35+ Ultimate Romance Mods For The Sims 4 (2023 Update!)

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Infuse plenty of thrill and romance into the lives of your Sims! In this article, we have rounded up the best Sims 4 romance mods for you to download. Check out the full list!

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THE Best Romance Mods for The Sims 4 to Spice Up Your Game

When it comes to romantic interactions in The Sims 4, the game tends to be too simplistic from time to time. Luckily, there is a super active community creating awesome Sims 4 Mods out there, having created a number of helpful and effective additions to the game, improving the romance life of your sims. We have collected the 35+ best Sims 4 romance mods you should check out!

1. First Love Mod by LittleMsSam


The First Love Mod, created by LittleMsSam, is a super adorable tweak catered for young sims in the game. Through this mod, children sims who get to build up a high enough relationship with each other could have “First Love” interactions, allowing them to call and text each other, stargaze, monkey around, kiss cheeks, and hold hands. 

Go and download this mod here.

2. Open Love Life Mod by Lumpinou

Screenshot 2023 09 01 101435 1

Can you imagine if your Sims could have more modern views in terms of their romantic relationships in the game? Then the lives of your Sims would probably become more realistic! Through this Open Love Life mod by Lumpinou, you can control the preferences of your Sims when it comes to their relationships!

Read more information about the mod in this blog, then download the Open Love Life mod here.

3. No Strings Attached by Lumpinou

image 2

Since we already talked about the Open Love Life mod in this list, we are introducing you to another mod from Lumpinou which is a perfect complement to that. The No Strings Attached mod will give your sims the opportunity to have a “Friends with Benefits” relationship with other sims, opening up frisky and sneaky interactions with those sims.

Here is the download site for this mod.  


real life mod sims 4 snootysims

4. Wonderful Whims Mod by TURBODRIVER

wonderful whims

If you are familiar with the Wicked Whims mod, there is an SFW (Safe for Work) alternative for it, called the Wonderful Whims. It has an attractiveness and personality system which affects the relationship preferences of your sims. Plus, it has the menstrual cycle, birth control, and transmissible disease features that can highly transform your Sims’ personal lives.

Click this link to download the mod.

5. Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul (aka WooHoo Wellness) by Lumpinou

woohoo wellness

The Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul, also known as the WooHoo Wellness is another mod from brilliant creator Lumpinou. This mega mod provides huge alterations and overrides to the way our Sims’ relationships work in the game, allowing teen pregnancies, pregnancy side effects, miscarriages, child surrogacies, WoohHo tweaks, and many more additions, to the game.

Visit this site to download the Woohoo Wellness mod by Lumpinou, and read our full feature about WooHoo Wellness here.

6. Simda Dating App by LittleMsSam

simda dating app

Our Sims could have exciting love lives by meeting potential lovers through their phones, tablets, or computers through the SimDa Dating app! The mod offers different date options with Sims, including serious dates, blind dates, and one-night stands. There is also an option to get “Hook Up Calls from NPCs”, which will allow your sims to visit a rabbit hole to have some flirtatious fun for a few hours.

For the full details of this mod, you can check this article we released. Then, you can download the Simda Dating App here.

simda dating

7. Romance Overhaul by Etheria

etheria romance overhaul

The Romance Overhaul allows you to edit the physical appearance of your Sims to make them more appealing, gives you the opportunity to alter the relationship preferences of your Sims, and provides an all-new romance system that includes crushes, relationship level changes, romantic interactions, and many more.

The Romance Overhaul is available for download at this link.

8. Cute Romance Mod by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii

Screenshot 2023 09 01 163502
Romance Mods: Cute Romance Mod by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii

This cute little mod is a collaboration from cc and mod creators thepancake1 and MizoreYuuki. It introduces charming new interactions for your lover sims in the game, making the gameplay more adorable. “Slow Dancing”, “Dip Kiss”, “Intense Kiss”, “Bed Makeout”, and “Cuddle from Behind” are just some of the romantic interactions that this mod offers.

Come and download the Cute Romance Mod on this site.

9. Passionate Romance Mod by Sacrificial

image 3

This is one of the most popular romance mods for The Sims 4. The creator Sacrificial came up with this mod to provide us with an array of new romantic gestures for our lover Sims. With the newest update, our Sims can now take sweet selfies in cars and in hot air balloons. They also get to perform the “Goose”, “Romantic Hug”, and “Snuggle” interactions among many others.

You can check out our full guide to the Passionate Romance mod here. Then, download the mod through this link.

10. Arranged Marriages Mod by Mizore Yuuki

image 5

Picture yourself having the power to betroth your Sim to another Sim of your certain liking, or to any other Sim who is not even romantically linked with them! Now you can, by using the Arranged Marriages mod by Mizore Yukii. Options to complain about, call off, or refuse romantic arrangements are possible! In the event of the wedding itself, kissing the person arranged to your sim is even optional! Trust us, you’ll have a lot of fun playing with this mod.

