20 Art CC Packs for the Sims 4: Art Pieces You Will Love

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Do you love decorating your Sims 4 rooms with stunning art? If you are the type who appreciates aesthetics and likes to be creative, you know how big of an impact art has on the interior. Keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 art CC that will transform your gameplay. Let’s dive into it!

sims 4 art cc

sims 4 art cC: Ateliers, easels, Art decoration & more!

Artwork plays a huge role in how content Sims are in their living environment. Not only that, but we, as their home builders, always admire a good art piece, especially if it matches our taste. Thanks to art CC, we can now expand our choice and get much more creative with how we decorate interiors. Be it a studio, an easel, a simple brush, or framed masterpiece, fresh details always come in handy.

We have prepared a list of Sims 4 art CC essentials every artsy corner or a nicely decorated home needs to have. Let’s get into it!

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The Artist in me by Aira

The Artist in Me by Aira

This adorable art set from Aira has become quite popular among Simmers. With its dainty designs, Simmers really love her creations! This set also includes 17 items to make your art room more irresistible. Get it now here!

Art Collection CC by SNOOTYSIMS

Paintings Collection

This art collection has 7 paintings in store for your Sims’ houses. Grab it now from our Patreon.

Art studio cC by dK sims

sims 4 art cc

A true artist needs a proper painting setup to create. This Sims 4 atelier equipment includes all your Sims needs to paint and draw. You’ll get an easel, pencils, an acrylic set, drawing tables, shelves for drying freshly painted canvases, and more essentials. Plus, you’ll get some extra wall decor to complete your art studio. Get this awesome sims 4 art studio cc set here!

henri Matisse wall art for sims 4 by blackmojitos

sims 4 art cc

Henri Matisse has marked history in modern art. Now, thanks to this incredible CC, your Sims can enjoy having their artwork displayed in their living space! The set includes 12 original Matisse art posters of medium size that will instantly make your Sims 4 interior look richer. Get your Matisse decoration for Sims 4 on this page.

art decorative watercolor set

sims 4 art cc

What is an artist without professional brushes and certified acrylic paint? This CC is so detailed that you’ll get to choose whether you want to have your brushes displayed in cans, on a wet cloth, or in the water jar. On top of that, every color tube is available as a single tube, in an open box or a closed box to make things even more realistic. Get the set on this page for free!

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abstract square paintings collection

If you like seeing big artwork displayed, then this CC is for you. You can hand them or lean them on the way, and you can even choose the painting size. With this CC you get a set of 50 different abstract minimal pieces that flatter your interior. All look expensive and resemble modern art gallery exponents. Get them for your Sims 4 interior here.

artist overalls art cC pack by liliili

tumblr pwqstgUBki1yn36e3o1 1280

Your Sims aren’t going to paint in their favorite formal dress, are they? To help them look professional, get them these painter’s overalls with splashed paint all over! This unisex piece will make them look like a serious artist who isn’t afraid to get creative. Plus, it will make the whole painting scene in Sims 4 look even more realistic. Get your Sims this fantastic set with 17 swatches here.

Famous painters poster package

sims 4 art cc

How cool would it be to have authentic artwork pieces by the world’s greatest painters hung in your Sims’ home? Well, thanks to this incredible CC, you can now enjoy viewing Edward Munch, Kandinsky, or Monet when playing the Sims 4! There are 44 different framed art posters included, so you never run out of decor options. Decorate your Sims 4 home with these masterpieces by downloading them from this Patreon page.

art room CC by myshunosun

sims 4 the art room bestsimsmods.com

Now, this art room is a neat one! It includes all equipment you need to start your painter career – the easel, the desk for unleashing the creative side of yourself, stacked canvases, acrylic colors, brushes, and more. Your Sims will get a canvas rack and a few finished paintings to decorate the space. Get this pretty atelier here!

manifest art by melanatednpixels

sims 4 art cc

Urban artwork like this is always welcome when you are trying to decorate your Sims 4 home up to the latest standards. The CC includes 16 modern paintings, ideal for Sims who like to invest in self-care, or like hip hop, RnB, and rap culture. If you are in love with this aesthetic, feel free to get your Sims 4 wall art cc on this page.

