Top 20 Office CC Packs: Get the Office You’ve Always Wanted!

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Are you looking for interesting office desks, chairs, and clutter? Little details make a big difference in how realistic a workspace looks. If you’d like to find new office designs for Sims 4, look no further. Keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 office CC content to elevate your experience.

sims 4 office cc

sims 4 office cC: Sets, desk clutters & poses!

The Sims 4 gives us an abundance of interesting furniture in all styles. The more we play, the more creative we get with designing offices and adding effective details. Luckily, our love of novelty is always backed up by custom content creators, who design desks, chairs, shelves, clutter, poses and so much more, to help us fully express our ideas.

Because the selection is huge, we have selected the most interesting Sims 4 office CC stuff you need to take a peek at if you’re up for renovating your workspace. Let’s dive into it!

My Smiley Corner Set by SNOOTYSIMS


So, I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’ve started making custom content for the Sims 4! We’ve finally joined the party, and we couldn’t be more excited to share our content with our reoccurring SnootySims audience! This set was early access but now it’s totally free to download on our Patreon.

The set includes the chair and desk with everything in it except for the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Those items are by a different cc creator (yes, we have them linked in our Patreon post’s description). Have a look here!

In-game preview:

mysmileyconerset sims

1. “Cecile” Office Set by syboulette

cecile office set 5f40d630756dd

This simple modernistic office can be your choice for a home office or office space if you choose to make one! Besides a quality PC, a table, and a chair, you’ll get decor details such as books on a bookshelf, posters, a printer, and a paper roll – just what you’ll find in a real office. Equip your office space with this awesome furniture from this page.

2. “The office” office set by BereSims


Are you ”The Office” fan? If you are, now you can recreate scenes from the TV show in Sims, thanks to this office building. The CC is inspired by an original exterior and office space, including all the fun details, from Pam’s desk to the joined workspace! Get the real office from the Series from your gameplay on this page.

3. “vara” office set by peacemaker

tumblr prxrsrXk5V1s4yxajo4 r1 1280

This contemporary set has all you need to start working from home in Sims 4. You can choose between a wooden or a glass desk, add an easel, a bookshelf, and even chairs. For all the files and extra stuff, you can add a storage console, which also comes with the set. If you’d like to design your Sims 4 workspace like this, check this Sims 4 office CC out here.

4. “zephyr” office by myshunosun

preview v1

Working in a beautiful space can be motivational. So, why not motivate your Sims to hustle like never before, and get them this office set? The set has six furniture elements, so you’ll get all equipment in one set, from a computer to a desk and a bookshelf. To get this vibrant Sims 4 CC office set, check it out this page.

5. “I’m kinda busy” office desk poses by ssiat

tumblr a42ad5ed2ccb75ae74c6fea80b080773 7b8524fd 1280

Most of the time, Sims look so calm when they are focused on work. Because we know that’s not realistic, it’s time to add a dose of real life, and make them look busy and stressed! From relaxed net browsing to researching and worrying, this set has it all! Get your Sims to acting busy like in real life, by downloading this CC here.

If you love the old times, check out this Vintage Secrettary Job Mod.

6. “glass office” by lotsbymanal

2929 670x503 1

If you appreciate your peace when working and need isolation to be productive, this CC is for you. This glass box is a working room that can separate you from noise so that you can do the strategizing. Besides a workspace and contemporary bookshelf, there is also a consultation chair if someone dares bother you. To get this pro office setup, go here.

7. “designer office” by syboulette

Designer set preview10 1

Designers’ workspace has never looked better, all thanks to this detailed professional set! From design plans and paper rolls to a vision board, your Sims will have all they need to create. There is a ton of Sims 4 office clutter CC that comes with furniture. The set includes a wallpaper pattern to help you achieve that industrial interior look, and even a fridge for cool drinks to refresh. Work like a real designer, and get this office set here!

Check out these awesome wall posters CCs for your Sims 4!

8. “My Story In The Office” pose pack

tumblr p3le2xa6JY1vml71yo10 1280

Teamwork makes or breaks a project. Luckily, your Sims can now discuss and debate all the important details, all thanks to this pose pack! Expect to see some assertive walks, table talks, and consultations. Now every character can prove their point efficiently. Try out these poses yourself and get them from this page.

