27+ Sims 4 Doors CC in Different Shapes & Styles to Try in 2023

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You know what they say, every door is a portal to a new world. They’re simply an integral part of decorating any home and can contribute significantly to its design. However, there’s not enough variety in doors in the Sims 4. This post aims to change that with doors CC of different shapes and styles. Enjoy!

sims 4 doors cc

These doors will inspire your next build!

If your Sim’s house is just not feeling complete, it’s time to think about what new doors you must get. I’ll present to you a huge variety of doors to choose from that fit into different themes. From roller shutter doors to dorm doors, bathroom doors, farmhouse and more! Enjoy!

1. Roller shutter door garage doors by Sims4life

sims 4 doors
Door CC by Sim4life!

We bet you have plenty of ideas for your house but have you ever considered a roller shutter door? Yeah, neither have we! Sims41ife has made it possible for us with this piece of CC.

This is a functional shutter door that comes in a variety of swatches. You could use it for your garages or stores. They include white, pink, yellow and light blue. But that is not it, there’s also a version with cute little stickers on them. Check it out here.

If you liked this custom door, you should give this list a look for more Sims 4 garage doors.

2. Metal Shutter Door by Hydra

image 492

Looking for even more shutter doors to add to your collection? Don’t miss out on this set by Hydra. Some of these doors have the coolest street art, some have flowers, and others with cute kittens. However, keep in mind these are deco doors and are not functional. Here’s your download link.

3. Autumn Crevice door by Algu Build buy

image 489
Sims 4 Doors by Algu!

The aesthetic of this set is astonishing! It’s available in 17 swatches. Check them out here.

4. Café Window&Door Set by KKB

image 495

I’m so in love with this cafe’s set of windows and doors! They’re quite simple yet charming in their own way! They come in a variety of swatches but pink has definitely caught my eye!

image 494

Here’s your download link.

5. Autumn Set by Algu Build Buy

image 496

This is a complete set of furniture including a door, tree, table, chair, lamp, outdoor lights. Head over to this page to download.

image 497

The previous image showcases all items in this set!

6. Love for Gothic Windows and Doors by Sixam

image 487

This is a beautiful set of doors and windows by Sixam, another CC creator we cannot but love! This CC pack has a lot of oversized doors and windows that would definitely help you out if you’re in a mission to build a mansion, castle, palace of some sort! Here’s your download link.

7. Love For Barn Doors CC Pack by Sixam

sims 4 doors
Sims 4 Doors CC by Sixam

Here’s yet another CC pack full of barn doors for your game by Sixam. You get 9 new doors to play around with, 5 single and 4 double. Download!

8. My style doors Recolor by Barbara Sims

image 485

This is a recolor of one of Barbara’s CC doors and we’re definitely here for all that it has to offer us! Don’t settle for dull doors when you can have these led doors! However, it does require High School Years expansion pack. So, if you have it, be sure to grab this CC pack.

image 486

Here’s your download link.

9. Farmhouse Door & Arches by killerdressxoxo

sims 4 doors

Farmhouse doors usually have a rustic design but this one has a touch of modernism to it, which really makes it the perfect choice. There are a lot of colors available for the door, but I particularly love the colors of the showcased picture. The dark gray and white with a few touches of black blended in is sure to give you a farmhouse feel. Plus, a sliding door is the one you want to go with if you want something that matches the traditional look of the farmhouse. Install!

Read about the best farmhouse custom content for the Sims 4.

10. Bonjour Front by s4CC

sims 4 doors

This is a small set of doors for your Sims 4. All items are base game compatible and are perfect for filling up your getaway lots with a little bit of industrial flair or giving them some unique decor. Head over to this page for easy download.

11. Korean traditional window & door by Algu

sims 4 doors

Algu has been creating furniture, art, and home goods for your Sims 4 for a very long period of time and we’re always in awe of their CC packs. Download this set here.

image 499
This is what you get from this set!

12. Loft brick build by s4CC

sims4 doors cc 1

This is a beautiful, functional set of 39 decoration items for the Sims 4. It comes with all things you might need to decorate your house including doors and windows, a fence and gate, fireplace, wallpapers, and other cool objects. With this set, you can build a home that you can feel proud of.

Doors in this set are available in 6 different swatches. These include grey, black, raw white, red, and beige. To install this one, click here.

image 500
Take inspiration from this beautiful build, created using the previous set!

13. Leeds Constructionset Part 1 by mutske

sims4 doors cc 5

There are two styles of doors and interior arches so that you can use these to create various looks with the same pieces. Install this package from this page.

image 501
It blends nicely with these wallpapers!

