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If you are a game fan or are just discovering the beauty of the Sims 4, it is natural that you’ll want to discover all Sims worlds. At the moment, there are 20 worlds or Sims 4 cities, and each of them has cute neighborhoods, community areas, and additional perks for Sims to explore. Let’s discover the Sims 4 worlds together and unpack what makes each so unique.

sims 4 cities

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1. one of the oldest sims 4 cities – Willow Creek

Willow Creek is part of two basic worlds in Sims 4 along with the Oasis Spring. This cheeky world resembles New Orleans and features plenty of greenery. The climate here is mild, and Sims can enjoy all four seasons. Summers are hot and sunny, with occasional storms, while winters are snowy and idyllic. It has six neighborhoods and these are:

  • Courtyard Lane
  • Foundry Cove
  • Sage Estates
  • Pendula View
  • Magnolia Blossom park
  • Crawdad Quarter
  • Sylvan Glade (secret lot)

There are 16 residential lots. Four of the residential lots are inhabited, nine are uninhabited and three of them are empty lots.

5 Community Lots: The Blue Velvet (Nightclub), Movers and Shakers (Gym), Willow Creek Archives (Library), Municipal Muses (Museum), and Magnolia Blossom (Park)

2. Oasis Springs

Oasis Spring is a warm, serene, and sunny suburb tourist attraction place. Climate is great for those who love sunny days, and citizens can experience wall four seasons, with heatwaves throughout the whole year. There are six neighborhoods and one secret lot.

  • Parched Prospect
  • Bedrock Strait
  • Acquisition Butte
  • Desert Bloom Park
  • Mirage Canyon
  • Forgotten Grotto (secret lot)

There are 4 inhabited, 9 uninhabited, and 3 empty residential lots for you to choose from. The world features 16 residential lots in total.

4 Community Lots: Burners and Builders (Gym), The Future Past (museum), Solar Flare (Lounge), and Desert Bloom (Park).

3. Newcrest

Newcrest is one of the sims 4 cities that resembles modern suburbs and will easily attract Sims looking for empty lots to build on! It was first introduced in 2015 with the Sims 4 base game update. Climate is mild, and if you have the Seasons game pack installed, expect to experience all four seasons. The world features three neighborhoods:

  • Bridgeview
  • Llama Lagoon
  • Ridgeline Drive

There are 15 residential lots, and all of them are empty – a heaven for those who love to build! What is unique about the Newcrest is that, unlike many other worlds, it features no community lots.

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4. sims 4 cities – Magnolia Promenade

Magnolia Promenade is a single neighborhood we first got to explore when Sims 4: Get to Work was released. Everything here, from architecture to climate resembles Willow Creek. There are four lots, only one of which is residential, and an empty lot that is ready for you to build on. These are:

  • Paddywack’s Emporium (retail)
  • JF&S Clothiers (retail)
  • The Roadstead (retail)
  • Preeminent Domain (residential lot)

Although there are not many lots on the map, Magnolia Promenade holds some secret treasures. It also features 3 special hidden lots: Civic Center, Sixam, and Scientist Neighborhood.

Neighborhood amenities your Sims folks can enjoy are parks, collectibles, retail startups, and fishing spots.

5. Windenburg

Windenburg is a neighborhood where the cultural and vibrant nightlife mixes in a significant way. Its name doesn’t sound German without a reason. The architecture resembles typical gothic architecture, frequently seen in Germany. We first got to play a family here when The Sims 4: Get together was released. Climate is sunny all year unless four seasons are unlocked. It has four neighborhoods and three special lots.

  • Windslar
  • OldePlatz
  • The Crumbling Isle
  • Lykke Centre
  • Von Haunt Estate (Special Lot)
  • Ancient Ruins (Special Lot)
  • The Bluffs (Special Lot)

There are 14 residential and 13 community lots, which makes it one of the biggest Sims worlds. Community Lots include places such as bars, nightclubs, parks, a library, pool, gym, and café.

6. San Myshuno

San Myshuno came with The Sims 4: City Living expansion pack, and is a world inspired by modern cities that never sleep. The climate is sunny and pleasant by default. San Myshyno is one of the sims 4 cities known for its festivals and hosts Humor & Hijinks Festival, Flea Market, Geek Con, Spice Market, and Romance Festival. There are 5 neighborhoods:

  • Spice Market
  • Uptown
  • Arts Quarter
  • Fashion District
  • Myshuno Meadows Central Park

This world features sims 4 city living apartments and penthouses. There are 8 inhabited apartments, 1 uninhabited, and 2 penthouses, both of which are available for rent! The city also features one typical, unoccupied residential house.