9. “his and hers home office” by lulu

SC4 103826 MAIN

Wouldn’t it be cool to work with your SO? Now you can accomplish that, and start equipping an office for two. You’ll get an organized room with two matching work desks, shelves, and interior details. Opt for a black, white, or brown variant of wood, the choice is all yours. Be professional and get this Sims 4 office CC for two here!

10. Mid Century Modern ”Beverly Office” by ArtVitalex

188 600x450 1

A modernistic interior like this will turn back time, and help you create a unique workspace that others will be envious of. With this set, you will get a few stylized furniture pieces, plus some artwork and decor that can find their place in any room, not just the office. If you love mid-century interior elements, to get these details, go here!

11. office decoration set by fraxinus

Fraxinus Office Decorations Objects

What is an office without a stapler, reminder notes, sticky notes, and a ruler? This set will help you stay organized, keep your papers in order and improve your efficiency. If your Sims forget something, there are notebooks and duct tape to add new ideas to the blackboard. Your office will look so realistic. These office decor essentials are available for free here.

If you like making your space look realistic with clutter, check out The Best Clutter CC & Mods.

12. “Carolina” office by soloriya

If you need a detailed office, look no further. ”Carolina” office includes both the necessities regarding office furniture and the decor. Besides the desk and a chair, you’ll also get some stunning artwork for your office, and extra storage to keep all the documents in place. You can find this incredible Sims 4 office CC pack here.

13. modern office by lotsbymanal


This conference room is as close to a real meeting office as it gets. Organize meetings like a pro and set up an office that welcomes all experts to discuss business. The conference room has a presentation desk to help your Sims show their ideas, and a big hardwood team table for others to join the discussion. Not to mention the stunning office decor. Check it out on this page.

14. office desk clutter by novvas


If your Sims works from home or has a startup, this office is a perfect choice to start with. With this one, you’ll get an Apple PC, an extra laptop, and some aesthetic office clutter. You’ll be impressed by how real the computer desktop looks. Get this set for your Sims 4 interior here.

A true professional invests in the best tech equipment. Check out Sims 4 Computers CC to find the best desktop PC for your office.

15. “oficina leire” office clutter by pQSims4

sims4 CC clutter oficinaLeire 2

Every office person needs a printer, sorted files, and organized boxes. Your Sims will be super delighted to find out that they have all the essentials ready on the table. You’ll get a stack of colorful papers, pens, and pencils for quick notes, and a calendar not to forget key dates! If you’d love to have this set, check it out on this page!

16. Office Sexy Poses by Qian&KH

tumblr bdefdc8f2608e1dbfffc40fe1f62f6cb f193e1f1 640

Every office holds some hot secrets, and we all know that flings at work are the sweetest. With this pose pack, your Sims will get flirtier than ever – in the office! Love and passion know no bounds, so expect cuddling, hugging, and seduction at the work desk. You’ll enjoy the spontaneity of these six poses. To get these Sims 4 office CC poses, go here.

17. “diane” office by syboulette

Diane set preview1

Some Sims appreciate fine details more than others. This is a perfect office for a writer or any other character who loves to get lost in their thoughts and research. The CC includes stunning wall art, a hanging wall desk, a neatly organized shelf with files, a trash bin, and 10 other aesthetic details. You can find this gorgeous office here.

18. “at home office” by lulu

w 800h 600 2844585

Imagine having an office that has a beach view or a yard view and looks like this. The set includes a spacious angular desk with tidy shelving, a classic leather boss chair, and key details, such as a PC and a printer. It’s elegant, bright, and waiting for you to try it. Download this Zen office for your gameplay here.

19. conference office by jomsims


This one reminds me of a press conference table. If your Sims is serious about what they do, and are business leaders or company owners, this conference office is a must-have. There are a few variations to choose from when it comes to wall and chair swatches to fully customize the space. If you like it, you can get this professional meeting room here!


These were our office picks for the Sims 4. We tried our best to give you fun download material and included not only offices, but also office details and clusters, and fun business poses to try. Use them the way you like, and we hope our list has inspired you to decorate and play.

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