How to Make Ambrosia in the Sims 4 – A Complete Guide

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Wouldn’t it be great to resurrect Sims from the dead? Well, there are ways you can use your Sims’s skills and make a dish that will do exactly that. In Sims 4, characters can collect ingredients and prepare a special dish called ambrosia, that can bring their beloved ones back to life. If you want to learn how to do it, keep reading to discover how to make ambrosia in the Sims 4. Let’s go!

How to Make Ambrosia
How to Make Ambrosia in the Sims 4!

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what is ambrosia?

Ambrosia is a very special dish that grants living Sims longevity of life and can bring dead ones back to life. Being special as it is, when made, it can be served to one person only. Preparing this meal is complicated, but fun and rewarding if you like challenging yourself. For it to work, all your Sims have to do, is to eat it, no matter if they are dead or alive.

Skill Requirements for making abrosia

Ambrosia is a special meal Sims can make once they reach Gourmet Cooking skill level 10. The recipe for it will be automatically unlocked once they master gourmet cooking. To be able to make it, on top of that, they will also need to have some other skills learned:

  • Level 10 in ”regular” Cooking skill 
  • At least reach level 3 in Fishing (for catching a fish needed for making), and
  • Not only is the recipe hard to obtain, but so are the ingredients. You will need some rare plants to make it and this will require some gardening, too. This means that your Sims will need to have reached at least level 5 of the Gardening skill, as well.

In other words, just to be able to have the recipe you’ll already have to be skilled, as this is a top-tier recipe, not every Sims can make.

If you want to learn more about grafting and taking cuts from plants, read this in-depth guide.

Ambrosia Recipe: What do you need to make ambrosia?

To start learning how to make ambrosia in the Sims 4, you first need to understand the ingredients. Ingredients for this dish can’t be simply purchased with simoleons. Instead, you’ll have to collect, use reward points and look for them in the world. Collecting them all will require you some time. To make it, you will need:

  • Angelfish (Obtained by fishing)
  • Death Flower ( you’ll get it by grafting)
  • Potion of Youth (You’ll find it in the Rewards store and buy it for 1500 Satisfaction points)

Can other sims help make ambrosia?

Other Sims in the household can graft plants of fish for the anglerfish, only if they happen to have at least gardening level 5 and fishing level 3. While they can collect, unless they have reached level 10 of Gourmet Cooking skills, they won’t be able to make it. So, don’t worry, you won’t have to do it all alone.

Where to get angelfish?

Angelfish is an uncommon fish species you won’t be able to find as easily – unless you know where to look for them. There are a few spots in Sims 4 worlds you can go to increase your chances of catching one. 

If you have all expansion packs installed, this species can be found in a few locations, but not in all worlds. They prefer some baits more than others, so be sure to use either bass or frogs to increase your chances. Be patient and take a few baits with you. These places are your best bets:

  • The canals and ponds of Willow Creek (especially the Oakenstead building)
  • Oasis Springs (all spots, except for Desert Bloom Park)
  • The Forgotten Grotto
  • San Myshuno Park
  • Forgotten Hollow
  • Brindleton Bay
  • Sulani
  • Newcrest ( all fishing spots)

How to get the death Flower?

Death flower is a rare plant species and can’t be easily obtained. There are two ways to get them. One, you can test your luck and search for them in seed packets, or, you can graft them, which is a better option. Let’s explain both.

Option 1: Finding or buying seeds

All plants can be found in seed packets your Sims can purchase. However, while you may be able to find other plants needed for grafting a death flower in these packets, finding a death flower in one of these is impossible. Additionally, if you want to try this method, you’ll need Level 7 of the Gardening skill to unlock rare seed packets. You can hope to find it in the Magic Realm at Alchemy Supplies. If you get lucky, prepare to cash out 1,200 simoleons for it.

Option 2: Grafting the death flower

This is why, to get it, your Sims will have to level up their Gardening skill and reach at least level 5. Once they reach level five, they will unlock the grafting option which is necessary for growing a death flower. These are the steps:

  • 1. Get a pomegranate – Pomengerate is grafter by mixing apple with cherry. 
  • 2. Get an orchid – Graft it by blending a snapdragon with a lily. 
  • 3. Graft a Death Flower – You will get it by mixing the pomegranate and the orchid you previously grafted. Once the plant is grafted, you’ll e able to prepare more than one ambrosia meal.

how to make ambrosia in the sims 4?

Your hard work has paid off and you finally have all the ingredients. First, make sure that the ingredients needed are either in the fridge or in your Gourment Sims inventory. Now, to make the fabulous ambrosia, simply click on the fridge or the stove and choose the Gourmet Cooking option. You’ll then get to choose to make Ambrosia. You can make as many ambrosia meals as you like, as long as you have the needed ingredients. If you have some magical folks in your house, once made, ambrosia can be multiplied using the Copypasto spell cast by Spellcasters!

Who can eat ambrosia?

Not all Sims can make it, but all Sims, regardless if they can make ambrosia or not, can eat it. All you need to do is have the Sims who has reached level 10 of Gourmet Cooking prepare it and place it on the table.

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Reversing aging for living sims

For living Sims who want to extend their life span, preparing and eating it will do the job. All Sims, from children to the elderly can have it! Living Sims will get back to the beginning of the life stage they are at. So, if they are teens, for instance, they will go back to the beginning of their teen years. Ambrosia doesn’t do miracles. So, you won’t be able to go to the previous stage of life (e.g. back from a young adult to a teen). When learning how to make ambrosia sims 4, always think twice about whom you’ll use it on.

reviving ghosts

Ambrosia is much more useful for the dead Sims. As for dead Sims, there are two preconditions for their revival. One, they need to be a part of your active household. Two, you need to have a living Sim (who ticks all the skills boxes mentioned above) from the active household prepare it for them so that they can eat it.

how to make ghost eat ambrosia sims 4?

Well, to make ghost Sims eat ambrosia, you’ll have to make them a part of your active household. To do so, wait late at night for them to appear, befriend them, and then use the option ”Ask to Move In”. This will give you the option to command them to eat the meal.

Once the ghost eats it, they will go up in the air, get back to their normal skin tone and get back to life. They will be revived at the stage of their life when they died. For instance, if a ghost dies as an elderly, ambrosia will bring them back to the elderly age. If they were an adult, they will be revived as adults, and so forth.

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