Rare Black and White Hair Mods for the Sims 4

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Hey Simmers! Are you ready to discover some ultra-stylish hair for your Sims? Then, check out this list of distinct-looking black-and-white hair that we curated for you, which will take the personal styles of your Sims to a whole new level! Make sure to check out number 18 from the list! 🔥

sims 4 black and white hair cc

Check Out These Perfect Black and White Hair CC For Your Sims!

We here at SnootySims have got a special treat for you: a list of black-and-white hair CC for your Sims in The Sims 4. Thanks to a bunch of awesome CC creators, these unique hair options will spice up the looks of your Sims and give them that fresh and stylish vibe.


hairstyle cc snootysims

1. Korean japan Female Hair by Osoon

b/w hair

Black-and-white hair such as this Female Hair 13 by CC Creator Osoon adds a touch of timeless elegance to our Sims. By sporting this distinct-looking hair, it imbues them with a sophisticated aura that looks so stylish. The Female Hair 13 is available in a new mesh and was inspired by Asian hairstyles! Apart from the two-toned black-and-white hair, there are 39 other swatches to choose from.

Get your Sims nice impressions with this black-and-white hair CC here.

If you liked the previous hair CC, you’ll also love the following collection. Click the image to check it out.

koreanhair cc

2. Incheon Arrivals BG Hair Recolor Addons by Pralinesims

b/w hair

Check out these Incheon Arrivals Hair Recolor Addons! It features the split black-and-white hair dye as a bonus. Through this bonus hair dye, the facial features of your Sims are accentuated, showcasing their unique characteristics and enhancing their overall appeal for other Sims! The CC pack also contains some bonus color streaks that you can use for that extra hair flair.

Grab this attractive black-and-white hair CC here.

3. Edgy Side Set by Daylife Sims

image 136

Edgy, chopped-up black-and-white hair like this Edgy Side Set by Daylife Sims is reminiscent of film noir aesthetics, as it adds an element of mystery and intrigue to our Sims, evoking the charm and enigma of old Hollywood glamor. Yup! Available in 23 other colors, this said set is inspired by the awesome hair designs of artist Nao Kawakubo on Instagram.

Upgrade your Sims’ looks, by downloading this edgy black-and-white hair CC here.

4. Stacy Hair by Simpliciaty

image 137

Celebrities in The Sims 4 would also love this two-tone black-and-white hair called the Stacy Hair. With this unique hair, Sims can confidently strut down the red carpet, sizzling in a high-fashion look that not just captures attention but also commands admiration from their fans. This middle-parted two-tone hair is also available for toddlers and children and is compatible with hats.

Give Sims’ faces a twist with this charming black and white hair CC here.

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alpha hair cc sims 1
Click me!

5. Y2K hair Set by Daylife Sims

b/w hair

If you were a fan of movies and sitcoms from the 90s, you’ll probably recognize this familiar hair that looks really trendy and youthful with its side bangs and funky half ponytail! Called the Y2K Jazzy Hair Set, this collection features 24 EA colors that include a black-and-white hair swatch for your Sims. The hair comes in a new mesh and is compatible with hats!

Click here to add this lively black-and-white hair CC to your game.

6. Estella Hair Set by Qicc

black and white hair cc

Speaking of creating Sims that have a cool, movie-like role to play in the game, you can also create a Sim who seems trustworthy on the outside but is actually evil on the inside. Black-and-white hair like this Estella Hair Set can have a special meaning for your Sims as it could represent their good side and their mischievous side, adding extra depth to their stories and making them even more interesting, so try it on your roleplaying Sim!

Add this cute black and white hair CC here to your game.

Looking for more short haircut CCs for your Sims? Have a look here!

7. Ilo Hair by Reina Sims 4

image 142

Here’s an idea: create a Sim who is a super spy or a detective and let them have black-and-white hair like this Ilo Hair from Reina Sims 4. Black-and-white hair gives Sims a mysterious and cool vibe, just like in those exciting detective movies. Sims will feel like they’re on a secret mission or solving mysteries every single day!

Access these awesome black and white hair CC here.

8. Flowers Set by Daylife Sims

black and white hair cc

The Long Rose Petals Hair is a part of the Flowers Hair Set by Daylife Sims. It comes in 24 EA Colors, including a glorious black-and-white version! And if your Sims want to express their artsy and unique side, the black-and-white version is the way to go. What’s more, this hair includes a flower petal accessory that can be found in the Hats category of CAS.

Style up your Sims with this black and white hair CC here.

9. Sabrina Set by Daylife Sims

black and white hair cc
Sims 4 Black and White Hair CC!

Now, get ready to rock some seriously cool hair with the Sabrina Hair Set! This cute hair which exudes so much femininity has a whopping 24 different options to choose from! But you have to try out the gorgeous, black-and-white two-tone style from the pack. It’s the perfect choice for Sims who love that little dash of enigma for their style!

Add this super cute black-and-white hair CC to your game, by clicking here.

10. Buffy hair Set by Daylife Sims

black and white hair cc

If you ever noticed, the fun contrast of black-and-white hair allows us Simmers to customize the looks of our Sims playfully, enabling us to create Sims with unconventional hairstyles—perfect for letting them break away from traditional norms. With the black-and-white hair swatch from this Buffy Hair Set from Daylife Sims, your Sims will surely look unique from the rest of their peers!

Freshen up your Sims’ faces with this black-and-white hair CC here.

By the way, if you’d like to experiment with more bangs options for the Sims 4, head over to this page.

