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Do you love curling up in a comfortable sweater? Our Sims need stylish sweaters as much as we do. If you are looking for fresh eye-catching sweater CC for your Sims 4 wardrobe, look no further. Keep reading to discover the coziest, warmest knitwear for your characters!

sims 4 sweater cc

sweater cC for all sims: Toddlers, kids, adults & Pets!

During chilly months, our Sims need to be properly warmed up. While The Sims 4 offers so much in terms of cozy looks, we are always thrilled to add more variety in terms of winter and autumn looks, especially when it comes to cool sweaters. Thanks to incredible CC creators, we can enjoy the benefit of having new looks.

To assist you, we have selected the warmest, most stylish sweaters available for download. Enjoy our list of sweater CC for male and female Sims of all ages, from toddlers and elders to pets!

1. Autumn City II by Rusty’s CC

Autumn City II Set - Dress, Pants, Trench coat, Hair, Earrings

For those who cherish comfort above all else, there’s an undeniable allure in the embrace of cozy clothing pieces that goes beyond mere preference— like this set! Autumn City II comes with a classic autumn pieces with warm tone and patterns. Get this set here!

2. Cute Sweater Set by Arltos

Cute Sweater Set for Female ( Off Shoulder with Strap/ Cross Patterned Sweater) [ALPHA]

Want to feel cute while wearing a sweater? You might want to try this Cute Sweater Set by Arltos! This set comes with cute pastel colors also for Teens to Elder! Get it here!

3. ”layered lary” by lumiaLoverSims

tumblr nvqclkdTYc1tjrolto1 1280

A classic look goes a long way. This sweater and shirt combo will make your Sims men always look ready, no matter if they are chilling at home, going shopping, or catching up with friends. It comes with 16 color variations, so be free to experiment! To get this simple, but stylish look for your gameplay, go here.

If an elegant, classic look is your thing, check out stunning Sims 4 suits for males and females here!

4. fendi sweater by plumbobsnfries

If you love wearing branded clothes, then this Fendi sweater is an absolute must-have! All ladies can wear it, from teens to elders who appreciate a quality piece of clothing. The best part is that your Sims can slay wearing it both during cold and hot Sims months. It accentuates the figure and can make anyone look chic! Check out this fashionable sweater CC piece here!

5. knit set for the whole family

3 1

There is nothing cuter than wearing matching outfits with your family! This set of custom knitwear is tailor-made for every family member, from kids to adults. Moms, grannies, and aunties can choose between a midi dress and a unisex sweater if you are looking for a more feminine look. This sweater CC comes in 5 pastel color swatches – beige, pink, purple, blue, and yellow. To get these matching looks, go here!

6. frilly sweater by PureSims


Who doesn’t love HQ custom content? This sweater for Sims ladies is not only chic and cozy, but also fashionable and finely textured! It’s a crop top, which makes it perfect for high-waisted jeans or skirts. When cold weather hits, rest assured your character will both look her best and be warm. Feel free to get this fine turtleneck sweater CC piece here!

7. layered mock neck for toddlers

23.10.21 18 08 52c

In a world where toddler clothes are hard to come by, a cute sweater CC for toddlers is always welcome! With a cute Dalmatian puppy on the display, your toddler will look adorable. Not to mention you can choose from 12 different sweater variations! To make your Sims 4 toddler look this cool, get the sweater here!

8. crop sweater by eliesimple

32193e4c6201b15facf8951678a7850d gnd 1

This CC will make your Sims look both stunning and professional. The white shirt and sweater combo are never out of fashion. This model follows body curvature so well, as the knitwear is a crop and accentuates the waist. With a piece like this, your characters will look fashionable and feminine even during the coldest months. Get this gorgeous sweater CC sample here!

9. ”daisy chain” sweater by luridsims

tumblr a68a157a533f32cf3f726ced18b1e58c 43cf9400 1280

Who says floral patterns are not for masculines? These patterned sweaters are made for guys with style, who follow the latest trends and enjoy standing out from the crowd. The CC includes 14 swatches, so you’ll have fun picking unique outfits! This comfy piece comes in various styles, from pink and floral to sweaters with rainbow details and black and white ones. To get these colorful looks, go here.

10. shoulder sweater by blueCraving

tumblr 4b6eb952be27d0c6b4f972ebce507a62 192a5eda 1280

A shoulder sweater always gives posh and cheerleader vibes. This piece is compatible with HQ details and will make even the plainest outfit stand out. The sleeves and the hoodie part come in ten different pastel shades, including pink, dark blue, light blue, lime green, and purple. If this one has caught your eye, you can get it here!

If you love overalls, check out these Sims 4 Overalls CC!

11. retro sweater for kids


Are you a fan of vintage pieces? If the answer is yes, then this retro sweater is exactly what you need to make your Sims 4 kids look stylish and feel warm. The sweater CC includes 38 colorful styles, including lines, geometric details and polka dots, which will help spice up our children’s wardrobe. You’ll find it on this page!

12. ”cora” sweater by Faded-Springs

Cora Sweater

Speaking of fashionable vintage pieces, this sweater will take you back to the 60s and 70s in an instant. It is a slim-fit model with a turtleneck that you can tuck into comfy jeans or suede bell pants for a complete vintage makeover. There are 20 distinct retro patterns you can choose from, so enjoy your time travel! To get this stunning turtleneck sweater CC, go here.

13. ”Archer” turtleneck Sweater by Plumbobsnfries

archer sweater 61a33dd7bcbf0

There is nothing that screams elegance more than a turtleneck. This is a minimal, yet effective look, ideal for Sims who love casual wear. It is an everyday look, suitable for all male Sims, from teens to elders, and comes in a few color varieties for maximum diversity. To dress your Sims gentlemen like this, go here!

