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The Greatest Crop Tops for The Sims 4

Crop tops are an excellent way for a girl, or a guy, to show just how cool they are. Usually considered a summer piece, crop tops are dominant in the hot seasons. But we enjoy putting them on our Sims throughout the year! And just because we have many favorites crop top mods, we decided to share them with you. Check our list!

The Best Crop Top Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Cassy Crop Top To Classy Up

Whether at home or at work, this crop top piece is going to classy up your outfit! Go to that festival night with the proper power look or organize your home party with style! You can’t go wrong with this crop top mod anyways! This CC is done by Karla Lavigne and we found it at The Sims Resource. For a quick and easy download follow this link.

crop top

Colorful Fishnet Cropped Top

When preparing for the summer season, it’s essential to have your crop tops ready. And to enjoy the breeze even more, this one comes with a fishnet. The combo is truly bombastic and you’ll love it in all of the colorful swatches. Visit for more info or download the mod directly from here.

crop top

Flowery And Simple Daphne Crop Top

Here we have something for every taste. In flowery designs or simple plain colors, you’ll find this mod absolutely fitting to any of your Sims! The piece sets beautifully on every body type so you have to try it as well. Thanks to the creator Sentate for publishing it on The Sims Resource and making sure that you can download it from here.

crop top

Lace Crop Top Out Of A Fashion Show

A really gentle and modern piece that we found at It’s fashionable enough in its base white color, but the CC is even more amazing in the other 3 as well. Short at the belly and long at the sleeves – brilliant! Hurry up and get your own from this direct link.

crop top

Deep V-Neck Lena Crop Top

But if you definitely want to tear up the boring winter clothes – this is the crop top for you! The mod’s design is awesome, with different textures and a great V-neck line. 10 custom colors are here to make it more vibrant, so you really can’t miss with this one. Download it quickly from here.

crop top

Flowing Trendy Little Crop Top

Why don’t you set the next trend with this crop top piece? The way this mod is flowing is what has grabbed in the first place, but later we fell in love with the 14 unique color variants as well. We have to thank Serenity-cc for creating it and making it available for download at this link.

crop top

‘Not Your Bae’ Crop Tops – Backyard SP Needed

Beware of this gang of crop tops! This mod is a wonderful way to refresh the outfits of your Sims and include some new and modern ones. Already tremendously popular on The Sims Resource, with over 230,000 downloads, we recommend you to try it too! The creator is Simlark and you can download the mod from here.

crop top

Gentle Off-Shoulder Crop Top

If you want to show off your gentle shoulders – you’ve got to do it with this mod! This top comes in rigged, black and white version so you can throw it in almost any outfit. Every female Sim should have this in her collection, so that is why we urge you to download it from here. For more info visit

crop top

Classy And Casual Open Back Crop Top

Staying relaxed and high-status is possible only with this crop top mod! The CC is exceptional at giving your Sims a classy, yet casual vibe, so you’ll find yourself using it more than often. The official source of the CC is and you can download directly from this link.

crop top

Stylish And Modern Pocahontas Crop Top

Why not go wild and start some adventures with this Pocahontas inspired crop top? You’ve got two options here: appealing unitary colors or gorgeous flowery patterns. We use them both and play with them on various Sims. The credits for the CC go to Serenity-cc and you can download it from here.

crop top

Beautiful And Bustier Crop Top With Studs – Set 34

A little shorter option you have here with this bustier top mod. Interesting additions here are the studs which make the crop piece that much prettier. The 6 colors are all unrepeated and go well with any bottom. The creator of the mod is Cleotopia and you can download it from here.

crop top

90’s Style Halter Crop Top – Set 38

Cleotopia has another big hit crop top and it is this 90s styled one. It is tight and it covers most of the upper body, so only your belly will be exposed. It is also wildly popular within our Sims 4 community with nearly 200,000 downloads! Don’t wait to be a part of us and download the CC from this link.

crop top

Stunning Stella Crop Top For Any Occasion

When we bumped into this stunning crop top mod at we held our breath! It is simply gorgeous! It’s perfectly open in the front, with long straps and beautiful colors that refresh and dazzle. We recommend it 100% and send you to download it from this page.

crop top

Breeze Off Shoulder Crop Top by Trillyke

But Trillyke is also famous on The Sims Resource for her crop tops CC! Check out her off shoulder one for properly enjoying the wind.vlat Elegant design and lots of colors to choose from! You can download this mod directly from here.

crop top

Ribbed Halter Crop Top by Trillyke

For every old-fashioned Simmer out there we have this charming mod. You no longer need to chase the past trends and just enjoy them instead! The ribbed halter top is fantastic for all types of outfits and you’ll find yourself using it regularly. To get it quickly, click here.

crop top

Leslie Lace Crop Top by Trillyke

Simply magnificent! This very mod has ‘WOW-ed’ almost every Simmer throughout the world and because of it it’s downloaded almost 200,000 times! We believe that there is no room for doubts when deciding to get this mod or not, so hurry to The Sims Resource or follow this quick link.

crop top

Sabo Skirt Type Zoey Crop Top by Trillyke

And if Trillyke hasn’t amazed you with her CC talents by now – she will definitely do that with this mod! The good looks aren’t a question and the only way to enjoy them at home as well is by downloading the crop top piece from this link. Visit The Sims Resource for detailed info and updates.

crop top

Cute Zipper Crop Top With Pleated Skirt

This mod really puts all the base Sims 4 full body outfits into shame! The beautiful combination of the zipper crop and the pleated skirt is what we were missing as well so we beg you to try this CC too. Head to to find more info or download this outfit from our direct link.

crop top

Oldish Zipper Crop Top With T-Shirt

Now, this zipper crop top is a bit of oldish in style, but it matches the shirt that goes with it perfectly. The jeans material is available in lighter and darker shades, so no matter if with white, red or black t-shirt, it will still rock on! Try this mod at from this page.

crop top

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