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Welcome to our post on how to add story progression through a mod on Sims 4!

Let’s face it, story progression is fun in Sims games. In Sims 3, we had nRaas and their mods but that is not the case on Sims 4. Now, NPC sims are boring, with no depth at all. Well, at least until now! Today, we looked all over the place to bring you a story progression mod for the Sims 4. And we have found it! Its name is Master Controller Command Center and it resembles nRaas’s Master Controller! Let’s look over how this mod can help you add story progression to your game.

Find out more about the Master Controller Command Center on our post!

How does this story progression mod work on The Sims 4

First of all, just like the name says, this is a master controller. You can do all sorts of things with it! It’s basically like a personal manager for your game. It helps NPCs that are stuck and can even help you populate your towns! So, you’ll never encounter any issues in your saves ever again. And if you do, you’ll easily solve them.

With this mod, you can control every single sim that you know. All you have to do is find their portrait through your sim’s relationships and enter the menu. What it does is run a script every in-game Friday night. From there on, the script will do whatever you have told it to. You can set it to do anything automatically, by changing the mod’s settings on a computer.

In order to simulate story progression, you’ll have to do it manually. Just click on a random sim’s portrait and enter the menu. Then, you can mark them for marriage or pregnancy. So, they will have a random chance that they’ll do that every week. Unless you unmark them once you see that their life has drastically changed. Sims need a break as well after all!

But now my town is full of sims!

If you see that your town is suddenly full of sims, be sure to turn culling off in MC Population. Or else, you risk losing all of your favorite sims that aren’t included in your current household. That even includes your sim’s relatives! It would be really sad to lose them on a save just because you forgot that. If you are facing performance issues from having too many sims, you can delete them using the family bin.

Unfortunately, unlike the Sims 3, there is no way to just “turn on” story progression. You’ll have to do everything manually through this mod. It usually bypasses your household sims, unless you stumble upon a bug or a glitch. So, you’ll have to set everything the way that you want to. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!


We hope that you liked today’s mod and you have found a way to create a save that you like! Do you have any settings that you prefer? How do you manage your town’s population? Let us know down in the comments!

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