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Welcome to Our Guide on the Scientist Career in The Sims 4!

A scientist is one of the first careers added to The Sims 4. It shipped together with the detective and the doctor career as parts of the Get to Work expansion pack. The scientist profession, however, has a lot to offer and can be a very fun choice for any type of Sim. You won’t need any particular traits or aspirations and you can enjoy doing it right away!

The scientist career in The Sims 4 revolves around your Sim doing geeky stuff, discovering new inventions, and ultimately visiting the planet of Sixam, the Alien World! You will get a lab coat, assignments, and ranks to progress through, as well as tons of new interactions. Being a scientist means that you’re going to have to deal with some hectic stuff in The Sims 4. For example, aliens can come to your lab and mess with you. So, you need to be prepared!

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Being a Scientist

As a scientist in The Sims 4, you’ll do many inventions and discoveries. The one important thing to remember is to start using the Invention Constructor right away. This machine is actually a robot that you can interact and bond with. It has many specific interactions, and you can chat or brainstorm with it. The Invention Constructor should be one of the objects you use regularly while on the job because occasionally you’ll able to choose “Invent Device”. 

Advancing as a Scientist

To rank up in The Sims 4 scientist career takes a bit of time and patience. You’ll have to go to work daily and manually do all the things that need to be done that day. Completing your daily tasks will increase your experience greatly. However, you also want to have positive relationships with your colleagues.

Another thing is to level up the Logic and the Handiness skills. These two go greatly with this profession and assure your success.

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Inventions and Serums

Here is a list of things you can invent as a scientist in The Sims 4:

  • Momentum Conserver – a buff for +1 Focused moodlet.
  • Synthetic Food Serum – a serum that satisfies Hunger.
  • Sim Ray  – an upgradable portal gun that can do all kinds of things, from transforming objects to mind-controlling. 
  • Red Hot Serum – a serum that makes your Sim angry.
  • Hover Lamp  – a futuristic-looking lamp that also gives a +2 Focused moodlet.
  • Rose Perfume Serum – a serum that makes your Sim flirty.
  • Satellite Dish  – a complex machine that can mind-control your whole neighborhood.
  • Snake Oil Serum – a serum that removes all sicknesses from your Sim.
  • Cloning Machine – a machine that can clone anything, including a Sim.
  • Slimify Serum – a serum that makes your Sim slim.
  • Electroflux Wormhole Generator  – a device that can open up a portal to Sixam, the Alien World.
  • Ghost Goo Serum – a serum that turns your Sim into a Ghost.
  • Need Fixer Serum – a serum that fills all your Sim’s needs.
  • Embiggen Serum – a serum that makes your Sim fat.
  • Spark Drive Serum – a serum that makes your Sim energized.
  • Ox Strength Serum – a serum that makes your Sim stronger.
  • Smart Serum – a serum that makes your Sim temporarily a genius.
  • Fixer’s Luck Serum – a serum that increases your Sim’s Handiness skill.
  • Reaper’s Friend Serum – a serum that makes your Sim best friends with the Grim Reaper.
  • Alien Aura Serum – a serum that makes your Sim temporarily as smart as an alien.
  • Age-Away Serum – a serum that resets your Sim’s current age.
Ranks and Rewards

Here is a list of all the ranks and rewards you get in the scientist career in The Sims 4:

  • Rank 1: Lab Technician.
  • Rank 2: Apprentice Inventor – new lab coat and Journey to the Stars poster.
  • Rank 3: Junior Tinkerer – a Tin Foil Hat and the Flying Saucer Table Lamp.
  • Rank 4: Serum Sequencer – a chemistry lab.
  • Rank 5: Technological Innovator – new satellite headgear and outfits, as well as S1M5-4 Test Tube Pedestal.
  • Rank 6: Ufologist – Cautionary Tale Door and X-180 Shatterproof Window.
  • Rank 7: Laboratory Leader – a new shower called Hygienic Decontamination Pod.
  • Rank 8: Pioneer of New Technologies – the Mad Scientist Outfit.
  • Rank 9: Mad Scientist – new clothes.
  • Rank 10: Extraterrestrial Explorer – a completely new room called Mystery Science Laboratory, Out of this World desktop, and more new clothes.

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The scientist career is a very special one. One thing that is certain here is that it takes more energy than any other profession in the game. But, that also makes it very fun to play with it. We recommend this career choice to any simmer, regardless of their experience and knowledge in The Sims 4.

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