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The Master Controller Mod, or more MC Command Mod, is the ultimate best tool for The Sims 4. It helps simmers to control everything in the game, and also gives them tons of extra stuff to play. You can download it from this page.

For starters, the Master Controller Mod increases the number of sliders in “Edit in CAS” up to 100 for each facial panel! On top of that, it branches out to even the smallest and most insignificant details and gives you the ability to alter them however you want. Think of anything that has gotten you thinking like “hey, that’s not quite right” in The Sims 4. Well, with MC Command Mod, you can change it to suit your liking.

Installing the Master Controller Mod is a piece of cake because it does not require any special steps. It is done through the usual procedure of downloading it, extracting it, and copying it into the “Mods” folder of your game’s destination. But if you’re having trouble finding your way around it, please follow our mega mod guide or check out this helpful video.

Now, let’s check the options and features that you’ll be using in MC Commander Mod!

The Master Controller Mod Options and Features

Even though you can use the Master Controller Mod freely with every Sim, you will still need a computer to access some of its technical parts. So, whenever your Sim interacts with a computer, you will be presented with a lot of important options. Choosing one of these will lead you further to details that you can set up to your preferences.

  • MCCC Settings – gives you the ability to arrange your money settings, relationship settings, gameplay settings and much more. These include enabling “teen parenting”, receiving notifications for almost everything, and so on.
  • MC Career – allows you to set the perimeters of the work-life in your game. This means that you can choose which jobs individual Sims will occupy and assign careers as well. For example, if you want your kid Sim to quit school and get a job, then you can do through here.
  • MC Cleaner – is excellent for removing stuff or items that you generally don’t like. Also, you can delete ghosts or alien disguises.
  • MC Clubs – has all the options associated with the clubs in The Sims 4. You can increase or decrease numbers of members, club counts and the rest of it.
  • MC Dresser – is mostly used to change the appearances of the Sims in your world. If you don’t like the randomized looks, you can dress everyone up to your liking and hand out outfits.
  • MC Occult – has to do with the fantasy side of The Sims 4. Here you can change the abduction of aliens settings, for example, how often they will abduct or if they should abduct at all.
  • MC Population – allows you to manipulate the population of your game. This means that you can change the male/female ratio, for example, set the percentage of toddlers in the world, and many other useful things.
  • MC Pregnancy – is one of the most valuable options in MC Commander Mod. Not only it gives you the ability to enable “teen pregnancy” and “young adult pregnancy”, but also to set the chance of every pregnancy in the game. But every detail about pregnancy you can think of is also changeable.
  • MC Tuner – focuses on some of the interactions of the game. You can basically tune how Sims will act, whether they will be more friendly or mean, or just enable things like “teens moving” or “multiple BFFs moving in”.
  • MC Woohoo – is all about the “woohooing” part and whether you want to allow it for teens, young adults, adults, etc. Here you can also enable the“try for baby” option for specific groups of Sims and disable it for others.

While these are the main options of the Master Controller Mod, there are numerous other things that you can alter as well. For example, you can change the time of your game, pick the part of the day and set up the clock. You can also move and control NPC Sims, and quickly activate cheats.


As the title of the mod suggests, this tool is for having a firm grip on your game. Yet, it’s not only meant for those simmers who like to play “God” and control everything, but for those who want to have an easier time setting up their game as well. All of the different options serve to enhance your simming experience, and you should use them in such a way.

The Master Controller Mod is a very well-known extension for The Sims 4, and almost everyone in the sims community uses it. We can’t imagine playing the game without it, and as soon as you install it, you will know why. That’s why we urge you to give it a try and enjoy your playtime even more! Happy simming!

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