Visit this link to download the Arranged Marriages mod.

11. Wedding Gifts Mod by Jane Simsten

wedding gifts

This mod adds a sweet little detail to the married lives of your Sims! Created by Jane Simsten, this mod will allow your just-engaged or newlywed Sims to receive lovely presents from friends and neighbors. After your Sims get the option to “Open Wedding Presents”, they have the opportunity to send thank you notes to the sender through a computer or the mailbox.  

Here is the download link for the Wedding Gifts Mod.

12. The Sims 4 Romantic Interaction from Sims 3 Mod by Cepzid with Hakrabr

sdag 1

This mod is a conversion of the romantic interactions from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4. The creator has made available 24 romantic gestures from The Sims 3, including old favorites like, “Heat of the Moment Kiss”, “Leap into Arms”, “Take Romantic Photo Together”, and “Firefighter Flirt”. These romantic interactions will make you feel nostalgic as you use these in The Sims 4.

Visit this page to download this mod created by Cepzid with Hakrabr.

13. Teen/Adult Romance & Mess Around Mod by Polarbearsims

image 6

This mod allows all-new interactions for romance for your teenage sims! It is a popular creation by Polarbearsims. Take note that this mod does not allow teenage pregnancies in-game! We have the WooHoo Wellness mod for that.

For the download and further resources, follow this link.

14. Baby Maker Trait Mod by Kialauna

baby maker trait
Romance Mods: Baby Maker Trait!

This mod will allow your Sim to become a true baby machine! It was launched by cc creator Kialauna, who did a really cool job with this kind of crazy creation. A sim equipped with this trait would be wanting to make a lot of babies! It doesn’t matter with which and how many sims, the baby maker just wants multiple offspring!

Head over to this site for more information about this romance mod.

15. Sims 4 Better Romance Mod by Simler90


Let us continue with this mod by Simler90. The romantic interactions in the base game are rather simplistic. This super comprehensive mod improves the gameplay substantially in various aspects, making romances much more realistic.

The download link and a list of features for the mod are available on this site.

16. Better Romantic Aura Lot Trait by BosseladyTV

Screenshot 2023 09 01 110630

Give your Sims a boost of love all around them! By assigning the Better Romantic Aura lot trait in specific places, Sims can experience more flirtatious and confident moods and get double growth in their romantic relationship. Take note that this mod requires The Sims 4: City Living for it to work properly in the game.

Go and download this romance mod here.

17. The One With All The Romance by Katie Mods

image 9

This mega mod by Katie Mos introduces 75+ new romantic interactions in the game! These interactions include pickup lines, breakup methods, argument points, sweet discussions, and so much more. If you want to infuse romance in The Sims 4, you definitely have to download The One With All The Romance!

Download the mod here.

18. LGBTQIA+/Gender & Orientation Overhaul by Lumpinou

image 10

The Sims 4 has greatly innovated its gameplay by capturing more inclusive gender possibilities for our Sims. However, if you want a more realistic gender system overhaul in the game, then check out this LGBTQIA+ mod by Lumpinou. Through this mod, Sims can have more romantic and WooHoo interactions, gender transitions, and so much more!

Here is the download site for this romance mod.  

19. Friendzone Mod by Vicky Sims

image 11

Not every Sim wants their relationship to progress towards the romantic path with their possible love interests! Oftentimes, some Sims want to simply stay in the friend zone, where everything is uncomplicated and safe. With this mod by Vicky Sims, you can disable and re-enable the romantic interactions between two Sims.

Click this link to download the mod.

20. Custom Nuptials by Adeepindigo

image 13

This mod adds specific wedding tweaks to your game! It can help you plan engagements and weddings, book honeymoons, purchase wedding cakes, and have plenty of other romantic interactions related to weddings. This is a modified version of the My Wedding Stories mod, but this doesn’t need the said mod to function in the game.

Visit this site to download the mod.

21. Functional Wedding Rings by Maru

Screenshot 2023 09 01 121159 1

Introduce more sweet little things in the game, such as these functional wedding rings by Japanese creator Maru! Click on the ring box to wear or remove the rings in-game. When changing outfits, the ring will remain in place, making it convenient for your Sims. You can also change the color of the rings.

You can download the rings here.

22. ROad to Romance by Lumpinou

Screenshot 2023 09 01 124249

The Road to Romance Mod by Lumpinou incorporates a new Romance Skill in the game, which introduces all new romance-related interactions and moods for our Sims. The mof also allows all new date options for our Sims, including online and rabbithole ones. Plus, couples can go through counselling too!

This romance mod is available for download on this link.

23. Regency Romance by Jane Simsten

image 15

If you’ve ever watched the Bridgerton series on Netflix, then you might have an idea what this mod is all about. Created by Jane Simsten, this mod mirrors regency era romance for your Sims. There are new aspirations, interactions, and gameplay features available that are nothing short of regal!

Come and download this romance mod on this site.

