Bed Cuddle Mod for More Intimacy in Sims 4

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Do you miss cuddling interaction? Thanks to bed cuddle mods and poses, tenderness is back, and your lovebirds can cuddle in Sims 4 like never before! Continue reading to find out how Sims can show affection in bed!

sims 4 bed cuddle mod

Cuddling in sims 4 and bed cuddle mods

Unlike Sims 2 and 3 where cuddling in bed was one of the few bed interactions for couple sand lovers, the Sims 4 doesn’t have this option. Luckily, content creators are here to save us, as always, and thanks to mods, we can level up intimacy in bed. Here come top bed cuddle mods and cuddle poses to help your Sims bond with their partners and enjoy tenderness. Let’s go!

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1. bed cuddle mod by v1f by thepancake1 and mizoreyukii

Romance is back, and your lovebirds can melt into a loving embrace with this incredible mod for lovers. All Sims who are in a romantic relationship can do it, as long as there is a double bed around, of course. Although as of the latest update, you can’t have couples cuddle at Speed 3, you can still use the mod on Speed 1 and 2. To get it for your gameplay, find more info and the download link here.

2. Pillow Talk After Woohoo by shimrod101

MTS Shimrod101 1623682

Make Wooho moments a little more special, and try this bed cuddle mod that lets your Sims lovers cuddle after a passionate encounter! Instead of having your typical after-woohoo fireworks, lovers can now turn to one another to have pillow talk, rickle, kiss, snuggle or whisper. The mod promotes closeness, and Sims gradually transition from Woohoo interaction to cuddling, which makes everything look more seamless and natural. It includes a few romantic animation poses, and to try it out and learn more, follow this link.

3. cute romance v6c by thepancake1 and mizoreyukii

This bed cuddle mod adds not one, but a few romantic interactions, one of which brings cuddling in bed and making out. It is a great option for spicing up otherwise boring love lives and allows Sims to perform flirty interactions that will help their connection grow. Besides making out in bed, this includes intense kisses, dip kisses, slow dancing, and cuddling from behind. To learn more and try it out, go here!

4. Cuddling on Sofa animation pack by alienpurple

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Now, let’s move cuddling to the sofa, shall we? Although it doesn’t boost relationship percentage, this set of cuddling animations is a great addition to the gameplay if you’d love to have more romantic scenes while playing. It includes two poses, one with a belly if a Sim is pregnant, and one without and can be a great addition to your gameplay, no matter if you have any of the bed cuddle mods mentioned above installed or not. Check it out here!

5. cuddle bugs pose pack by wyattsims

tumblr ovo3tpt8wn1tl7jqlo7 1280

Similarly to the previous, this is a set of poses rather than a mod that can impact a relationship. Nevertheless, these poses add more flavor to the romantic life of Sims, letting them get all lovey-dovey on a bed with their significant other. There are seven of them, so check out the pack here!


If Sims 2 and 3 nostalgia hits you from time to time, especially when building relationships, these are worth giving a shot. Or, if you feel your gameplay lacks affection and intimate moments, these mods and pose packs will warm up to you. We say cuddling is essential for building healthy relationships in Sims4. What about you?

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