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Do you love elegance, prestige, and shopping? If so, boutique CC is just what you need to give your Sims the lavish life they deserve. If this is your cup of tea, keep reading to discover the best shops for Sims that have exquisite taste!

sims 4 boutique cc
Boutique CC Packs for the Sims 4

boutique CC: Clothes, Jewelry, bridal essentials & more

Community lots are a big part of our Sims experience. They create a sense of realism and community and offer our Sims a chance to shop, exchange experiences, and socialize. While we have a lot to be thankful for in the base game and expansion pack in terms of shopping, custom content is always welcome. After all, some Sims just live for the luxury!

So, to bring novelty into your gameplay, we have prepared a list of high-end boutique CC. Shopaholics, brace yourselves, as here comes a list of the top-shelf boutiques your Sims will love visiting. Let’s jump into it!

1. ”something blue” bridal Boutique

boutique cc

The big day is approaching, and your Sim is looking for the perfect wedding gown. This wedding boutique CC has all you need to get ready, plenty of elegant dresses, shoes, and accessories, a lounge area for those who came to offer support for the big day shopping, and huge mirrors to help them find the best fit. To get this lovely retail lot, check it out here!

2. fashion factory by Plumbobgalore

tumblr 6cf0f0c8544847109a3261573f62e1cb 2b6237c3 1280

Fashion Factory is a high-end boutique your shopaholics will find hard to resist. Now celebrities can go shopping in peace, as this is a lot with an exclusive entrance that allows you to pick who is and who isn’t allowed in. It covers a space of 20×20 Sims building squares and includes clothes, accessories, shoes, and makeup corners. You can get this luxurious boutique CC here.

3. north square boutique by pxlplayground

tumblr d1db32328ba9c19c9462af2df00811e8 767de18a 1280

Your Sims can now shop at the fanciest jewelry store. This community lot features three stores, two of which are boutiques: the jewelry store, and the wedding store. The lot size is 30×20, and the whole lot is a handful, with an estimated value of $583,185. Now that’s some luxury right there! Check it out here.

If you want to level up your supermarket experience, check out Grocery Store CC!

4. luxury brand designer logo set

setpreviewtemplate page02

Sometimes it’s bits and pieces that make a luxury boutique look so expensive. These designer logo signs will help you create your very own boutique. The set includes big brand names like Hermes, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren. There are 22 meshes in total, so you’ll have fun designing your boutique space. This stunning boutique cc is available for download here.

5. Parisian clothing store

tumblr pixhtmRS5S1v3suhzo1 1280

Paris is the ultimate capital of fashion and the hometown of many luxurious brands. So, why not place a Parisian-style boutique CC on your community lot? Full of gold, marble, mirrors, and high-end items, this store on two levels will lure fashion lovers like a moth to a flame. Wealthy Sims will love it here. Download here!

6. vera vang bridal boutique shop by SierraTheSimmer

boutique cc

Vera Vang is the ultimate wedding dress guru, and now, thanks to this incredible boutique set, your Sims can visit one of VV’s stores! This one is a fully functional 30×20 retail lot. The space blends pretty white and pink aesthetics and features all you need for wedding gown shopping, from gown racks to fitting rooms. To get this wedding boutique CC, download it here.

7. clothing store in del sol valey

tumblr 79041c1a71d9f2ca09812c1a968d70fd ac70a553 1280

If your Sims is a celebrity living in the Del Sol Valey, they will be thrilled to find out a new store is opening in their town. This boutique CC includes a spacious building that costs $239,970 and takes up a space of 30×40. Inside, you will find all you need, be it suits for the gentlemen or latest trendy pieces for ladies. To get this incredible shop, go here!

8. Tiffany & co stuff

boutique cc

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles! Let’s be real, what is a luxury shopping spree without shiny jewelry in your bag? This interior set includes jewelry showcases, display counters in three sizes, Tiffany & Co logo, and even a poster with Audrey Hepburn. All (except the logo) come with two swatch options. Get jewelry from Tiffany’s and download this boutique CC here.