24. Love Life Mod by Jelly Paws

image 16

More romance mods coming your way, our dear Simmers! This once, called Love Life Mod, simply adds a whole bunch of romantic interactions in the game. Now Sims can say “I love you”, make romantic inside jokes, talk about their love songs, and confess their deep love, among many others.

Then, download the mod through this link.

25. Romance in France by Nando

image 17

Get your Sims ready to be swept away in a European-themed romance with this Romance in France Mod from creator Nando. This amazing mod overhauls the Magnolia Promenade world by turning it into the beautiful city of Paris, France. Now your Sims can delight in visiting the city of romance and love!

Visit this link to download this romance mod.

26. More Kisses Mod by MapleBell

image 18

Let’s admit it, it seems that The Sims 4 is a little bit lacking in terms of the kissing department. Fortunately, creator Maplebell came up with this mod, which incorporates two new kissing animations into our game, plus an additional hug called the Soothing Snuggle! These interactions also have accompanying moodlets to them.

Here is the download link for this romance mod.

27. Kiss-n-Grind by UTOPYA_cc


Like the More Kisses Mod above, the Kiss and Grind Mod also introduces new kissing animations into the game! Your Sims will now be able to experience new romantic moments with their loved ones, such as the “Intimate Kiss” and the “Sensual Grind.” Each animation comes with its own sounds and moodlets.

Visit this page to download this romance mod.

28. Campus Crush by PimpMySims4

image 19

This cute and adorable mod brings a new in-game love aspiration, called the Campus Crush! Now, your Sims can rule the school while aspiring to be the best campus hottie. Please make sure that you have The Sims 4: Discover University in installing this mod.

For the download, follow this link.

29. Custom Relationship Bits by MapleBell

image 20

Expand the little details in the romantic relationship of your Sims through this cute little mod called the Custom Relationship Bits! With this installed, Sims would no longer be limited to acquiring the titles “romantic interest” or “friends”. Now, there are non-generic titles such as “puppy love”, “gaming buddies”, “star crossed lovers”, “summer romance”, and plenty of others!

Head over to this site for more information about this romance mod.

30. Romantic Skygaze by Dramatic-Gamer

image 21

The Romantic Skygaze Mod is one of the most popular romance mods for The Sims 4, because it is sweet yet simple. It lets Sims participate in 4 various romantic animations that revolve around cloudgazing or stargazing. There are accompanying sounds in each animation as well, for the realistic touch.

The download link and a list of features for the mod are available on this site.

31. Meet&Mingle Dating App by Lumpinou

image 22

Much like the SimDa Dating app, this Meet&Mingle dating app also provides a cool dating system in the game. It allows Sims to publish their online dating profiles and go on dates and hook-ups. There are also other features like relationship goals, personality turn-ons and turn-offs, and other relationship settings.

Here is the download link for this romance mod.


Screenshot 2023 09 01 165502

As they explore their surroundings and meet new friends, children and teenage Sims can of course, also experience the rush of sweet crushes and infatuations. Thankfully, through this mod, young Sims can now ask their parents about all things dating and crushes!

Visit this page to download this romance mod.

33. Romance Lock by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

Screenshot 2023 09 01 163421

Since we are exploring a lot of romance mods in this list, let’s also talk about this Romance Lock mod, which is the exact opposite of romantic interactions in the game! This mod locks romantic relationships in the game, so that our Sims don’t haphazardly enter into relationships with Sims and raise the pink bar automatically.

For the download, follow this link.

34. Valentines Holiday Tradition by Adeepindigo

Screenshot 2023 09 01 163253

Of course, we all know that there is an existing Love Day in The Sims 4, but we can take it one step further by actually bringing Valentines’ Day in the game! Through this mod by KiaraSims4, Sims can ask other Sims to be their Valentine date, and send and receive valentine request letters.

Click this site for this romance mod.

35. Neighborhood Stories: Marriage by Flauschtrud

flauschtrud neighborhoodstoriesmarriage rule

With this mod by creator Flauschtrud, you can now have control over the romantic lives of your neighbors in The Sims 4. Yep! Play the cupid in the game, and let your neighbor Sims “Get Married” with other Sims. Plus, this mod also offers new interactions and rules in the game.

To download this romance mod, visit this site.


image 24

This allows your Sims to celebrate their wedding anniversary through a planned event! Attaining gold after the said event will reward your Sims with a gorgeous rose in a vase. Take note that this mod needs The Sims 4: Seasons and My Wedding Stories in order to function properly in the game.

Head here for the download link.

Final Thoughts: Try These Romance Mods Now!

Screenshot 2023 09 01 163238

Romance is one of the core ingredients that make The Sims 4 truly enjoyable. In one way or another, we have allowed our Sims to venture into both rewarding and heartbreaking relationships with other Sims. Through the help of these romance mods that we gathered for you, we hope that you can provide more sweet and even frisky moments for your Sim lovebirds in the game. Happy playing, Simmers!

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