14. V-Neck Sweater & Shirt AF by Gorillax3


This vest is a win, no matter if you are creating a nerdy girl or a fashion icon. Sims who love the expensive look will enjoy styling with this oversized vest! This V-neck sweater CC comes in twenty gentle shades. You can even change the pattern of the undershirt if you prefer lines or a checkered style instead of plain white. Check it out on this page!

15. sweaters for small dogs


Furry friends are cold during snowy times, too. These adorable sweaters are knitted to make small pups feel loved and safe. They come in a few colorful patterns, ideal for festive times, rainy and snowy days. Chiuvavas and Min Pins of the Sims 4 will definitely enjoy the warmth. To get this lovely sweater CC for furry pals, go here!

16. crop sweater by laupipi

Crop Sweater 600x450 1

Loose fit crop top like this one is all a girl needs to look her best when chilly days knock on her doors. It comes in a few earthy and pastel tones and is an ideal choice for spring and autumn. Blend it with high wasted skinny jeans, and you get a five stars outfit, that’s both casual and fashionable. Download it here.

Want your Sims to look more human? Check out this realistic skin overlay.

17. crazy sweater by Plbims

1318ca23bc47d6812457ac7d97faa66f gnd

If you follow the latest trends and love the e-boy aesthetics, this sweater CC is all you need to freshen up your wardrobe. From minimal black and white patterns to manga characters, the CC includes seven looks for you to experiment with. Not to mention the realism of the texture of the model is on another level. You get this unique look, go here.

18. cropped turtleneck sweater by nitropanic

2021 nitropanic Recovered

Dance the night away and show off your six-pack with this trendy piece. No matter if she is a fitness guru, a dancer, or just a confident girl who loves bold details, this sweater is a must-have. A loose-fit top like this will bring out the fun persona and help her show the world her unapologetically authentic self. Get this fashionable turtleneck sweater CC here!

19. Christmas sweaters for all by

tumblr nyjvfhFaS01u7b69yo4 1280

This festive season, surprise your household with matching sweaters that will instantly warm their hearts! This Christmas sweater CC is a unisex model, suitable for Sims of all ages, from children to elders. Alternatively, if you want some diversity, you can also pick a longer tunic with the same pattern for girls and ladies. Equip your whole Sims 4 family with festive sweaters here!

20. ripped knit sweater by darte77


Is this a street bum look, or a bold fashion statement? The choice is all on you, as this piece can pass both for artistic Sims who love the shock effect, and for those who don’t care much about the appearance. This highly textured ripped sweater comes in 11 swatches and two main styles – with lines and plain. To get this edgy look, go here.

21. collared crewneck for toddlers

08.12.21 18 56 504r

Toddlers can now look more stylish than ever with this chic sweater and shirt combo! A colored crewneck like this will make them look like little masterminds, ready to solve the most complicated puzzle! It comes in 15 variations, so you’ll also enjoy having different looks for different kiddos! Get this adorable sweater CC for your toddlers here!

If you need more new toddler clothes to freshen up their wardrobe, check out these stunning Sims 4 Toddler Clothes CC pieces!

22. ”jacob” sweater by solistair

th showcase v3

Make space for 31 comfy sweaters to land in your wardrobe! This CC item includes two main styles – patterns and solids. Solids are simple and minimalistic, while patterns are more creative and colorful. The realness and texture are impressive for both, so no matter what you chose, you’ll be happy with the look you come up with. This sweater CC look is available for download here.

23. Diamond Pattern Knit Vest by Rimings

Diamond Pattern Knit Vest and Shirt 600x860 1

Match outfits with your Sims 4 boyfriend and rock this awesome knitwear! Slightly baggy and grandpa-like, this old piece can easily be turned into the most fashionable asset when combined with the right bottoms and jewelry. Plus, you can choose from 14 vest colors. If this grandpa sweater CC look resonates with you, you can download it into your mods folder from here!

24. deep v-neck sweater

01 1

This V-neck sweater is fire! Modern, baggy, and unique, it will make your men look like real runway icons. As if the coolness of the piece itself wasn’t enough, the front is tucked in to raise the aesthetic bar even higher. The sweater is nicely textured, so you can see the fine knit if you zoom in! You can get this oversized sweater CC for your wardrobe here.

25. festive sweaters for dogs

tumblr ozeupjnjMV1rwp5u9o1 1280

Let your dog join the family during the festive season and get them this adorable patterned sweater! There are a few patterns and colors to opt from, so you can find the perfect match for their hair color! Make your pet feel included during holidays and get this cute pet sweater here!

26. ”mika” sweater for toddlers by casteru

23.01.22 17 13 4c

Now, this sweater is the cutest knitwear for toddlers you’ll ever come across! The top comes with a fancy detail – a sporty fanny pack to spice up the outfit. Choose a nice pair of sneakers and a cool hat, and you’ll get a little hipster who has a better style than many adult Sims! Get this chic toddler sweater CC here!

27. ”Fawn faye” sweater by renoraSims

sims 4 bgc fawn faye sweaters bc the cl sweaters were 585x658 1

These sweaters are tailor-made for ladies who love the countryside, enjoy solitude, and thrive when in nature. This set includes two knitwear styles – Faye and Fawn. Faye is a classic look with Nordic and floral elements, while Fawn’s look is a more retro, geeky top. Here’s your download link.


This was our list of sweater CC for males, females and pets, suitable for everyone’s taste. We have included pieces for toddlers, kids, adults, elders and even pets who also need to stay warm. Some pieces were modern and high fashion, some classic and vintage, and we hope you have find fresh download content you were hoping to find.

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