mind that this won’t simply change the look of your Sim’s face. No no.

When your Sim shaves with this mod, they will get the sink dirty too. Clumps of hair may fall on the floor as well, so they’ll have to clean afterward. They’ll likely need a bath too.

Now, the mod has another rule – you can only shave a stubble directly but not a full beard. What does this mean? 

Well, it means that if your Sim has a longer beard and they haven’t shaved in a while, they’ll have to trim their beard to a stubble first. Then they can use the razor to shave off the rest. 

Is the Sims 4 Shaving Mod Compatible with Other Beard CC?

Yes, the Sims 4 shaving mod is compatible with all beard mods and CC you can find on the internet. That’s because it’s actually done on the “lips layer,” so your Sim can enjoy custom beards too.

If you have no idea where to start on custom beards, check our list of the best facial hair CC for The Sims 4!


This Sims 4 shaving mod is one of my favorite tools for the game! It’s such a realistic addition that I can’t imagine myself playing without it. The fact that my Sim’s beard grows automatically is a win-win for me, but because I can also shave it to a style I want, I have to recommend it to you too! So, definitely try it out!

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