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Despite having a great selection of careers across the board, there are still a few things in The Sims and its job system that need a little extra hand to reach its full potential. With this guide to picking The Sims 4 photography mod, you can find three excellent ways to have long-lasting and engaging photographer careers. Before picking the best way to fix it in your game, let’s take a look at what the default photography career can and can’t do. 

Why Use A The Sims 4 Photography Mod?

Many careers in game need certain expansion packs to work, and becoming a photographer is one of them. Photography has been added twice, first in a very barebones way with the Get To Work pack, then it got an overhaul as part of The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack in 2019.

As a collaboration between EA and the Moschino fashion house, it’s only natural that the focus of this expansion is the fashion industry as a whole. The Moschino pack allows you to become a freelance fashion photographer, which ties in nicely with the studio system included in this expansion. This is a little more limited than many shutterbugs around the world would have liked.

Work As A Freelance Photographer

Career progression in the fashion photography field is largely defined by how much your Sims get paid per hour for their services. The initial hourly rate is §55 per hour, while raises are given in §10 increments. Your first five raises will also include a few perks like new equipment or skills. Sims get these raises based on their performance with gigs, which occasionally also yields a handsome bonus.

A The Sims 4 Photography Mod List To Enjoy A Photography Career

Despite all the improvements with the Moschino Stuff Pack, photography still doesn’t feel as fulfilling as other careers in game. Here are three The Sims 4 photography mods to consider, with their pros and cons.

Semi-Active Photographer Career, by marlynsims

Photography fans ready to commit to the shutter life will love this mod. Expert modder marlynsims has taken the photographer career to the next level. Her work is so thorough that instead of updating the existing options from Get To Work or the Moschino Pack, she decided to go all the way and create a new career from scratch!

This mod recreates the photographer career in semi-active mode, which allows your Sims to also work from home. The pay grade has been adjusted accordingly, allowing them to earn a full living from it. Work is accomplished by completing four daily photography tasks, which lead to gradual promotions through ten tiers – you start as an Amateur Artist and can go all the way up to Renowned Photographer. This progression is reliant on specific promotion tasks and also includes a special bonus for each tier.

While it provides the most complete photography career experience, at the present moment this mod has a steeper entry barrier than most: it is available to download at marlynsims’ Patreon page, for members of tiers from $3 and up. At the time of this article’s writing it also requires four The Sims 4 expansion packs: Get To Work, Seasons, Get Famous and Island Living.

The author is currently working on a version that will work without any paid add-ons, so make sure to check their page here for updates. Those wanting to take the experience to a new level can also download the Shutterbug trait from the same account, which transforms how your Sims see the world through the lenses!

Viable Photography, by aldavor

Players who are broadly content with the Moschino Pack’s Freelance Photographer career but still want that extra something to make it great will enjoy the Viable Photography mod. One of the main complaints about the default photography profession is the hourly rate. This mod makes photographers earn more from selling photos from their inventory, allowing Sims to get a nice living wage out of their passion.

You can choose between multiplier values of 5, 10 and 20 for the original inventory photo prices, and a recent update also ensured the same happened when selling your Sims work to retailers. Download the latest version of this mod here!

Renowned Photographer Aspiration, by xbrettface

Another way to change a Sims’ relation to photography is by adding the Renowned Photographer Aspiration mod. This simple yet effective add-on makes your Sims want to capture the beauty of the world through photography, adds a trait that boosts the value of photos taken by them and comes with four different tiers with tasks and perks, on top of a series of whims for daily expression of their passion. You can find it on Mod The Sims!

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