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Welcome to our post on the only attraction mod for the Sims 4!

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to someone. But why not let your sims feel that way too? Now you can with only attraction mod for the Sims 4! It’s called Wicked Whims, and the attraction part is only a fraction of its features. The attraction system only works based on a sim’s appearance and every detail matters. You might have heard of this mod before on the forums as the “mod that cannot be named” as they have banned it for its adult content. Let’s see how this mod works and why it’s the best one around!

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How this attraction mod works on the Sims 4

This mod is very complicated, and so is it’s attraction system. But don’t worry, we have broken down everything for you!


As you all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means that sims have preferences, just like humans. You can either set your sim’s preferences yourself or have the system do it. The mod can set a sim’s preferences depending on how their friends and family look like or even pure chance! With this, every detail matters. How long a sim’s hair is, what color their clothes are, and even their body type!


People get tired of seeing the same things over and over again. So, the same thing goes for sims as well. If the world you play in is full of sims with long hair, you can increase your sim’s attractiveness by giving them a short haircut. However, if your world is filled with unique sims, there is no way to cheat the system. Thankfully, sims can also enhance their attractiveness by buying the “Unique Appearance” reward trait.


What’s great about this mod is how it makes your sim feel like real humans. When sims spend time in public lots, they may catch a glimpse of someone they’re really into! It’s really rare, but if it happens, your sim will never forget it. If they don’t interact with their crush, they will start daydreaming about them, making them even more attractive in their eyes. Remember to not ignore your sims’ desires! Let them follow their dreams and hearts.

Perfect Partner

This mod has made it easy to learn what your crush likes and dislikes. As long as you talk to them, of course. If for some reason, your sim just can’t talk to their crush, they can try asking their crush’s friends! You can ask any sim about their preferences. But watch out, you don’t want to make things too awkward! Sims will always tell you what they like in general and what they don’t like. Keep this information in mind for the next time you plan your sim’s outfits and hair!

We hope that you enjoyed today’s mod! Attractiveness is really complicated even in the real world. People change their preferences as they grow up and no one has a certain “type” that they’re into. Even if they insist that they do! Did you have fun with this mod? Have you created any interesting stories? Let us know down in the comments!

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