11. Trollz Hair by Phoenix Sims

image 151

Check out this Trollz Hair from CC Creator Phoenix-Sims. The said hair comes in a total of 82 swatches, but our personal pick is the two-tone black-and-white hair, which looks totally sleek on any Sim! With this Trollz black-and-white hair, everyone in the neighborhood will stop and admire your Sim’s awesome style. Yep. Expect compliments here and there!

This lovely black-and-white hair CC is available here.

12. Erika Set by Daylife Sims

image 144

Black-and-white hair, like the one in this Erika Hair Set, makes Sims look super fancy and elegant like they’re going to an ultra-cool party! Plus, the best thing about this kind of hair is that it fits a lot of outfits. Apart from the black-and-white hair version, this set comes with 23 other color variants.

Download this stunning black-and-white hair CC here.

You need to have a look at those awesome swept back hairstyles for the Sims 4!

swept back hair cc snootysims sims 4

13. Ateez San hala hala hairstyle by Simtzen

hair cc black and white

The Ateez San Hala Hala Hairstyle by Simtzen is perfect for any stylish Sim who wants to rock a cool hairstyle. It comes in 48 swatches, but we personally think that the two-tone black-and-white swatch is the best, because it gives Sims a simple and clean look. It’s like having a really cool hairstyle without any fuss. Plus, all genders of Sims can use this hairstyle!

Elevate your Sims’ overall look with this black-and-white hair CC here.

Your male Sims deserve a little more attention than they get, watch their beauty blossom with the hair CC below!

hairstyle cc sims 4 snootysims new male

14. Kyanite hair by Greenllamas

sims 4 black and white

Style your Sim’s hair in more black-and-white colors for a touch of magic. With this Kyanite Hair by CC Creator Greenllamas, it’s like having a sprinkle of pixie dust that makes your Sims look extra special and enchanting. Female Sims can wear the said hairstyle and all in all, there are 24 swatches available!

This attractive black-and-white hair CC is up for grabs here.

15. XX hair by MMSims

image 148

Prepare for another hairstyle that will give your Sims an air of coolness and excitement! This black-and-white hair by MMSims from the Hair XX Collection will add an element of mystery and intrigue to any Sims’ looks. Yes! With this hair, Sims will feel as if they have a secret power that makes them even more captivating.

This black-and-white hair is available here.

16. Collette Hairstyle by Leah Lillith

Screenshot 2023 06 14 153738

This is a clay-fied version of the Collette Hairstyle by Leah Lillith. It’s available in normal and two-tone variants. Pro Tip: The two-tone black-and-white version looks ultimately hot! If you let Sims sport this hair, they will be making a super cool fashion statement. It’s sleek, stylish, and totally eye-catching—a hair that looks perfect for glam night outs in the neighborhood!

This gorgeous black-and-white hair CC is up for download here.

17. Aura Style 3 by Ade_Darma


Black-and-white hair, like this Aura’s black-and-white hair swatch, lets your Sim unleash their inner artist. With the creative look of this hairstyle, Sims can rock edgy and funky outfits, paired with any imaginative accessory they can gather! The Aura Hair Style is available in 47 colors, all in HQ textures and smooth weights. It also works conveniently with hats!

Bring this beautiful black-and-white hair CC to your game by downloading it here.

18. Block Cut Hair by SeoulSoul


This Block Cut Hair is available in 51 colors, but of course, we’ll focus on the black-and-white hair variant, which is the best out of the available colors! This one will give a touch of timelessness to your Sim. It’s like stepping into a classic movie, where elegance meets modern style. Your Sim will exude an air of vintage charm while staying effortlessly cool.

Upgrade your Sims’ faces with this black-and-white hair CC here.

19. Wisp Recolor

two tones hair

You need the MESH for it to work properly. Okay, now that we have got that out of the way, hello! I believe we can all agree that this haircut looks much better with two colors, no? The original work is done by Skysims172 HairGo, so make sure you check them out too! Download this recolor by visiting this link.

20. Hot Pepper

black and white hair mod

I think this one demonstrates the dramatic touch the best. Check out the child version of this haircut here. This is your link to downloading it.

21. Martinez (Without Bangs)

long hair cc

Yep, you’re seeing it correctly. This hairstyle is inspired by Melanie Martinez, except without bangs. Click here to enjoy this haircut.

Explore a variety of pigtails CC for the Sims 4 on SNOOTYSIMS!

22. B/W Baby Lupine

female hair sims 4

Both your male and female sims can rock this black and white haircut. And I don’t know about you all but it has a Miley Cyrus vibe to it, no? Download here.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Prettiest mullet CC for your rock and roll Sims!

mullet hair cc snootysims

23. Sims 4 black and white hair CC: Jennie

female two tones cc

The original preview of this haircut was Asian-inspired and it looked perfect! But if there is anything that could elevate the beauty of this haircut, it would be to suit any sim character – and this picture here is exactly your answer. The hair comes in 12 swatches, eight of which have the roots colored. Grab this mod from this link.

24. Two Tones Yumi Hair

sims 4 mods two tones

Any sim of yours can enjoy this haircut — available from teen to elder. It comes in 45 swatch colors, 27 of which are designed by CandySims. Click here to download this haircut.

25. B/W Hair CC

female haircut
Sims 4 Black & White Hair CC!

Hard and soft at the same time this one is! I think it is perfect should you create a vampire sim. The all-black version is definitely worth trying too. Visit this link to download it.


And that’s a wrap! We’ve shown you a bunch of super gorgeous black-and-white hair CC for The Sims 4. We’re sure your Sims will adore these stylish hair choices! We had a blast putting this list together just for you, and we hope you had loads of fun checking it out too. Now, it’s time to dive into CAS to create your Sims with black-and-white hair armed with all these awesome downloadables. As always, happy playing, dear Simmers!

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