14. Enterprise-D sliding by kotakesims

sims4 doors cc 3

Though these doors may not seem like anything to shout about, they are the perfect addition to your home. These sliding doors are so futuristic and cool! However, you must have Snowy Escape if you’d like this to work properly in game. Feel free to check it out on this page.

image 502
How cool is this?

15. Akiridian Door by zaneida

sims4 doors cc 6 1

This circular door is a great way to make your walls look like they were taken out of a sci-fi movie, it looks like something out of The Matrix, no? Or maybe out of a video game? It features an industrial style with a sleek black finish and the key component is the blue color.

Just imagine how this could be used with sci-fi style: an alien walking through an opening in the wall we see as a round door. Feel free to check it out!

We recommend following this post for a stunning collection of SC-FI CC packs for the Sims.

16. The witcher 3 heart of stone doors by thesensemedieval

sims4 doors cc 7

The Witcher 3 doors must be one of the most iconic sets I’ve ever seen! This is a collection of doors for all the different types of medium size doors in your sims’ houses. It has seven swatches, making it possible to mix and match them with other sets. And the coolest thing is, everything is functional and compatible with the base game. Grab these doors from here.

image 503
Nostalgia is hitting me hard!

17. Island Living by chiefwhiskers

sims4 doors cc 8 1

This mod is but a recolor of Island Living doors. The doors in this contemporary set are designed to bring out the wood tones and add richness to their bold pattern for a seamless look. Grab these from this link.

18. Stained Glass single Doors 01 by krysta191

sims4 doors cc 9

This set of is colorful, and delicate, and brings a touch of medieval elegance to any home. And it has that feeling of drifting off to another realm. The glass of these doors is very detailed and the colors are beautiful. What are you waiting for? Check them out here.

19. ‘Less Is More’ doors by tyirsims

sims4 doors cc 10 1

If you have ECO Living, then you’re good to go. Here’s your download link.

20. Simple Toilet Stall Door by BlueHorse

sims4 doors cc 11 1

This recolor set has seventeen color options with a wide range of simple colors. Grab the mesh first, you need it so this recolor could work. It costs 300 simoleons. Here’s your download link.

Here’s a list of bathroom ideas to give you inspiration.

21. Cute door and windows set by Sims41ife

sims 4 doors

I love this Sims 4 windows and door set. It has been created by an amazing Sims 4 CC creator called Sims41ife. I think it’s done beautifully! There are many pastel swatches, and wood textures that go wonderfully with beaches. To install, head over to this link.

Check out these kawaii CC packs for the Sims 4.

22. tuition Dollars Door by nutter-butter

sims4 doors cc 14

These doors are basically the same as the original ones, but with a few changes. They now have a textured paint job, which gives them a more realistic appearance. It is a recolor of the Tuition Dollars door in the Sims 4 which are some of the most expensive doors in the game.

They are found in build mode in the tall doors category and they cost $1000 to buy. Download!

23. Industrial Railed sliding door retexture by lilotea

sims4 doors cc 15

This mod includes 3 different styles of sliding doors and 6 swatches that you can use to change the color scheme of your sliding door. The industrial-styled sliding door is perfect for businesses, as it can be used to lead into conference rooms and offices. It also looks good when in residential lots and is a great match for the wooden panel swatches. Download.

image 504
Find more swatches by visiting the link!

24. dung antique by DungDung

sims 4 doors

Whether it be contemporary or antique, these double doors are magnificent. The designs of these doors are versatile and the geometrical metal front design is very appealing to many of us.

image 505

It’s a fun, eye-catching set that we recommend. Here’s your download link.

26. Centered Doors & Windows Addon – Dorm Door CC

sims 4 doors

You can use these doors in your dorms to add some life to the place. This set brings forth new original swatches that were not created by Electronic Arts, though it uses the same colors from their palettes. The stickers on these doors are just like the real life dorm doors. They have different stickers on them. Go on and download this into your mods folder.

27. Arlette by AdonisPluto

sims 4 doors

Last on our list is this set of Arlette Sims 4 doors. We’re aware that furnishing your house with a wide variety of items is one way to make it feel unique and special. And we have one last item that you might be interested in that is well-suited for this purpose.

The round window on top of the door is a nice addition to the door and it has an overall feel like The Hobbit! Here’s your download link.

Final words

We wanted to give you a list of great door CC that are available for your Sims 4. We hope you enjoy the list, and please let us know if we missed any!

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