The best Sims 4 mod to bring passionate romance to your game


Welcome to our post on the best mod for passionate romance in the Sims 4!

A romantic relationship is something very exciting! You feel like there are butterflies in your stomach and your eyes shine every time you see your loved one. But sometimes it doesn’t really feel like that in The Sims 4. Some couples are just plain boring and platonic. Thankfully, we have found the perfect mod to spice things up in your sim’s relationship! This mod’s name is passionate romance and it’s the best one around for the Sims 4.

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What does the passionate romance mod bring to my Sims 4 game?

This mod enhances lots of romantic interactions between your sims. You’ll find all the interactions under a new menu called “Passionate Romance”. Most of those actions require your sims to be attracted to each other. Maybe they met through the SimDa dating app or they fell for each other thanks to your new attraction mod! But what really matters is the time that they spend with each other. A big plus is that when your sim does any of the following things, they’ll gain a positive moodlet called “Feeling The Love”!


Most of you will recognize this from the Sims 2. That’s because it’s a complete recreation of the original interaction. Your sim will pinch the other sim’s butt and that can end in two ways. The other sim will either kiss you, or they’ll slap you!


A cute and romantic act that most couples do. Your sim will go behind their beloved one and give them a big hug full of love! While they do that, they’ll slide through 3 different animations.

Romantic Hug

There’s no better way to express your love to someone than giving them a nice, romantic hug. Your sim will hug their loved one and shuffle through 5 different animations.

Make out

A healthy couple always loves to get a bit physical. And so do your sim couples! With this interaction, they’ll start kissing each other and will shuffle through 3 different animations.

Romantic Selfies

Now your sim can share their loved ones on social media! All you have to do is just take a nice romantic picture with them and upload it. There are 5 different poses available for your couple, and more could be added on updates.

We hope that you loved today’s mod as much as we did. It’s nice to see modders bring new interactions to our games, making them a bit more fun to go through. But that doesn’t mean that the original game is boring! However, every game can get boring if there’s nothing to tweak. Be sure to share your experience with this mod down in the comments!

Happy Simming!

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