Sylvan Glade Sims 4 – How To Get To The Mysterious Lot?

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Sylvan Glade Sims 4 is one of the few secret lots in the game. Unlike other areas of the Sims world, this mysterious place can’t be so easily accessed and can’t be found on the map. Not only is it hidden from the eyes of the public, but it is mysterious and full of surprises. So, are you curious to find out how to get to this secret place? If yes, continue reading to find out how and what to expect when exploring the magical Sylvan Glade.

Where is Sylvan Glade sims 4 Located?

Sylvan Glade is a part of the Willow Creek Sims 4 world. So, to get to this secret lot, you’ll have to be in Willow Creek first. The only passage that connects the rest of the world with the Sylvan Glade is located in the Foundry Cove neighborhood. Once you get to the Foundry Cove, search for Crick Cabana residential lot.

Not far from it, you will find a magical tree – the Sylvan tree. You will notice it looks different than all other trees in the area. Its trunk slightly resembles bonsai trees and its branches look richer than those of the surrounding trees. This tree will be your portal to discover the Sylvan Glade Sims 4 location.

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interacting with the sylvan tree

Once you get to the tree, the only option you’ll have unlocked is the View option, just like you’d have with any other object. To unlock more interactions with the tree, you’ll have to view the tree a few times. The Sims will have to ”convince” the tree to reveal the hidden passage to the secret lot and interacting with the tree is the only way to do it.

Viewing it a couple of times will unlock a few additional options, such as Water, Compliment Leaves, and Chat About Roots. You’ll want to try these actions multiple times. This will strengthen the bond with the tree and encourage it to reveal the hidden passage in its trunk. Once the passage is revealed, you’ll be able to click on Explore. Any Sims patent enough and curious about the tree will be granted access to the secret lot.

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opening a portal to sylvan glade sims 4

Opening a portal won’t take you directly to the secret lot. First, you’ll have to complete a little game the tree has for you. You’ll get a screen dialogue named Tree Adventure, so be prepared to play. If you fail to win, you’ll be restricted from trying to enter Sylvan Glade for a while. In this case, expect your Sims to have an ”embarrassed” mood for a few hours. To do things right and enter the hidden lot chose these options in this order: Follow the Sound, Follow Downstream, Enter the Mist, and finally, Travel to Glade. These are the correct Sylvan Glade Sims 4 answers.

If you see a loading screen, expect to find yourself in Sylvan Glade soon! You can stay in as long as your Sims’s mood and needs don’t require tending. To go back, simply use the tree to transport you back to Willow Creek. If you have successfully completed the Tree Adventure riddle there tree has for you, this will open a permanent portal available to your Sims. Once you get to Sylvan Glade once, every next time you’ll be able to travel here simply by clicking on the portal on the tree.

If your Sims has reached a higher level of Wellness skills, kudos to them! With Level 7 Wellness skill, they will unlock the ability to teleport to Sylvan glade while meditating.

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The perks of sylvan glade Sims 4

Sylvan Glade looks like a pinkish fairy tale world. It’s all nature and no crowd. Once you get there, you’ll see purple trees, a pond where you can fish, and a dreamy lake with a waterfall. The place is full of places to dig and collect collectibles. When it comes to Sylvan Glade Sims 4 plants, you’ll be able to collect bluebell, strawberry, basil, mushroom, lily, snapdragon. The lot also has pear trees and cherry trees.

You’ll get access to not only rare plants, insects, and frogs, but also rare fish. It is only on this lot that you’ll be able to catch Treefish in the pond. Once you catch it, a treefish can be sold for a price that ranges from $151 to $375. You’ll be able to catch other rare species such as Rainbowfish, Gummie Guppie, and Tilapia when fishing by the waterfall. Some other fish species found here are ”Captain Fishbones” Bonefish, Anglerfish, and Exotic Goldfish.

Sylvan Glade Sims 4 is not only a paradise for those hoping to collect rare collectibles. It is also a paradise for Vampires. Since the lot is in the constant twilight zone, Vampires who get her won’t be affected by the sun and will be able to stay here as long as their needs allow them to.

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Helpful Sylvan Glade cheats

Although it is a secret lot, the gameplay doesn’t allow you to build here or change the looks of the Sylvan Glade lot. You’ll notice right away that there are no buildings or objects found here. This can be an obstacle since your character won’t be able to stay too long on the lot due to hunger, bladder, and other needs. Unless, of course, if you use cheats.

For any cheat to work, you’ll first have to activate cheats by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+C and typing testingcheats true in the box at the top of your screen and then pressing enter. To stay as long as you like and have all their needs met you can use sims.fill_all_commodities cheat.

If you don’t mind changing the mystical appearance of the lot and would like to add objects there, you’d want to try bb.enablefreebuild cheat. The cheat will unlock and make the Sylvan Glade Sims 4 build option available. This will allow you to modify the look of the lot and add furniture. However, know that this is a very small lot, and even when unlocked, you won’t be able to add a whole lot of furniture.

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