32+ Magical Music CC & Mods For the Sims 4 (New Instruments)

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Are you a music lover? Well, thanks to incredible music CC & mods for the Sims 4, you can now listen to fine tunes and play music on new instruments. If that seems fun, read on to find out more about CC for hedonists who love a good sound.

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32+ Magical Music CC & Mods For the Sims 4

music instruments, Decor and mods for The sims 4 you’ll love

Every Sim who loves to jam or dance appreciates a good stereo and a fine instrument. While there are a lot of cool details for painters and art lovers in the game, we could definitely use some great music CC. After all, it would be really awesome to be able to play some cool drums in the game, or have a vinyl collection others are jealous of, right?

Whether you are looking for cool stereos, concert venues, tunes, instruments, or functional mods, this is the place to be. We’ve made a list of the coolest CC & mods that will change how your Sims play, decorate, dance, and listen to their favorite jams forever. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

If you’d like to know more about how you can customize music in the Sims 4, check out this guide!

1. simmify music nook by myshunosun

simmify preview

Every dedicated music lover has a vinyl collection they are proud of. So, This pretty piece of furniture has all you need to listen to and even make some quality tunes: a pretty guitar, a record player, a matching speaker, an LP storage, a pack of LPs, and a plant decor. Find more info here!

2. Into Music custom Stuff Pack by necrodogMTSandS4S

into music banner final waifu2x art noise1 scale tta 1

Have you ever thought it would be great if your Sims could play sax or a flute in Sims 4? Well, now that’s more than possible, all thanks to this cool music mod by Necrodog! Your characters can now play seven new instruments: panpipe, contrabass, saxophone, drums, kalimba, flute, and a handpan!

Not only you’ll be able to purchase and play them, but each comes with a special custom sound and you can even play for simoleons! Check it out here!

3. groovy tunes music store by windyburg

tumblr addd5aefd1dc016863b1336acb507bd1 3f45951a 1280

Would you like to become a music store owner, but don’t have the time or creativity to set up a store? This multifunctional lot is a great starter space for Sims who aspire to become ”Groovy Tunes” shop owners. You can sell equipment on the first floor and live in the condo on the second. To get this 30×30 space, go here!

4. Standing decorative guitars & orchestra instruments

prevue s4 01

Tired of the same old guitars and pianos? With these CC pieces, you can equip the whole orchestra and make a lovely practice room. Here you can find a set of classical instruments, such as a xylophone, a harp, and a timpani, as well as some new guitars to your Sims 4 guitar collection. Check it out here!

5. musical instrument set by nickname_sims4


Now, check out this set! These are some hyperrealistic pieces Sims 4 musicians will adore. You’ll get an electronic piano, an acoustic and an electric guitar, and two microphones. Not only do they look incredible, but you can also customize them all. Find more info here!

6. ”our gestures become notes on the sheet music” pose pack

tumblr c80dc609c3dafbbc8d29ae6a883b50c4 f5af664b 1280

Now you can make a legit romantic movie scene with a grand piano. This set of poses will help your Sims genuinely connect not only with the melody but also with their significant other. There are 8 of them, so have fun developing your love story! Find more info here!

7. drum and drum sticks by nickname_sims4

Nirvana fans will adore this one, that’s for sure. Here comes an advanced drum set for Sims who love a good beat. You can play like Dave Grohl, or be a minimalist and choose any other drum set version. There are 12 amazing options to pick from, and they all look fantastic. Download it here!

8. drumming animation by shushildasims


What is a set o drums without a talented drummer? These sets of poses from drums will help your musicians truly show their skills and bang the drums like big stars do. So, get ready to rock the room! To try it out, download the pose here!

9. music festival and concert mod by Mercuryfoam


Aspiring musicians can now perform at concerts, and music lovers can join and listen to them from the crowd. This mod brings a Music festival you can attend and invite friends to. Don’t be scared to miss it because you’ll get notified every time the festival is in your town.

You can let your active Sims have the center stage, or let NPCs entertain you. The mod also adds a few cool crowd reactions to make the events more spectacular and realistic. Learn more about the mod and check it out here!

