Stunning Denim Skirts Custom Content for the Sims 4


We must have owned denim skirts in our lifetime —at least once. And it’s about time we filled our female sims’ wardrobes with the latest stunning denim trends. Although it is taken to be a tricky process to style a denim skirt, today’s list of denim skirt custom content will cut the road short because these pieces are stylish on their own. Here we go!

Denim Skirts for your Female Sims

Sky Outfit (DENIM SKIRT)

Denim Skirts Custom Content

We’re starting off this list with a skirt your female sims should not miss out on. It’s absolutely stunning and you don’t come across a sophisticated style as this one everyday. It’s available to you in 10 colors and can be worn by adult, teen, elder and young adult female sims. Check it out by visiting this post.

Dollar Sign Denim Skirt

Denim Skirts Custom Content

This dollar sign denim skirt is brought to you by the amazing custom content creator NURIbatsal. It’s available in 16 swatches. Head over to this page for easy installation.

Belaloallure_Avia cc

Denim Skirts Custom Content

Because you can never go wrong with a denim dress, this piece is a must-have. A skirt and top that are available in 10 to 20 swatches each. For easy download, click here.

denim skirts

This is your every day skirt. You get 15 prints to choose from, some of which have flower embroidery —eye catchy! You can download this set by visiting this page.

Denim Skirts Custom Content

A beautifully designed custom skirt for the Sims 4. It comes in three versions and in different shades of denim, in addition to six embroidered versions. And you get 16 swatches to choose from. Here’s your download-link.

Wonderland Collection

Denim Skirts Cc

A 2020 custom skirt for the Sims 4. You can’t but love this one! It’s available to you in 9 swatches. And yes, we call agree that the black belt is a cool addition. To install, check out this page.


Denim Skirts Cc

A bit ripped here and there. You get the Chisami denim skirt in 20 swatches. Don’t wait longer, fill up your female character’s wardrobe with the denim trend already. Here’s your download page.

Melty Denim Skirts Custom Content

Another cool belted denim skirt that is available in 5 swatches. But hey, don’t forget to check out the coolest maxis match clothes to perfect your sims’ looks.

Here’s your download-link.


A full body outfit containing a denim shirt and skirt. Which means, you’ll be welcoming new mesh into your game. And you get this one in 16 cool swatches. To install, follow this post.


Your sims could always make use of a modest knee denim skirt. However, it only comes in 3 swatches. But that won’t stop us, will it? To grab this one, head over to this page.

This has been our list of denim skirts custom content for the Sims 4. Check out the main post for a variety of other styles of skirts. And there’s always related content below for you to have a look at. Enjoy and see you on the other side.

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