6 Community Lots: Waterside Warble Karaoke Bar, Casbah Gallery Arts Center, Planet Honey Pop karaoke bar, Stargazer Lounge, Skye Fitness gym, and Myshuno Meadows park. 

7. sims 4 cities – Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow is an old world with a single neighborhood that was introduced in The Sims 4: Vampires game pack. It is known as the dark, gloomy mysterious world of Vampires. Here, the skies are always dark and cloudy, the weather gloomy, and chances of rain high, especially during spring and autumn. The neighborhood features five residential lots, where only one of them is empty.

  • Straud Mansion (occupied)
  • Wolfsbane Manor (occupied)
  • Garliclauter Palace (unoccupied)
  • Widdowshield Townhome (unoccupied)
  • Fledermaus Bend (an empty lot)

This is a small world to live in and has no community lots. Some of the neighborhood amenities include tombstones, parks, and a single oasis.

8. Brindleton Bay

If you are a pet lover, you’ll love this world. Brindletone Bay came with The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs pack, and is a paradise for co-living with furry friends. Climate is mild and lovely, and so are the four seasons. There are four neighborhoods:

  • Deadgrass Isle
  • Sable Square
  • Whiskerman’s Wharf
  • Cavalier Cove

There are 11 residential lots, out of which four are empty lots to build on and four are uninhabited houses.

5 Community Lots: Brindleton Pawspital vet clinic, Club Calico lounge, Deadgrass Discoveries Museum, Paperstone Park, and Salty Paws Saloon bar. 

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9. Del Sol Valley

Made to resemble Hollywood Hills and Los Angeles, Del Sol Valley was introduced in The Sims 4: Fet Famous pack. This world is coastal and sunny and even has its boulevard of fame, just like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are three neighborhoods and one secret lot. These are:

  • Mirage Park
  • The Pinnacles
  • Starlight Boulevard
  • Plumbob Pictures (Secret Lot)

It has 6 residential lots, two of which are uninhabited houses, and one an empty lot. 

5 Community Lots: Orchid A Go Go lounge, Pectorial Fitness gym, Plumbob Pictures Museum, Studio PBP lounge, and Ward Park, which is a national park. 

10. sims 4 cities – StrangerVille

StrangerVille is a gem of the world we first discovered in The Sims 4: StrangerVille Pack. It is similar to the Southwestern desert of the USA, and even the climate is hot and desert-like. It features two neighborhoods in total and one secret lot. These are:

  • StrangerVille Plaza
  • Shady Acres
  • The Lab (secret lot)

There are 9 residential lots, out of which three houses are uninhabited, and two lots are empty and ready for building the home of your dreams! 

2 Community Lots: 8 Bell Bar and StrangerVille Information Center library.

11. Sulani

Sultani came with The Sims 4: Island Living pack. This exotic island has resembles the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The cave of sulani is a must-visit. The climate is tropical, and your Sims will love the hot weather, the sea, and the long sandy beaches. This world, like the majority of other Sims 4 cities, features a few neighborhoods – three stunning neighborhoods to be precise:

  • Lani St. Taz
  • Mua Pelham
  • Ohan’ali Town

The world has 11 residential lots. Five homes are empty and ready for purchase, and you can even pick from two empty lots if you want to build. 

3 Community Lots: The Sand Bar, Ohan’ali Beach, and Sand Simoleon Beach.

12. Glimmerbrook

Magical Glimmerbrok is a small, secluded world hidden deep in the woods. It’s so magical that it doesn’t resemble sims 4 cities in real life, as some other worlds do. We first got a chance to play here in The Sims 4: The Realm of Magic. Climate is mild, but expect snowy and cold winters. This is a single neighborhood world, and features 5 lots in total, 4 of which are residential, plus one hidden lot:

  • Rock Ridge Canyon (inhabited house)
  • Creek Side Corner (inhabited house)
  • Brooks Bridge Borough (empty house)
  • Glimmerbrook Watch (an empty residential lot)
  • Elixirs and Brews Bar (community lot)
  • The Magic Realm (secret neighborhood)

13. Britechester

Britchester is a University world that looks pretty similar to UK universities, as its name implies. Here, Sims can choose between a campus Foxbury Institute, or the University of Britchester, which are the two student campuses in this world. Just like in Brittain, the weather here is mostly rainy. It was introduced in The Sims 4: Discover University pack and features three neighborhoods:

  • Gibbs Hill
  • University of Britechester
  • Foxbury Institute

It features only 3 residential lots and only one of those is uninhabited. However, each campus has 3 dormitory lots, meaning there are 6 dormitory lots in Britchester in total. 