10. guitar poses for singers & songwriters by herecirmsims

tumblr 908843548a64b1cad1e794b0bfaa7277 fc088729 1280

These poses are all you need for a rockstar photoshoot. Gazing, contemplating, composing, and playing the guitar – all of that is a part of this set. It includes 5 solo poses for singers and songwriters, and we guarantee they will make your Sim look like they are really creating. Find more info here!

11. DJ Turntables + Yamaha HS8s by anbs

tumblr o09ky4pPdl1rqviego2 r1 1280

Let’s not forget our electro, ambient, and techno music lovers! This marvelous turntable is an edit from GT and a functional stereo object. It looks upgraded thanks to those cool Yamaha HS8 speakers. It’s urban and chic and comes with two swatches that will enrich your interior. Check it out here!

12. electric violin by shushilda


Every modern violinist would kill to have a piece like this! This electric violin comes in four variations: white, black, deep pink, and black with a wooden neck. It’s a beast to be reckoned with. Download it here!

13. Music Master Station by Barbarasims


Music produces around the Sims 4 globe, unite! This music station has everything a talented pro could wish for. It’s great for making tunes, its aesthetic, and because it comes in 18 color variations, it can be easily blended into any interior. Check it out here!

14. Coachella poses deco sims

tumblr f2ce9e60b3b06f76e0c3a2aa4eb877f8 01cc4e82 1280

What would a list of music be without Coachella CC? This group of deco Sims will light up the atmosphere in the first rows, helping your Sims festivals to the fullest. After all, a performer is just a talented dreamer without fans, right? Find more info here!

15. vinyl records by ddaengSims

tumblr oh9b6qSChm1rfs1klo1 r1 1280

Now that’s a nice collection. Here you have some quality records, including Twenty One Pilots, Pink Floyd, and Sohn, a portable record player, stickers, and a cozy carpet to relax on. Download here!

16. music in me posepack by melbennett

MB Music in me Posepack

Let your heart sing and express your deepest emotions through music, with these incredible poses. Gather around the grand piano, take the violin, and let the instruments charm you. Download it here!

17. vinyl record player by crybxbysims

tumblr 62387c2c053570fa8748456e1d068594 44d4ebc7 1280

This record player is a detail every hipster Simmer will be thrilled to have. It has a logo in Simlish, and it’s a fully functioning object, so it not only looks good, but you can listen to your favorite tunes on it, too! It comes in 10 swatches, so there is something for everyone’s taste. Download here!

18. ”let’s play a song” pose pack by lantsovsims

1 2

Hey there, guitar players. Here’s a little something for you. In this pack, you’ll get a few poses, including sitting and standing ones. You can play the ukulele or the guitar. With these installed, every Sim will look like a rock star! Check it out here!

19. hofner violin bass

tumblr 8e9937f097f5770789b3596981ffd0bb a709656e 1280

Let’s add some variety, shall we? We don’t have the bass violin in the game, but thanks to this CC piece, musicians can start admiring the beauty of the Hofner piece. Download here!

20. framed albums wall set by simminmybestlife

FramedAlbumsSet 1

This set of decor CC will elevate any interior, especially if your Sim is a superstar performer or a big music lover. The set includes black frames with silver and golden details, and the record looks just like Golden Record Awards. Check it out here!

21. vinyl retro store by pino

tumblr p3s9jzkXFB1s7531do3 1280

Here you can come and browse for quality vinyl. This store has all the little details a proper store needs, from a variety of records to decor and fun details. Find more info here!

22. sax addict pack by atashi77

tumblr pvho8y5ZBl1tk3a3vo1 1280

Saxophone isn’t available in the game, but many would really love to have it, at least as a decor piece. No problem! This CC will make that possible. You’ll get 4 poses with the sax, proper sax accessory, and sax sculpture. There are four swatches to choose from gold, silver, brass, and copper. Download here!

23. music writer career by wickedPixxel


Sims can already make a living from music in various ways in the game. However, this mod adds some nuance, allowing Sims to specialize as a music writer. Sims can now make simoleons by creating electronic sounds, producing, making collabs, and completing gigs.

