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A Baby Shower Party

Baby showers are unique events that we as human beings do throughout the world! We celebrate the coming of the new baby in uttermost joy with all our friends. And since this is The Sims 4, a place where aliens and vampires can find their homes, there is nothing stopping us from having a baby shower party too!

There are a lot of brilliant and talented people out there on the internet who create mods that the rest of us can’t play the game without. Brittpinkiesims is one of those people and she should take pride in her Baby Shower Event Mod – an absolutely stunning baby mod!

We can’t imagine the whole pregnancy phase of The Sims 4 without throwing this type of party! That’s why we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The Baby Shower Event Mod: an Overview

Well, the Baby Shower Mod is a unique event that you can throw amongst your family and friends. The actual event can be held in your house, indoors or out in your backyard. Everyone will be there and cheer happily for your new baby!

The Baby Shower Mod hits all the spots of a real life baby shower party successfully, so you will be more than happy to hear that it isn’t just a lazy work. Brittpinkiesims has made sure that everything is up to standards and that your Sims can enjoy a baby welcoming party just as well as you!

The interactions are also very realistic, from reactions to behaviors of all Sims on the event. Plus it’s a great way to earn a gold medal reward based on how well you threw the party, so if you’re even mildly interested, then we recommend trying out this one-of-a-kind mod!

What Do You Need for a Baby Shower Party?

A Pregnant Sim

Well, the most obvious thing that you will need is a pregnant Sim. They will be the one who will initiate everything and as main hosts, they are essential. So, if you do not have a pregnant Sim, go ahead and do that first. It’s considered the best if the pregnancy has reached 2nd trimester for throwing the party, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing it sooner!

Start The Event

To throw a baby shower party, you will need to start an event! This is done in the normal way, through the Plan Social Event option on your cellphone. When the new window pops up, select the Baby shower activity and if the sum is agreeable to you, continue forward!

Some Friends

And while your pregnant Sim will be the host, in order to have any kind of party – you need participants. For the baby shower event, you will need to invite all of their friends. As usually, you can choose who you send invites to, so if there is a Sim that really grinds your gears the just proceed without them!

The selected Sims will be the ones who will show up at the party.

The Rest

If you just so wish so, you can hire an entertainer too who can sing or perform other interesting things for the host and the guests.

You can also hire a mixologist, who will be charged with serving drinks, and for the complete service – a caterer too! You can increase the numbers of these three categories to whatever you like.

Objective Goals

As with any party, goals are here too! And don’t worry, they aren’t strict rules that you need to follow. They are just guidelines to help you throw the best baby shower, and since they describe everything that is actually done at a real life baby shower event, we bet that you will want to do them! Here are some interesting ones:

  • Feel the Pregnant Sim’s Baby
  • Ask Due Date
  • Share Big News
  • Take Photos with Guests
  • Share Photos
  • Have Sims Dance at the Same Time

Here is the download link!

The Baby Shower Event Mod has had quite a bit of history. Through the years, it has been both updated and not, due to personal reasons of the creator. But we are happy to announce that you can still enjoy this mod and it is currently available for download at this page. Go and make the best party that The Sims 4 has ever seen!

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