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studio equipment

sims 4 art cc

Now, a professional painter needs to market themselves well. Luckily, thanks to this CC, you can have all art displayed like a real pro in your Sims atelier. From t-shirts to art-themed mugs and booklets, roll and wall displays, this pack simply has all one serious art lover and maker needs. Equip your Sims artist with these details here.

abstract art series Jenifer Gauthier

tumblr p63yujekuR1x0qnuto1 1280

Abstract art is the art of the 21st century. No matter if you are decorating a luxurious dining room, or would like to enrich your simple interior with something pretty, this CC is perfect for you. These four abstract pieces by Jenifer Gauthier are unique, chic, and will be quite an asset in your Sims 4 home! Get this set of abstract art on this page.

default easel paintings replaced

MTS DaisyTighfield 1527139 05 01 15 10 25PM
Tired of seeing your Sims paint the same old, same old? If the answer is yes then this set of customized easel paintings is just what you need. Now your character can pain surrealism, pop art, emotional painting, classic art, or realism. Add this Sims 4 art cc pack to your gameplay and you’ll enjoy seeing new masterpieces pop up every time! Download these alternative paintings for the Sims 4 easel here.

hydra drawing table for sims 4


A drawing table like this one will inspire even the least creative Sims to give art a go! It comes in nine variants for you to choose from, and is a perfect match for a small apartment studio, but also a big professional atelier. No matter how old your Sims are, rest assured that they will be drawn to express their creative selves. Check it out on this page!

Polaroid Cameras & Photos


These awesome Polaroids are categorized as clutter and wall decor. You could use these in your kid’s rooms, or on your fridge – I mean, why not? The simplicity of the designs makes them very catchy! They come in 10 unique swatches, but you need to grab the original mesh first. Otherwise, this won’t work properly in your game. Have a look at it here.

Neutral Nursery Prints

snootysims artwork cc 1

Barbara Sims is one of those CC creators I always find myself visiting their pages. This set of nursery prints is basic yet very cute! The colors are complimentary and perfect for a baby’s room. The only thing missing in the above picture is a little kid, would you not agree? I also like how she included a few different pieces in the set so that you can mix and match to create the perfect look. And, if you’re looking for something even more special, why not try placing three paintings together? Here’s your download link.

Locations Collection: California, USA

snootysims artwork cc 2

If you’re looking for something a little more scenic in your sims’ lives, look no further than these custom paintings of locations in California and the US. The paintings come in 12 swatches, each depicting a different location. Now your sims can have a feel of the real world right inside their homes. Have a closer look at these paintings here.

Rainbow Paintings

snootysims artwork cc 3

I was scrolling through Tumblr and I saw these rainbow paintings! They’re so cool, and there are nine swatches to choose from. The colors are so bright and full of life, and they would be great for a Pride month celebration or honestly just any day of the year. These pieces are sure to add life and brightness to any room. To install these pieces, click here.

Artwork by khiascanvas

snootysims artwork cc 4

This artwork by Khiascanvas is really special! It’s perfect for injecting some life into any room, and it’s especially great for anyone who wants to bring a touch of that athletic lifestyle into their home. The bold colors and geometric shapes create an energetic feel that’s perfect for any living space. Here’s your download link.

Tropical Leaves Wall Art

art cc

The vibrant colors of these paintings will catch anyone’s eye. They almost seem to jump out of the screen… or is it just me? I can imagine that they would look great in a mansion or some other luxurious house. They are available in 5 swatches and they’re BGC. Install from this page.

B&W Framed Illustrations

snootysims artwork cc 6

There’s something about black and white art that just makes it stand out. Maybe it’s the simplicity or the fact that it can be so versatile, but these paintings are a great addition to your Sim’s room. You can find all sorts of different designs, featuring everything from flowers to a samurai. Here’s your download link.

Pumpkin Patch Paintings 

snootysims artwork cc 7

For those who want to add a little more excitement to their home decor, why not try adding some spooky paintings to your walls? You can find 13 different paintings in this set, all of which are designed to give your home that extra bit of fright. Each painting features a different spooky scene, from ghosts and pumpkins to witches and crows. You don’t want to have empty walls in your Sim’s house on Halloween now, do you? Click here to grab this set.

Exclusive CC: SNOOTYSIMS Recolor

art cc

This is a simple recolor of EA’s Stack of CanvasesIf. If you’re an avid SNOOTYSIMS follower and would like to receive a copy of these paintings, visit our Tumblr page!


Voila! That was our selection of the finest masterpieces and artwork you can find online. The list has included various items that can help you transform a simple toom into a pro atelier, but also fine aesthetic details such as famous art pieces. Feel free to adapt them all to your liking and create your own little Sims 4 art heaven.

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