9. luxury clothing rack

tumblr d3a9db0203cd3dd4506e1d243599dd56 e9373832 640

No matter if you are creating a luxury boutique on a community lot, or simply need a rack for storing expensive clothes, this boutique CC is for you. This conversion will amp up your space in an instant. To equip your store with this retail essential, download it here.

10. Windenberg house boutique hotel by harrie

tumblr b1348b64efcbd1dac7613a402ee02207 ba4d3ecf 1280

Windenburg House is a prestigious hotel and a four-in-one community lot. Although it’s built on a 30×30 lot, it has a lot to offer to the rich Sims. It is an exclusive nightclub, a bar, a luxury lounge, and a boutique hotel. And its price? Well, it’s through the roof, with an estimated value of $920,738! To get this exclusive boutique CC, go to this page.

11. shine girlz boutique by pollyBuilds

tumblr inline prig99q3Le1w6woob 1280

Now, if you follow the latest fashion, then this boutique is for you. The clothes displayed here are the top-shelf latest pieces like you see in top fashion stores these days. Shine Girls boutique is inspired by LA fashion stores, and has 3 floors. The top floor of the boutique is empty for you to design as you please. You can get it on this page.

12. sorella boutique by sierrathesimmer

boutique cc

Sorella has all the essentials displayed for you to browse, from elegant bags and shoes to joggers and jackets. This boutique is a both male and female clothing store, and it is a completely functional retail community lot. Park your car outside, and start your shopping spree! To get this trendy boutique CC, go here.

13. designer fashion rack

tumblr 1fcb56ff5e6300448c8bed8009c7075c 99b9f21f 1280

Are you planning to build your own boutique? These racks are all you need to fill the space with some designer stuff. There are a few swatches to choose from, so have fun customizing your space! After all, what is a fine store without some Fendi or Balmain? Check out this boutique CC here.

Do you want a better shopping experience in the Sims 4? Check out this Retail Overhaul Mod!

14. shopping set by syboulette

Shopping Set Preview1

This cc set includes 31 incredible items, some functional, and others for decor. All of them are compatible with the base game, come with a few swatches, and look incredibly sophisticated. You’ll get to play with gold, white, pink, black, and other color combinations to create the perfect setting! To get this boutique CC, go here.

15. bridal shop by pralinesims


This romantic space will bring love and magic to your Sims’ special day. The shop is built on a 30×20 lot. This is a home with 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms that’s been adapted as a bridal boutique. Your future brides will love the prestigious design. If you have the Get to Work and Get Famous expansion pack installed, this wedding boutique CC will be a cherry on top. Get yours here.

16. victoria’s secret retail store

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Ladies, it’s time for some lingerie! Victoria’s Secret is all a girl needs to embrace her feminine power. This two-floor boutique CC set includes pink details, dressed mannequins, girly stuff, and a parking lot. Some can be bought, while other CC pieces are here just for the decor. Either way, one thing is guaranteed – you’ll love the authentic VS aesthetics. You can download it here.

17. range fashion store stuff by slox

tumblr ad0d111059e06f749e2d36de1071f9ef e7588d36 1280

This set is here to help you design the most magnificent, opulent boutique ever. Hangers, functional fitting rooms, bags, display shelves, and fancy clothes are just some of the perks you will get. Not only does it include the indoor necessities, but you’ll also get new building CC, such as store windows, doors, new walls, floors, and ceilings, to name some. Download here!

18. fashion store by nando

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Are you ready to really spend some simoleons? Thanks to the retail system from ”Get to Work”, this functional boutique CC can offer a real shopping experience. So much so, that your Sims will have to pay at least $200 to change outfits. The set includes more than 25 items, and even the fitting rooms work like in real life! To get this gem, go here.


This was our collection of the most prestigious, high-end retail stores and boutiques that can make your shopping experience in Sims 4 more realistic. We tried to include various types of boutiques, including bridal stores, lingerie, and jewelry store, but also essential bits and pieces for making your authentic boutique. We hope you found something you’d love to try out! Enjoy!

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