The career path has 5 stages, and Sims need to make tracks, submit them to clients and ensure copyrights. Find more info about the mod here!

24. music posters by anettssims4welt

27.04.17 13 22 47

Are you a fan of Joy Division, AC/DC, G’N’R, Nirvana, or Eminem? Well, lucky you! Now you can hang posters of your favorite bands in your Sims 4 interior! There are 22 artists/bands in the CC pack, so you’ll surely find something for your taste. Download here!

25. old-time music gadgets by historicalsimslife


Are you a fan of vintage stuff? If so, then you will adore these three music gadgets! What you’ll get from this small but mighty CC pack is a gramophone, a music box, and a cute old radio. And they all work perfectly well! Download them here!

26. ”Play your own Tracks as a DJ” mod by littleMsSam

How cool would it be if you could play tracks you make? Well, with this mod by LittleMsSam, the sky is the limit. The mod lets you play the stuff you’ve recorded simply by clicking on a DJ booth. This makes your Sim both a music maker but also a solid live performer. How cool is that? Find more info here!

27. ”singer-songwriter set” by asteriaSims

tumblr opit8tWSJt1st4ximo3 1280 1

These instruments are simply gorgeous. Textured, detailed, and ideal for sophisticated Sims who appreciate classic music, this CC set is a must-have. The Piano comes with 4, the violin with 6, and the handwritten score with 7 swatches. Download here!

28. ”sing with me” pose pack by simsulani

6 poses post site 156

Sing along or call your friend to join you! This pose pack will let your Sim and one of their special people feel like real stars, at least for a few shiny moments. There are six cool poses, so get ready to take that perfect photo with a mic! Check it out here!

29. ukulele instrument & poses by happyLifeSims

tumblr nqjgtbSp191riuv7oo3 1280

Ukulele sound is always fun, and now you can have it in Sims 4, along with poses that will help your Sims 4 folks play it. It comes in 12 unique colors, so have fun picking the right instrument for your Sims’ personality. Check it all out here!

30. assorted sheet music by virelai

tumblr 242e92d62b0c452135dcb89e49b714ce 1c4ddac4 1280

A real musician can improvise, but most importantly. They can accurately play by looking at sheets. These CC music sheets are a rework from the Sims 2 music sheets and work great as a decorative detail. Creative souls will love it! Check it out here!

31. the even grander piano by littledica

20 01 22 17 03 41

Wow! This piano is spectacular! If luxury and prestige would be an instrument, they would be this wonderful piece. It takes the breath away and comes in 6 colors: black, white, peach, olive, yellow, and dark green. Check it out here!

32. a recording studio by chance

02 09 18 1 50 57 AM 1

If you are looking for a real, professional music studio, that has all the music gear, like keyboards, a recording room, and a bunch of quality stereos, this is the CC for you. It has two rooms, a secluded area for new talents to show what they’ve got, and a chillout zone. Find more info here.

33. custom radio station mod by mercuryFoam

1 3

The best part of the Sims 4 is that it allows us to add custom tunes to the game. This mod will help you create your fully customized playlist which you can then play on the radio under the special ”My Station” option in the pie menu. Check it out here!

34. Acoustic & electric guitar poses by nickname_sims4

없음 1 1

The next big rockstar is born in the Sims 4. This set of poses will make playing guitar show-worthy. Plus, you can slay on 12 acoustic, and 14 electric guitars, and even choose the color of the guitar pick. Download here.

35. playable harp mod by janeSimsten

playable harp cover

Ever tried to play a harp? We, your Sims can surely give it a go, all thanks to this mod. The mod introduces harps as fully playable objects. However, it also introduces the harp skill allowing your Sim to truly tap into it and learn to play it like any other instrument. Check it out here!


This was our selection of the coolest music CC & mods. We tried to include as many different files as possible. We hope you discovered some useful objects, mods, and poses that will help you play tunes in Sims 4 with a newfound sense of enthusiasm. Happy swimming!

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