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What we at SnootySims love about the Sims 4 is the amazing mod creators out there who keep adding new gameplay features to our game every month! The Sims 4 have become more interesting, and now that we have mods that make the game more realistic. Whether we are looking for mods on baby showers, study dates, romantic engagements, funerals, sleepovers, honeymoons, vacations, and who knows what else… The internet got you covered with an amazing amount of mods to choose from. In this post, we will highlight in depth our favorite Sims 4 events mod that truly just brings our game to the next level!

Sims 4 Events Mod

Sims 4 Event Mods: Baby Showers, Study Dates, Field trips and More!

We can all agree that after playing the Sims 4 for a couple of years the gameplay features grow tiresome. Do not get us wrong, we still adore and love the game with all of our hearts. But, we just desire a little newness that is all. Though there are plenty of nice gameplay features in the game such as the Christmas celebration that comes with the seasons’ pack, we are missing a burst of realism and a slice of life events.

Simmers who play the legacy challenge, for example, would very much benefit from mod addition such as funeral mod sims, and days of grieving. Whereas simmers who play the 100 baby challenge would love the addition of mods with baby showers and family reunions.

To sum it up, we find that there are lots of mods out there on the magical internet… Which would help upgrade our Sims 4 gameplay. And, because we love to share our findings with our fellow simmers… We are excited to present our favorite event mod here. Now, let us get started!

Memorable Events Mod – Part 1 – KAWAIISTACIE

Sims 4 Events Mod

The memorable Sims 4 events mod is created by the talented KAWAIISTACIE and adds 40+ social custom event mods to your game. Yes, you read that right… 40+ social events, in one single mod pack. We are aware that it is kind of insane, but also kind of incredible. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this gift of a mod pack, which we can get for free… Ah, our games are gonna shine brightly after we download this. Anyway, we will now present each of these 40+ new social events, so buckle up!

1. A Night Out – Night in? Night out? This event lets your sim catch a break from their everyday routine and enjoy their night however they please.

2. Meet The Baby – Just got a baby? With this event, your sim family and friends can come over and greet your new family member! Visitors will even bring some gifts for your little one.

3. Bachelor(ette) Party – Let your sims have their last night of freedom before they get hitched!

4. Hot Springs – With this event, any public pool turns into a hot spring. Which increases hygiene and gives your sims little buffs.

5. Beach Party – Have your sims enjoy the summer sun by throwing a beach party!

6. Camping – Take your sims camping, and stay up two and a half days!

7. Celebration – Whatever you wanna celebrate, throw a celebration with this event!

8. University Party – Take funky photos with your University mascots during your uni party!

9. Romantic Date – Plan your dates by using the calendar!

10. Day of Grieving – Allow your sims to grieve the loss of a friend or family member.

Memorable Events Mod – Part 2 – KAWAIISTACIE

Sims 4 Events Mod

To make this post more readable we decided to split these 40+ social activities (which come with KAWAIISTACIE’s Memorable Sims 4 Events Mod) into 4 parts. We just find that it provides a clearer structure, and we get the chance to include more images. So, it is a win-win. Anyway, let us move on to presenting the next 10 social events that are included in this amazing Sims 4 events mod!

11. Easter Egg Hunt – Plan an Easter egg hunt with your sim family!

12. Family Reunion and Gathering – Gather all of your sim family to catch up!

13. Field Trip – Tired of taking care of your sim kids and teens? Send them on a field trip!

14. Game Night – Invite your sims family and friends over for an epic game night at home or your local arcade! This can include anything from a simple dinner to a party for the whole evening. Guys night can also be as simple or as formal as your ladies night maybe.

15. Graduation Party – Celebrate your elementary, high school, and university graduates by throwing a graduation party for them!

16. Gym Day – Plan your sims workouts. Have them go alone to the gym, or bring a workout buddy.

17. Hangout – Hang out anywhere, at any time, with whichever sim you want!

18. Housewarming Party – Have your sim family and friends come and check out your new crib! A fun twist to this party is the household items your guests leave for you on their way out.

