Whip Up Great Meals in The Sims 4 with the Grannies Cookbook Mod

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This quick guide walks you through the delectable dishes and refreshing drinks your Sims can prepare through the Grannies Cookbook mod. Continue reading below to check out this cool mod!

sims 4 cookbook mod

What is this mod?

The Grannies Cookbook is a mod by Littlbowbub which allows your Sims to prepare a variety of customized dishes and drinks in the game. The mod has been around for a while, but since the launch of the Cottage Living Expansion pack, it has had major updates that helped introduce a full list of recipes and incorporate fresh new ingredients into the game. Basically, the Grannies Cookbook mod lets you purchase a “recipe book” in Build Mode and allows your Sims to prepare and consume the recipes available in the book.

Once you have bought the cookbook (there are 20 design covers to choose from!), you can simply place it in the kitchen counter or a table. You can then rename and add a description to further customize the cookbook. Sims can then whip up the recipes that are available in the cookbook, like how they would normally cook their homemade meals.

Take note though, that your Sims can only unlock other high-tier recipes in the cookbook if they have already reached greater levels in their Cooking, Baking, and Gourmet Cooking skills (check out our article on setting the skill level of your Sims). Some dishes and drinks also require the use of particular ingredients that your Sims can obtain through harvesting, producing, or purchasing from the grocery.

What’s in store for the tummy?

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In case you’re already intrigued, the Grannies Cookbook is filled with more than a hundred recipes! So, you’re to expect an abundance of new recipes to try out. From flavored drinks to tasty snacks, to filling meals, and luscious desserts, the variety and availability of the dishes in the cookbook is endless. Any sim would want to sink their tastebuds into the delectable food and drinks available through the cookbook. Now, let’s take a quick look at some of these yummy goodies!

Cool Drinks

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Refreshments, anyone? Go and hydrate your Sims with thirst-quenchers such as the Pineapple Coconut Smoothie, the Iced Caramel Coffee, or the Pink Grapefruit Bubble Tea! If you’re looking for an unconventional slushie to shake things up, you could opt for the Frankenstein Freakshake. Or if your Sims are feeling a little gloomy, you could brighten their day up with a classic Rainbow Milkshake! Drinks in Grannies Cookbook are easy to have since they don’t require any laborious preparations. Your Sims can simply open their refrigerator to get their refreshments.

Scrumptious Snacks

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If your Sims are looking for a quick snack, you can let them enjoy some Afternoon Tea, pleasantly paired with the Fruit and Chocolate Pot. Or perhaps, if they are feeling a bit under the weather, they could savor a few bowls of the Carrot and Coriander Soup or the classic Chicken Soup, which takes very little time to prepare. A few of the snacks in the cookbook mod require ingredients like chocolate syrup or some fruits, so make sure to always stock your Sims’ fridge with these essentials in case the cravings hit!

Appetizing Meals

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In Grannies Cookbook, the meals are the main star. Recipes from several cuisines worldwide are featured in the cookbook mod, which your Sims can easily get ready with select ingredients and a few cooking procedures. Let your Sims feast on savory delicacies such as the Ratatouille, the Satay Chicken Skewers, the Sushi Tray, the Alicajo Soup, and the Mac and Cheese Fried Chicken. If they’re feeling adventurous, your Sims could also try the exotic-looking dish, Crown Roast! Similar to how they cook the regular dishes in the game, your Sims could prepare these recipes from the cookbook in single-serving, family size, or party size.

Desserts for the Sweet Tooth

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Of course, what great meal would be complete without the delicious desserts that accompany it? Treat your Sims to a wide assortment of cakes, pies, breads, and other sweets that are featured in Grannies Cookbook. They will surely love to indulge in the Cheesecake Brownies, the Strawberry Mochi, and the Thai Mango Sticky Rice. For particular holidays, there are also theme-based desserts which Sims could bake or cook such as the Christmas Trifle, the Corpse Bride Cake, and the Love Heart Shortbread! What is more, the cookbook mod also has dessert recipes for family celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and baby reveals.

Breakfast Recipes

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The cookbook also contains a hearty selection of breakfast goodies that can fulfill the morning appetite of your Sims. Fluffy Lemon Pancakes, Honey and Banana Toast, and Acai Smoothie Bowls are just several of the favorites that are featured in the cookbook mod. Like regular in-game meals, these breakfast dishes can be prepared in single-serving, family size, or party size. Plus, take note that your Sims can only cook certain breakfast meals through the use of fresh ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, or eggs.

BBQs, plus more!

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Meanwhile, you could also turn on the grill and have some BBQ yard party for your Sims! The cookbook currently includes two hot and sizzling recipes: Shrimp Mackerel Skewers and Barbecued Ribs and Baked Beans. And to be honest, these grilled dishes taste so appetizing that your Sims may not be able to keep their hands (and mouth!) away from these!

As I’ve also mentioned earlier, it’s a great thing that Littleblowbub keeps creating and adding new recipes to the Grannies Cookbook Mod. Thus, we may be able to whip up more BBQ dishes, plus other meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks for our Sims soon!

How to download and install:

Go to Littlbowbub’s Patreon page and download the cookbook package file at the bottom of the page. At the time of writing, the most recent version of the mod is the 04.08 update. Thus, if you have installed previous versions of the cookbook, kindly delete them so that you won’t encounter any issues in the game.

For the recipes, you can download all the available dishes in one go through a zipped file, or you could also download the package files of the dishes one by one! Littlbowbub is constantly creating new recipes for the cookbook, and she similarly updates the information and descriptions of each dish in her Patreon. So, make sure to regularly check her page for any new dishes.

After you have downloaded and unzipped the cookbook and recipe files, paste all package files inside your Mods folder in The Sims 4. Launch your game and make sure to enable the use of mods in your game settings.

Verdict: What makes this mod special?

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If you haven’t tried it yet, the Grannies Cookbook mod is definitely a fun and addicting addition to your game. Especially if you like cooking and baking in The Sims 4, this mod will provide you plenty of hours of exciting (and mouthwatering!) gameplay. Trust us when we say that you’ll have loads of fun in watching your Sims prepare and consume countless of delicious food and delightful drinks. Happy playing!

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