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Cottagecore is an aesthetic style that mixes rustic and modern style. You can surely make your Sims’ lives better and closer to nature by adding cottage core cc to your game. It is characterized by using salvaged building materials, such as barn siding, wood, and vintage furnishings. And it also includes things like leather chairs, woolen rugs, old-fashioned garments and creative designs. So, with these cottage core cc, your sims will be embracing the natural world, living a minimalistic life, as well as relying less on technology. If this sounds like a perfect lifestyle to your sims, continue reading this post for a collection of the best cottage core custom content.

Best of Cottagecore Sims 4 Custom Content and Mods

Storybook River Cottage

cottagecore sims 4 cc

Cottage living is a new trend among Sims who consider themselves urbanites. And we understand why it’s preferred! Sometimes your sim characters want to escape the noise and pollution of city living, but also save money on rent. This beautiful cottage is built on a 30*30 lot. Head over to this post to have a closer look to what this cottage build has in store for you.

Cottage Core Dress

image 2021 12 23 212248

The cottage dress is a popular design that has been around for generations. And now it’s time you had it in the Sims 4. The style gets its name from the cottage-style houses in which you should probably have your sims live in. Why you may ask? Because it’s cozy, beautiful and enchanting. Check it out this dress by clicking on this page.

Anise Cottagecore sims 4 cc

cottagecore sims 4 cc

This is a furnished cottage situated in Willow Creek. It has all the necessities and has 2 to 3 bedrooms, a basement laundry room, and a lovely caretaker’s shed in the backyard. The gardens are beautiful. For easy download, follow this link.

Winter Cottage

image 2021 12 23 213557

When your sim thinks of winter, they must think of muffins and snowflakes, hot chocolate by the fire, snowmen in their snow suits, building snowmen next door. And we get it! there’s something so magical about taking a break to get cozy in cottages during these cold months. What better time to take advantage of life’s slower pace? This winter cottage is definitely worth checking out. Install it in your game.

olivia rose

cottagecore sims4 cc 1

We can all agree that the old-fashioned garments are becoming popular again. It is a combination of old and new fabrics and colors. The main idea behind the trend is that many people want to embrace a style that represents the past, but also have an updated take on it. Have a look at this core-esque sim and all of its CC by visiting this page.

Secluded Cottage

image 2021 12 23 215618

Has your sim grown tired of the city? This cottage is a perfect escape! It has an open living room, kitchen, bedroom with bathroom and your own garden. What used to be a struggle to grow your own vegetables will now be a breeze because this house includes a backyard. Check it out here.

Aesthetic Sims 4 cottagecore CC

image 2021 12 24 121815

This set has it all! From the cute cottagecore freckles to the different dresses and skin overlays. You could check out some our best picks of skin overlays, too. Download here.

Green Cottage

cottagecore sims 4 cc

Another cozy cottagecore cc for your sims. This one will cost you 169 682 Simoleans. It has a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and one pretty gardening area. To download it, click here.

Daisy Cottagecore Sims 4 CC

image 2021 12 23 220846

The creator transformed the place they had known into a gorgeous new cottage in the Sims 4. The place has a lot of space to breathe with beautiful views – perfect for summer get-aways! Install it in your game by visiting this link.

Breath of youth collection

image 2021 12 24 114433

This is one of the coolest collections on this list. You’re getting two tops, a bottom, a dress and one accessory. The beautiful blue flowers on the dress are full of life, just like the sims who will be wearing it. To install this one, follow this page.

cozy autumnal cottage

cottagecore sims 4 cc

This cozy cottagecore cc is built on a 30*20 lot and cost about 83,326 simoleons. Check out more photos from inside the cottage by visiting this link.

Cosy Critters

cottagecore sims 4 cc

These cute jumpers are perfect for the winter season. They come in different colors and they can be worn with any kind of outfit. If you wan your sims to look like a kid again then you should definitely get them one of these! To install this one, click on this page.

Big Country Family Home

cottagecore sims 4 cc

This is an awesome country house with lots of room to grow. It has so much character and charm. And with its cozy cottage core backyard, you can see the potential and impact it’ll have on your sims. It has a great layout for entertaining and plenty of room for your family to grow. Grab this one by following this page.

Sunflower Cottage core Top

image 2021 12 24 113451

A cute patterned top is always a good idea. The patterns are always very stylish and they can be worn by anyone. If you are looking for one for your sims, this is the one to have. But keep in mind that you need Cottage Living for this to work. To install, follow this page.

Chairing is Caring cottage core

image 2021 12 24 112621

This is just a really simple, cute recolour pile of the Eco Lifestyle armchair. It features 13 different patterns and a few different wood tones. You should definitely give it a look. Install.

Sims 4 cottagecore CC florence dress

image 2021 12 24 113905

This custom cottagecore dress is quite simple, yet it is the perfect choice for any of your sims’ special occasions. You can easily pair them with a belt and pumps. Not only is it effortlessly stunning but it will match any type of occasion. To install this one, click here.

Daylily Dress

cottagecore sims 4 cc

We believe that if your sims are living an out-of-the-city lifestyle, their dresses need to have prints that show what their life is all about; nature! This dress is available in 22 unique designs. We recommend checking them out by hitting this link.

Redouté dress

image 2021 12 24 124213

This dress comes in 19 unique swatches and your sims from teen to elder can definitely try it out. What are you waiting for? Grab it.

TS4 Cottagecore Vintage Sleepwear

This collection has an array of custom dresses for your female sims. And all of these are perfect dresses for a summer day. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from. Moreover, they are so versatile and comfortable. To install this one, follow this page.


image 2021 12 24 124149

There’s plenty of outdoor space to enjoy in this cottagecore house – your sims could get dinner on the porch, or spend the evening relaxing in a rocking chair. They could also wander out into the open spaces for relaxation or adventure. Have a closer look at it by visiting this post.

Thank you for making it to the end of this list. We hope you enjoyed the great collection of the Sims 4 cottagecore CC. Check out related content by visiting the links below. Happy simming!

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