10+ Absolutely Perfect Wedding Dress CC for Your Sims’ Special Day!

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Looking for wedding dress CC for your bride-to-be Sims? Look no further, as we feature some of the best and most elegant wedding dresses you could ever find!

sims 4 wedding dress

elegant Wedding Dresses For the Bride-To-Be!

Let’s be honest, getting to shop for a wedding gown is one of the joys of wedding preparations and at the same time it can be stressful if you’re not yet decided on what to wear on the big day.

But how about in The Sims 4? Well, you don’t have to worry about it, you can find everything you’re looking for in a wedding dress. From a simple mini gown to a mermaid gown, and to a ballgown, we’re pretty sure that there are tons of wedding dresses to choose from!

Hang on tight as we present to you some of the best wedding dress cc in this list.

RSVP Collection by Sentate

Screenshot 2023 07 21 141843

When it comes to luxury fashion in Sims 4, there’s no doubt that Sentate will be the first name that pops up in your mind. The collection comes with 18 items with 25 swatches with some bonus swatches for lace and sequin dresses.

Take a look at these elegant wedding pieces curated specifically for your Sims to shine even brighter in their special day! Download it here.

Marina Wedding Dress CC by Atelier Lena

Screenshot 2023 07 24 182358

Elegant, timeless, and refined best describe the bridal beauty represented by this lovely gown by Atelier Lena. This off-shoulder wedding dress defies styles and continues to be popular among generations of Sims brides who want to enter the aisle in a timeless gown that comes with 12 beautiful swatches. Download it here!

Winter Wonder Set by Zeussim

Screenshot 2023 07 24 190025

Do you plan to tie the knot and create a beautiful, heartwarming wedding ceremony for your Sims over the enchanting winter season? Here’s a perfect wedding gown that fits your wedding theme! This set comes along with 4 items: gown, veil, stola and shoes! Download it here.

Wedding Dress CC Set by Rimings

Screenshot 2023 07 25 125511

Looking for an alpha wedding dress? Rimings got your back! You can choose from an off-shoulder puff sleeves ballgown wedding dress or a strapless sweetheart neckline mermaid wedding dress with bow at the back. The ballgown comes with 24 swatches with prints included so you can also skip the traditional wedding dress while on the other hand, the mermaid dress comes with 14 plain swatches only. Download it here!

Katheryn Wedding Gown by WARWICK

Screenshot 2023 07 25 131239

Royals often enjoy lavish lifestyles and have access to wealth, magnificent homes, and other luxuries. And if you’re looking for the perfect Royalty wedding dress, Warwick stands out. Here you can see a modern gown with full pleated skirt, cuff sleeves, and elegant lace details. The gown comes with a beautiful 30 swatches. Download it here!

Bride Collection Part 1 by jius-sims

Screenshot 2023 07 25 140235 1

It’s impossible to deny the appeal of poufy princess dresses in the world of grandeur entrances. However, in our hearts’ gentle whispers, it’s the soft allure and understated simplicity of minimalist wedding looks are making a buzz at this moment. Jius-sims created a simple yet elegant minimalist wedding dress cc for your Sims’ special day. With 3 different full sleeve high neck lace wedding dresses and one wedding dress without the full sleeve lace. Download it here!

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding shoes to fit this dress, Jius-sims also made one! You can find it here.

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Layered Wedding Dress CC by dreamgirl

Screenshot 2023 07 25 145451

The gorgeous and modern rendition of the conventional bridal gown is the modern, layered wedding dress. Dreamgirl brings an alluring and ethereal wedding dress cc look that gives a refined and romantic beauty. Comes with 7 swatches, you can get it here.

Layer Dress by DINO

Screenshot 2023 07 25 150433

Another modern twist for wedding dresses has been created by none other than DINO! This layer dress comes with a criss-cross draped bodice, mini sheer puffy sleeves and 10 swatches to choose from. Download it here!

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Bohemian Wedding Dress alsine by DanSimsFantasy

Screenshot 2023 07 25 154143

If you’re planning to have a Boho wedding theme for your Sims, this wedding dress is perfect for the occasion! You’ll automatically say “I do” to this boho wedding dress from DanSimsFantasy!

This boho wedding dress cc comes with a long tail in a mermaid cut full of lace embroidered flowers and other elements. Oh, and don’t forget the 10 swatches! Download it here.

Off-The Shoulder Embroidered Dress by Rusty’s

Screenshot 2023 07 24 185806

Let’s skip traditional wedding dresses for now and admire the beauty of this dress that your Sims can wear on the special day! You can choose this off-shoulder dress with luxurious classic embroidered flowers that show off their originality and personality that will make them shine even more! There are 5 swatches available for this outfit. Download it here!

Wedding Collection – Monika by BEOCreations

Screenshot 2023 07 25 162936

If your Sims are having a destination wedding, here’s a stunning wedding dress for your Sims! A romantic, bold and chic strapless corset with a fine embroidery and sheer overskirt wedding dress cc that comes with 7 stunning swatches. Download it here!

Glory Dress by Atelier Lena

Screenshot 2023 07 25 163946

This Sims 4 wedding dress cc offers a selection of 2 versions from a beautiful plain silky dress to a stunning beaded glowing dress! These two stunning dresses come with 11-14 swatches and can be found in the “Long Dress Category“. You can download it here!

Lasting Vows

With these stunning wedding dresses, I’m sure you already picked the wedding dress that your Sims will wear on their wedding day! Just imagine the options for our precious Sim brides! They can pick from the most enchanting ball gowns, with delicate lace and shimmering sequins that sparkle like stars in the sky. Or, if they prefer something chic and modern, there are sleek silhouettes that scream sophistication! And you know what’s the best part? You can get it all!

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