What Exactly Happened to Farmland Mod?

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Is farming something that appeals to you? The farmland mod was a real sensation, and we could take the farming adventure a few steps further. However, since the creation of the mod, a lot has changed, and the mod is now modified. Keep reading to learn all about what happened to the original mod, and what you can expect from it now.

sims 4 farmland mod not working
What exactly happened to Farmland Mod?

What happened to the farmland mod?

Farmland mod not working? If you came across the inspiring pack trailer and hoped to try it out, you’ll be sad to find out the mod is gone. Farmland was a fully playable mod pack created by ArniePlus, who has stopped making and updating mods for the Sims 4. Since his leave, the original mod, which included a whole semi-open world and many interesting perks and interactions has disappeared. Instead, the author created a single-lot mod, which is a simplified version of the original mod.

Farmland Legacy is a definitive edition of Farmland Mod created by Arnie, and the one we can download and play with. This is a much smaller mod and was simplified to prevent future bugs and to keep the mod stable for future game updates and extensions.

what’s included in the farmland legacy mod?

All farming perks from the Farmland mod are now present in a single lot. You will get a huge lot (64×64), George’s house built on it, a character named George Clover, a windmill, and a barn. Besides these farming essentials, the lot also has a Farmer’s Market and The Simmart Market. Your Sims will get interactions with new animals, and new gardening and farming items to help them keep plants and animals happy and healthy.

The mod includes not only farming buildings, but also a few excellent gameplay perks, farming options, interactions, and the option to adopt as many animals as you like, and even give them names. This means that, unlike cats and dogs, your Sims can now create a paradise, full of many cows, horses, and other domesticated animal friends.

what we had to say goodbye to

The original farmland mod was a real treat. It was much more expansive and included a semi-open world of Eden Hills, with a horse ranch, horse riding options, tractors, missions, and a heartwarming storyline among others. The biggest feature we said goodbye to was the Eden Hills, a beautiful semi-open world that you could view both on the world map and use without loading screens. It included a supermarket, a City Hall, a bar, an open area of Bridleton Bay, a Bank, a Love Temple a graveyard, a broken mill that needed fixing, and many interesting sports and interactions.

This was essentially a Sable Square neighborhood that’s been modified and broadened in Farmland mod pack so that it can serve as a lovely and spacious farming area. You could customize the neighborhood to your liking. We also said goodbye to turnips, riding tractors, and getting the tractors license, as in the Farmland Legacy tractors are only decorative items.

what we welcomed with the farmland legacy mod

new farmland mod sims 4

The good news is, there are some novelties that come with the Legacy mod. This includes extra farming objects, such as sprinklers with a large watering radius, and new planter boxes with 5 new swatches. If you have Cottage Living installed, you can expect to see some fine animal sheds. 

Instead of a supermarket from Farmland mod, you will get a Simmart Supermarket with new presentation tables and shelves, and new fridges where you can buy fruits, veggies, seafood, and cool drinks.

ArniePlus has also created 6 new drinks, including energy drinks, a love potion drink that makes your Sims super flirty, and a drink that puts them in a happy moodlet. 

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what happened to George clover?

George Clover is an elderly character and the main character of the Farmland Mod. While he is still there, and so is his house, his storyline, which was the main story the whole Farmland Mod was centered around was removed. He is now just a regular elderly fellow you can play.

how do you farm?

In the original farmland mod, you could plant outside of your lot, on special farming plots you would buy from a City Hall.

In Farmland Legacy, besides planting in regular planter boxes and on your lot soil, you can plant not only on your lot but anywhere you like. All you need to do is find the perfect spot, hold click+SHIFT and choose Farming. This will open up a list of options and available seeds you can plant. You can collect the crops and harvestable on your lot or outside of it, and sell them at the market later or keep it in your Sims’s inventory.

Planting seeds works just like your regular gardening, with one difference – Gardening skill will now be renamed Farming & Gradening. The mod also includes farming essentials, such as an anti-insects emitter, a greenhouse, and water pipes.

