Rare Black and White Hair Mods for the Sims 4


You can hardly ever reject a black and white anything, let alone a perfectly designed B/W hair mod. We compiled a list of black and white hair mods that won’t merely enhance the hardness of your sim characters but also serve as a dramatic touch to their overall look. On the plus side, most of the following mods allow two tones recoloring.

So, even if you don’t seem to enjoy black and white that much, you are still free to experiment with other cool color combinations.

Sims 4: Two Tones Hairs

Wisp Recolor

two tones hair

You need the MESH for it to work properly. Okay, now that we have got that out of the way, hello! I believe we can all agree that this haircut looks much better with two colors, no? The original work is done by Skysims172 HairGo, so make sure you check them out too! Download this recolor by visiting this link.

Hot Pepper

black and white hair mod

I think this one demonstrates the dramatic touch the best. Check out the child version of this haircut here. This is your link to downloading it.

Martinez (Without Bangs)

long hair cc

Yep, you’re seeing it correctly. This hairstyle is inspired by Melanie Martinez, except without bangs. Click here to enjoy this haircut.

B/W Baby Lupine

female hair sims 4

Both your male and female sims can rock this black and white haircut. And I don’t know about you all but it has a Miley Cyrus vibe to it, no? Download here.

Jennie Hair

female two tones cc

The original preview of this haircut was Asian inspired and it looked perfect! But if there is anything that could elevate the beauty of this haircut, it would be to suit any sim character – and this picture here is exactly your answer. The hair comes in 12 swatches, eight of which have the roots colored. Grab this mod from this link.

Two Tones Yumi Hair

sims 4 mods two tones

Any sim of yours can enjoy this haircut — available from teen to elder. It comes in 45 swatch colors, 27 of which are designed by CandySims. Click here to download this haircut.

B/W Hair Mod

female haircut

Hard and soft at the same time this one is! I think it is perfect should you create a vampire sim. The all-black version is definitely worth trying too. Visit this link to download it.

Check Out Female Ombre Hair Mods Here

It’s a never ending spiral, we understand. But as long as it is at your disposal, you might as well capture it. Enjoy, simmers!

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