The Best Toddler Mods and CC For The Sims 4!

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Today, we’ll be taking your Sims’ toddler experiences to the next level through this curated collection of the best toddler mods and CC for The Sims 4!

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The Cutest Toddler Mods and CC for Your Sims

Let’s admit it. In The Sims 4, toddlers are the epitome of cuteness, curiosity, and endless laughter. Sure, infants are also adorable, but toddlers get so much attention as they are constantly on the move, and their playful antics and mischievous smiles can melt even the coldest of hearts. Thus, we searched for some great mods for your toddler Sims! These mods will help the heartwarming journey of your little Sims’s growth and development. Here are some of our favorite toddler mods!

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Toddler Cheats

Toddler Bunk Bed

Toddler Bunk Bed Mod

Say hi to another Toddler mod from PandaSama! This one adds a charming bunk bed to your Toddler’s bedroom. It’s perfect for sharing the fun and excitement of sleepovers with their little friends or big siblings.

Click here to download!

Toddler Creativity

Toddler Creativity Mod

Let your little Sims stack brightly colored rings, create musical masterpieces on the xylophone, let their imaginations run wild as they draw on the pad, and even try their hand at crafting cute little paper items with this Toddler Creativity Mod from PandaSama!

Click here to download!

Cherished Moments – Toddler

Cherished Moments - Toddler

Your little Sims, of course, will encounter the joys and challenges of growing up. They will have teething discomforts, playtime happiness, and other exhilarating experiences. With this mod, you will get all-new Toddler moodlets that will help express these!

Click here to download!

No Puddles Under Bathtubs from Splashing Toddlers

No Puddles Under Bathtubs from Splashing Toddlers

No more puddles in the bathroom from your tiny Sims! This mod from LittleMsSam simply reduces the chance of puddles forming to 0%. Now, your toddler can enjoy their bath without leaving a trail of water behind.

Click here to download!

First Visitor and Slept Through the Night Mod

First Visitor Mod

This mod adds new possibilities to your little Sims’ milestones! Now, your Toddlers can also earn the milestones First Visitor and Slept Through the Night!

Click here to download!

Toddler Potty Gloat

Toddler Potty Gloat

This one’s a silly and adorable mod that celebrates potty training success. Once your Toddler Sim masters the potty, they can now show off their skills with a victory dance and a happy moodlet through the Potty Gloat Interaction!

Click here to download!

Toddler Bedtime Stories + Kids Night Light

toddler bedtime stories kids night light laskrillz gaming

Your Toddler will love their bedtime routine with this set of beloved stories from LaSkrillz! Then, as they snuggle up with their favorite stories, the gentle glow of the kawaii nightlight will create a soft ambiance, which can definitely help lull them into a peaceful slumber.

Click here to download!

Piñata & Clown In A Box For Toddler Crafting [MM]

pinata clown in a box toddler crafting update pandasama

This is a truly nice mod for both children and toddler Sims, as it allows them to express their creativity through objects like the Piñata and the Clown-in-a-Box. What better way to spend some leisure time than tinkering with these toys, right?

Click here to download!

Toddler Stuff Mod Pack ( Basketball / Rocking Horse / Nap / Swing / Toys / Bedroom ) [MM]

Toddler Stuff Pack

We just can’t get enough of this Mod Pack by PandaSama! It infuses a lot of cool new functional objects for your Toddler Sims. They can now ride a rocking horse, use a sleeping mat, play on a swing chair, and shoot some basketball hoops!

Click here to download!

DIY Toddler Bed

3 3

This DIY Toddler Bed is made from a wooden texture that allows it to look natural and cozy. Your young Sims will surely enjoy lounging around this one!

Click here to download!

Toddler Swing

Toddler Swing

This Toddler Swing is a super adorable set for your little Sims! It is available in 12 pretty swatches. Please install the Pandasama Mod for this to work in your game.

Click here to download!

Toddler Kit with Bag

simstoddler clothes cc 36

This one looks super casual and hippy! They have great prints and patterns that look amazing on all types of Toddlers. Honestly, there are so many options available and they offer an exquisite glimpse into the next generation of fashion.

Click here to download!

Cozy Yeons Fruit Swimsuit

simstoddler clothes cc 26

This piece of clothing is perfect for your Toddlers who want to mix things up and get some new looks! This swimsuit features different fruits and is great to pair with some tights or leggings.

Click here to download!

Toddler CC Padded Fleece Bodysuit

simstoddler clothes cc 20

This is a plush and cuddly toddler bodysuit for toddlers in the Sims 4! The fleece fabric and fluffy fur are so soft, your little one will never want to take this off. This warm toddler bear garment will keep your child as snug as a bug!

Click here to download!

Baby Dream Set – Sims 4 Toddler Clothes

simstoddler clothes cc 21

Chances are, your little one is going through a phase of wearing all the clothes that they’ve found on the ground. This collection has the perfect solution with its new baby dream set. It includes comfy shorts and four different clothing items for your toddler to wear. It includes a comfy shirt, a coat, and two pairs of cozy onesies, all of which are cute and fun.

Click here to download!

PJs Toddler Clothes

image 2022 01 21 142528

Your little Sims would love these adorable sets of PJs! These are cozy and stylish, perfect for sleepovers with their friends. Plus, there are over a whopping 40 swatches to pick from!

Click here to download!

Moogle Pie Toddler Costume

tumblr plroj0rH0S1tim0bqo5 1280

Remember the Moogles from Final Fantasy? This costume allows your toddlers to play as one! Yup. Llazyneiph’s Moogle Pie Toddler Costume is one of the cutest toddler costumes out there, and it’s perfect for toddler Sims!

Click here to download!

Toddler Changing Table by PandaSama (Updated!)

Screenshot 3

This is the Toddler Changing Table by creator PandaSama. It has a cushioned changing mat for comfort, a diaper disposal bin for convenience, and a small shelf for storing wipes and other essentials! Teen to Elder Sims can use the table’s features for little ones, such as baby wipes, diaper baskets, folded towels, baby lotion, etc.

Click here to download!

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Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this collection of the best toddler mods for The Sims 4! Let us know which mods your little ones love best in the comments below. We are on GoogleFacebookTwitter, YouTube,  Instagram, TikTokPinterest, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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