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getting an unlimited number of new animals

One of the biggest positives that the mod has is a chance to adopt as many animals as you like, which can’t be done in the game. The original mod included 9, but now includes 8 animal species you can adopt. Most animals, like chickens, rabbits, bees, fish, and cows, were already available in the expansion packs, but the Legacy mod includes more species. The original Farmland mod also had ducks and duck ponds, which are now discontinued.

All can give you collectible produce, but you can’t harm them or harvest the meat. If you decide you don’t want some animals and can’t give them all your love, simply sell them to another farmer who will love and take care of them.

animal species included in the mod

These are the animals you will get:

  • Chickens – Just like in Cottage Living, hens can lay standard and sometimes golden eggs. In return for collectible eggs, you will need to feed them every day. Youngest Sims (kids and toddlers) can Play and Confest Secrets to them.
  • Cows – You don’t have to refill feed as you would normally do, as the grass on your lot will be enough, and you will still get harvestable milk every day. You can befriend them, sing to them or give them treats.
  • Rabbits – You can make money by selling and collecting chocolate eggs daily.
  • Pigs – Pigs from farmland mod love playing in the mud, and will give you clay for arts and crafts! 
  • Sheep – Although you can give them treats, just like cows, sheep don’t need feeding, as they will be perfectly content grazing grass. You’ll be able to earn money by selling wool every week.
  • Horses – The only animal species that doesn’t give produce. With the original mod being removed, you can no longer ride horses.
  • Fish Farm: The mod includes a special pond (Fish Farm Pond) where you can grow 5 fish. As time passes, they will multiply, so you will be able to collect the extra fish.
  • Bee Farm – You can sell honey and set up a cool bee farm off-lot.

farmland legacy buildings

Besides the house George resides in, which is built by KateEmerald, their huge lot includes 4 other buildings: Farmer’s Market, Simmart Supermarket, The Barn, and the Windmill.

Once you collect the animal products, you can sell them at the Farmer’s Market, which is a part of the lot. Although it’s on George’s lot, it is a fully functional marketplace where all other sims can also sell their products and crafts. The same applies to Simmart Supermarket, where you can get groceries, seeds, crafts, and other useful stuff for the household, or, sell your products. To sell, just click on the display counter at the supermarket, and you’ll see an option to sell. For both objects, you will be able to sell directly from the inventory.

The Barn is the home of Jack the Horse, Mutton the Sheep, Clover the Pig, and Shirley the Cow. A windmill is a small storage place next to George’s house. In the original farmland mod storyline, it was destroyed by fire and needed rebuilding. Now it operates as storage.

how to get the mod and install it?

For this mod to work, you will need Cats & Dogs and Seasons game packs installed, so if you have these, you are good to go! If you want rabbits and some extra features that come with the Mod, you will also need Bust the Dust Kit and Cottage Living packs.

The first thing you need to do is get the new version of Farmland MOD on Arnie’s Patreon, who is the author of this cool mod. Once the Patreon page is one, go to Mods Archive Page, and click on Farmland Legacy to download it. Find the downloaded file on your PC, unzip it, open the folder, and cut Farmland Legacy. Go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4, and paste Farmland Legacy in Mods.

Additionally, you can add it once you are in live mode in the game. Just go to the Gallery or (F4 key on your keyboard) in the upper right corner and download the Farmland Lot there. In this case, just search ArniePlus, and tick the Include Custom Content Box, found under Advanced on the left. 

To get complete info about how to install the new version of the Farmland Mod, go here to see the guidelines by Arnie.

will farmland legacy work?

Every new game update brings the possibility of future bugs. Since ArniePlus has stopped creating Mods for Sims and stopped updating the old ones a few months ago, there is a chance that, at some point, things available in the mod won’t be as functional. Nevertheless, the mod is worth giving a go, as it’s the closest to Farmland Mod you can get.


Farmland Mod was one of the best available mod packs for the Sims 4. It was incredibly extensive and included many fund missions, stories, interactions, and places. However, even though much smaller and less complex, the Farmland Legacy mod will still give you a lot to play with that you don’t originally have in the game.

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