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Your Sims Won’t Sleep? Learn How to Solve This Sims 4 Problem Now!

So, your Sims in The Sims 4 won’t sleep? And no matter what you do, they just refuse to fall asleep, right? Well, don’t worry! It’s a common problem that many simmers run into eventually and here we’ll talk about how to fix it. 

This can be a very irritating issue, especially because nothing seems to work. You can try sending your Sim to 4 or 5 different beds in the house, or anywhere else for that matter, and they still won’t sleep! By now, this problem is considered a bug. There are a couple of known reasons why this is occurring in some people’s games and we’ll explain it all here. Let’s begin! 

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The Sims 4 – Sims Won’t Sleep Problem – Reasons and Fixes


Mods add a bunch of files to your Sims 4 directory which accidentally may cause the “won’t sleep” problem. If you’re using a lot of mods already and you don’t know which one has caused the bug, our advice to you is to delete all of them. 

If some of the mods have in fact triggered the bug, by deleting them you’ll remove the bug automatically. You can later add the same mods one by one, so it’s always good to try this step first.


Sometimes this bug may be caused by the bed model you’re using. But don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your favorite bed just because of the bug.

All you’ll have to do is delete the already existing bed, then exit the game. And when you open up the game again, just put the same (or another) bed and let your Sim try it. This works very well and usually solves the problem.

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Another popular fix for this problem is relocating or traveling. You’ll simply need to move your Sim to another world and a household, then move them back in. You can also reset the game, just to be sure that it works.

This fix has worked for a lot of simmers, although some have reported that that wasn’t the case with them. However, we’ve tested this to be true, so make sure to try it out for yourself!


Pets can generate a lot of energy around the house, including the late hours. If your Sim lives in a home with multiple pets, they may experience uncomfortable moodlets when trying to sleep. And even if your pets are on another floor, you’ll still need to be careful about letting them loose at night.

The solution here is to scold the pets so they won’t interrupt your good night’s sleep.

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Invisible Objects

Sometimes, the only thing that separates Sims and a night of good sleep is an invisible object. We, as simmers, can often forget that we’ve put something in the way. It’s good to double-check in this situation, just so you don’t go off and delete stuff that doesn’t need deleting!

And while we’re here, you might want to check that your bed is accessible from both sides. Sometimes, Sims may not be able to go to bed just because the object isn’t accessible from the path that they prefer.

Electronic Devices

If you’ve forgotten the TV or the music in your living room, then chances are that they’re causing this problem. Your Sims won’t fall asleep as long as these things are turned on, so make sure you do that as well. Check every room and silence all electronic devices at night.


If the Sim that refuses to fall asleep is sharing his/her bed with another Sim, the relationship between the two may be the cause of the problem as well. You see, Sims won’t feel completely comfortable with another Sim if they aren’t the best of friends or lovers. So, you might have to work on that first.

Luckily for you, we have a cheat to instantly modify any relationship in The Sims 4, so you can immediately solve the issue! 


The “Sims won’t sleep” problem in The Sims 4 can either be a mild annoyance or a frustrating problem. Here we offered you the most common reasons why it occurs and how to fix it. And even if one of these solutions doesn’t’ work, we strongly suggest you try them all. Sometimes even a restart of the game may fix the problem, but it’s good to be thorough!

And if you’re having any more problems with The Sims 4, check this page! Here you will find more solutions to more problems you may have or haven’t run across yet. Be prepared!

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