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Lifespans are part of the integral aspect of The Sims 4. It’s there to regulate everything, from the early age up to adulthood, and eventually, death. The Sims 4 Lifespan mod is here to make sure everything is in order.

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What’s good with lifespans is that, it allows you to view and progress what you want you sims to do during those period. For example, being a baby takes around 1.5 days before it can fully grow.

In real life, a baby would take at least 10 years and 9 months to be even fully capable of talking. What’s irritating is that you have to change its diapers for 9 months, or even 2 years if you’re not adept in baby care.

Lifespan mods in The Sims 4 aren’t new. In fact, the previous Sims games has a ton of lifespan mods available. Some come in mod packs that fully change everything in the game. But we don’t want that, do we? So here’s The Sims 4 Lifespan mod to save us some time and give you the optimal The Sims 4 gameplay experience.

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An Overview on The Sims 4 Lifespan Mod

Maxis Studios provided us with a lot of good things to think of. The Sims 4 has its own unique life variation depending on stages of the life.

For example, toddlers will have at least 7 days of normal lifespan. Some glitches might happen and eventually get them past that. The Sims 4 Lifespan mod will fix that problem but changing the age variable from 7 to 8, making sure that the toddler will have its, well, a virtual childhood, before even becoming a child.

What’s even interest is that this mod balances everything in the game, making it feel like a little bit more “realistic” with the key balances in ages and lifespan changes. I think it’s pretty interesting how it managed to give what’s the most optimal lifespan for each stage of life.

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The Mod Changes vs. The Old Lifespan

There are several changes made by the modder in this lifespan mod. Unlike previous lifespan mods in the series, not specifically this game, this mod aims to give the most realistic approach in making sure that you’ll the best out of Sims life without making it tedious and boring.

Here are the multiple changes provided in this mod:

  • Babies will now have a lifespan of 2 days, instead of the previous Maxis’ vanilla value of 3 days. This is because babies, while a headache as they are in real life, it shouldn’t feel like real life when playing the game, which makes sense.
  • Toddlers will have a lifespan upgrade from 7 days up to 8 days, because why not right? Let toddlers do toddler things.
  • Children will have a lifespan upgrade from the regular 13 days up to 15 days. Children SHOULD have the best childhood, that’s the why it’s only right to get them a better stage.
  • Teenagers will have less time. From the previous 13 days up to the newly-balanced 10 days. As a teen, you have at least 5-6 years in life to spend on school, social interactions, hobbies, and relationships.
  • Young Adults will have less time to think and sort their lives. Wow! It’s just like real life. LMAO. So yeah, young adults will have a lifestyle upgrade and better stages in life for them to enjoy, an upgrade of 25 days from the previous 20 days.
  • Adults will have longer days ahead of them. Family and all those responsibilities they keep dodging during their previous stages, will come back slap their faces. From the vanilla 20 days, now up to 48 days. Take care of those babies well!
  • Elders will have have the lifespan of an adult, because that’s just makes sense. You’ll have 24 days, from the previous 10 days before Death fetches you.

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Installation Process and Important Notes

Oh yeah, don’t forget that whatever mod you have right now, especially those that fully change the values of the lifespan or the modify the life stages of your sims, will NOT work together. You must get rid of the first mod, otherwise the values will not change or will have you crashing the game.

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