19. Karaoke – Plan a time and a place where you will sing your favorite songs alone or with the company!

20. Pizza Party – Do your sims love pizza? Invite your friends and family over for a pizza party!

Memorable Events Mod – Part 3 – KAWAIISTACIE

Events Mod

Those two last parts came with a bunch of exciting events did they not? Yeah, well get ready to jump off your chair, sofa, bed, or wherever you are at for this part… Because here we will present some of our favorite events in the KAWAIISTACIE “memorable Sims 4 events mod!

21. Honeymoon – Your sims can finally have a real honeymoon! Go to whatever destination you desire. Invite friends and family if you want. Hire someone to watch your kids, someone to cook, and someone to clean up after you! We love it.

22. Meet my Partner – Bring your partner home to meet your friends and family, and look forward to watching how they all react to your news!

23. Pregnancy Announcement – Announce your exciting news with friends, family, and your spouse… if you did not tell them all already.

24. Prom – Have your teen sims attend their very first prom. You can decide to bring a date or go with friends!

25. Half Birthday – Throw a birthday party without having to age up! This is perfect for when you want to pretend your child sim has grown up to be a preteen!

26. Vacation – Plan a vacation to any beautiful lot in the gallery! You may hire a chef, maid, and nanny too. So do not worry… Your sims will fully relax!

27. University Acceptance Letter – Announce your acceptance to university with friends and family! But be prepared for the tears of joy!

28. Teen Party – Indeed, you may throw a rad teen party while your sim parents are away for the weekend. Yay!

29. Study Session – Have your grade school, high school, university, and certain careers meet up to work/study with each other!

30. Friendship Finder – Are any of your sims lonely? No need to worry. With this event, you can gather a whole bunch of people to find some friends! And, it works for all age groups – except babies of course.

Memorable Events Mod – Part 4 – KAWAIISTACIE

Events Mod

Finally, we are onto the last part of this incredible memorable Sims events mod. We are just itching for you to download it and tell us what you think! We certainly hope you will love it as much as we do! Anyway, before you head to install this mod into your mods folder… Let us present the 10 last social activities that come with it!

31. Protest – Hold a protest wherever you like for whatever you believe in! This event allows you to protest wherever you like about whatever you like! And, you will earn some of those influence points!

32. Love Finder – Are you tired of spending hours in CAS… to create a perfect love interest for your sims? Yeah, well this social activity lets you find love. However, you only have 8 hours to do so…

33. Sleepover mod – Have fun with your friends by having a sleepover at someone´s house! Oh, and you can have pillow fights!

34. Shopping – Go shopping together with your BFF or whoever else you wish to bring. You may even ask them for some money, but do not get greedy. Nobody likes that!

35. Seasonal Party – Throw a seasonal party with your friends and family members. But do expect some unexpected visitors…

36. Reality Show – Ever wanted your sims family to be like the Kardashians? Well here is your chance. Get your sims their very own reality show! But you will have to keep viewers entertained, and some people might take advantage of your fame…

37. Romantic Proposal – Plan your proposal to be the most romantic one in the history of the Sims! Oh, and invite friends and family to watch if you want to.

38. Pool Party – Throw your fancy sims a very extra pool party!

39. Playground – Go to the “playground” and meet teens, toddlers, and children and become friends with them!

40. Moving Out – Break the news to your family about your moving out! But be aware that there might be a few people who will not be happy about it!


Sims 4 Events Mod

To sum it up, we adore the “Memorable Sims 4 Events Mod” by KAWAIISTACIE. It adds a lot of realistic gameplay, and we could not be happier about that. This mod comes with 40+ different, and equally great social activities, which is just insane! Whether you are more about gameplay or building does not matter. Every simmer our there is going to appreciate this pack! After downloading it, we really can not imagine the game without it!

Where to download Sims 4 Events Mod

So, go ahead and download the Sims 4 Events Mod here! And after you have done so, let us know which social activity is your favorite!

Notice: Mods get updated often to be compatible with new Sims 4 updates. We’re hopeful there will be a new update coming soon for the Memorable Events Mod by KAWAIISTACIE. We’ll keep you informed!

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