4 Community Lots: Laurel Library, Pepper’s Pub bar, Larry’s Lagoon Foxbury Commons, and Darby’s Den UBrite Commons. 

14. sims 4 cities – Evergreen Harbor

Evergreen Harbour looks very much like the Northwestern part of the USA. This is a sunny place most of the time, with all four seasons available during gameplay, but expect some smog. It came with The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle, and is the first world where Sims got to experience pollution and environmental issues firsthand. It features three neighborhoods, with three distinct eco-footprints: 

  • Conifer Station – Industrial
  • Port Promise – Green
  • Grims Quarry – Neutral

Evergreen Harbor has 13 residential lots and apartments, where 7 are uninhabited and ready for a new family to move in! 

4 Community Lots: Sprucewood square, The Quarry Building, The Waterfront, and the Caboose. 

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15. Mt. Komorebi

Mt. Komorebi is a world that resembles the Japanese islands Hokkaido and Honshu, and it was introduced in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape. Being a part of the Snowy Escape, expect mild to cold weather. There are three neighborhoods, and three secret worlds you’ll get to explore:

  • Yukimatsu
  • Wakaba
  • Senbamachi
  • Mt. Komorebi Peak (Hidden Lot)
  • Mt. Komorebi Base Camp (Hidden Lot)
  • The Croft Icefall (Hidden Lot)

Mt. Komorebi is a blend of a normal sims world and a vacation world. As such, it features 7 residential lots, two of which are uninhabited and two empty lots. It also has 3 rental lots for Sims vacationing here. and 4 communities

4 Community Lots: Hanamigawa Park, Sutefani Onsen bathhouse, Izakaya Ipai Bar, and Hazakura Lounge.

16. Henford-on-Bagley

Hanford-on-Bagley is one of the most unique sims 4 cities and a dreamy world that gives off Irish and English village vibes. It was introduced in The Sims 4: Cottage Living. Although with the Seasons game pack there are four seasons, most of the time expect to see rain and clouds. It features three neighborhoods:

  • Finchwick
  • Old New Henford
  • The Bramblewood

Here you will find 9 residential and 1 rental lot. Four houses are unoccupied, and so is the only empty residential lot in this Sims 4 world.

2 Community lots: Isle of Volpe National park, and The Gnome’s Arms bar  

17. Tartosa

Tartosa world was likely inspired by the Mediterranean seaside and Spanish and Italian coastal towns. The climate matches the location, so expect sun and summer breeze. This gem of a world has plenty of spots for dating and is quite a romantic location. It was introduced in The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories and features two neighborhoods:

  • Porto Luminoso
  • Terra Amorosa

It features six residential lots in total, with two empty lots ready for building, and two uninhabited homes ready for Sims to move in. It also has one rental lot. 

2 Community lots: Celebrazioni d’Amore lounge, and La Coppia Serena wedding venue

18. Granite Falls Vacation world

Granite Falls is a Vacation world introduced in The Sims 4: Outdoor retreat. There is are fishing spots surrounded by pine trees, and plenty of space for jogging. Most of the time, visitors coming here to enjoy nature will experience weather typical for the season. It includes two neighborhoods that offer accommodation and one national park, which is the only community lot here. These are the neighborhoods:

  • Campground
  • Granite Falls Forest 
  • Hermit’s House (secret lot)

19. Selvadorada vacation world

One of the few sims 4 cities that are destination worlds. Selvadorada was introduced with The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure game pack. It is a vast jungle, full of ancient monuments and places to fig for treasure. The climate here is hot all year, so be prepared for an adventure. There are two neighborhoods and one special lot.

  • Belomisia Jungle
  • Puerto Llamante Marketplace
  • Jungle District (Special Lot)

Selvadorada features 4 accommodation lots

3 Community Lots: Alam Museum of Archaeology, Cantina El Arbor Del Jaguar Bar, and a national park Belomisia Trailhead.

20. sims 4 cities – Batuu

This is a Sims destination world like no other. It is an entirely new world in the literal sense. It’s a planet based on a fictional Star Wars planet called Batuu and was introduced in The Sims 4: Journey To Batuu game pack. The weather on this galactic gem is mostly warm, with clouds on the horizon. There are 3 neighborhoods, where each has one residential lot, but they can’t be edited:

  • Resistance Encampment 
  • Black Spire Outpost 
  • First Order District 

10 Community Lots: Millennium Falcon, Docking Bay 7 restaurant, Savs Lightsaber Workshop, Droid Depot, Oga’s Cantina, Dock-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, Ronto Roasters restaurant, T70-X Wing, Resistance camp

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