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Evergreen Harbor Sims 4 is a new world introduced in the Eco Lifestyle Game Pack. Unlike the other worlds, where you can enjoy fresh air, clean water, and beautiful scenery, the Evergreen Harbor brings you back to reality. Pollution issues and contamination are real-world problems, and you can now experience them when playing Sims. If you are passionate about environmental issues and making a change, this city is the place to be. Continue reading to find out all the details about living in Evergreen Harbor.

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What makes Evergreen Harbor sims 4 so unique?

Evergreen Harbor is as closest to industrial city life as a Sims world can get. The first big novelty in the world is eco-footprints. In other words, besides your usual gameplay, you will have a new task – to promote eco-living. Sims who live here deal with real issues, such as smog, dirty streets, and lack of greenery. There are three Evergreen Harbour Sims 4 map neighborhoods, and all have different levels of pollution. The eco print varies from green, to neutral, and lastly, industrial.

The second greatest novelty that is a part of this world is community spaces. There are three of them in the Evergreen Harbor, one for each of the three neighborhoods. These are not just simple community lots, but spaces with a special purpose and assignments. These are:

  • Community space – The default setting of community spaces.
  • Community garden – The green space where neighborhoods can cultivate and grow plants and practice gardening skills.
  • Marker space – A place for arts and crafts, where you can recycle things, or try some eco DIY activities. For instance, you’ll be able to pick up new hobbies, such as painting, juice fizzing, or candle making.
  • Marketplace – Here, you can sell your handmade products, or buy them from other Sims!

Sims from the neighborhood can vote to turn their community space into a community space with an assignment. To change the purpose or assignment of the building, simply use the community voting board. Remember, only Sims who live in the neighborhood can vote. Voting is possible only during weekends, from Friday 8:00 AM and closes on Monday at 6:00 PM.

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Can I change the eco-footprint?

The good news is, yes, you can. To see what is the current eco state of your neighborhood, go to the Live Mode Panel. At the bottom right corner, you will see an icon that shows the eco-footprint. In addition, you’ll have the power to make it not only better but also worse. The choice is yours.

There are two main ways to change the eco state of the place you live in for the better. These are neighborhood action plans and your buying habits, or the objects you buy. You can choose a Neighbourhood Action Plan by voting. There are a few initiatives to choose from. Your best bet would be to vote for Green Initiatives to bring back more greenery into the neighborhood.

The Eco Lifestyle brings awareness to individual impact on the environment too. This means you’ll want your Sims to be as self-sufficient as possible. For a start, this means growing plants at home and recycling. The objects you buy can either boost or make the ecological state worse. For instance, while solar panels and turbines have a positive impact, concrete objects or generators can make things worse. Some objects spend more power and water than others. Even bathroom objects such s showers or bath tubes will make an impact.

Alternatively, if you’d just like to build and play, as usual, you can manually disable the eco-footprint. After that, go to the Game Options and click on Eco Lifestyle. The Enable Eco Footprint Gameplay is checked and activated by default in Evergreen Harbor Sims 4. To disable it, simply click on the box to uncheck it, and smog will no longer bother you!

To learn more about Neighbourhood Action Plans and voting, go here!

Grims Quarry

The Grimms Fairy is the cleanest neighborhood in Evergreen Harbor with a default green eco-footprint. The Evergreen Harbor Sims 4 lots are five in total, one of which is a community lot. There are two residential homes and two apartments to chose from. However, although this is the greenest neighborhood, it is not completely unpolluted. If you choose to live here, the neighborhood will still need some green initiatives and raised awareness about pollution.

Rockridge Springs – A two flor unoccupied home built on a 30×20 residential lot. With the price of only $17,433, it is readily available for purchase for your freshly created families from the CAS panel.

Miner Mansion – This two-floor house is the home of the Harris household. It takes up 30×20 surface, its value is estimated to be $72,966. The lot features a lovely backyard and is the most expensive home in the neighborhood.

Stonestreet Apartments #3 – A bright and cozy eco apartment featuring a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, and one bathroom. The lot trait is Reduce and Recycle and the weekly rent is $750. In addition, you’ll also have to give a deposit of $750.

Stonestreet Apartments #4 – Another beautiful space in the same building as Apartment #3. The lot trait is Reduce and Recycle, with weekly rent and the deposit being $750.

The Quarry Building – The first of the three community spaces. This is a community space built on a 40×30 space for everyone to use. The lot trait is Natural Well and the building has two floors.

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Conifer Station in the Evergreen harbor sims 4

The Conifer Station requires more ecological involvement and maintenance since the eco-footprint here is neutral. The neighborhood has five lots, four of which are residential. It features one community lot, which is a concrete square for public gatherings which has very little greenery. The place is named after the historic train station located at the periphery of the neighborhood. With that in mind, expect to see some old containers and trash.

Canal Corner – A small, two-floor home located right across from the train station and ready for you to move in. You can purchase, personalize it and enjoy the perks of having a small backyard on a 30×20 lot for $18,358. The lot has two traits: Reduce and Recycle and Geothermal.

Pigulock Manor – One of the most expensive residential lots, occupying a 30×20 space. This is a two-floor house inhibited by the Thinker family. Its value is estimated to be $105,545.

Pinecrest Apartments #402 – The first of the two Evergreen Harbor Sims 4 apartments available in the neighborhood. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom. The weekly rent is $600, while the deposit prior to moving in is $1000.

Pinecrest Apartments #404 – The pricier of the two, you can rent this apartment for $1,200 with a deposit of $4,800. It features two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Sprucewood Square – The second of the three community spaces. A concrete square with some green bushes, and plenty of trash cans. It takes up a space of 40×30 and needs some green initiative from fellow citizens residing in the neighborhood.

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Port Promise

If you chose to move to Port Promise, expect some dirt, pollution, and trash on the streets. The most polluted neighborhood of all in Evergreen Harbor Sims 4, Port Promise has an industrial eco-footprint. In other words, this is the place for those with a mission to make a change in the environment. The neighborhood has five lots, three of which are residential. When living here, you’ll get to learn about smog firsthand. Therefore, if you chose to live here, be prepared for some environmental activism!

The Shipping Views – Made of shipping containers merged together, this two-floor home is available for purchase for $17,332. The lot is 30×20 in size and has two traits. These are Reduce and Recycle and Off-The-Grid.

The Portsmouth Promenade – The industrial home of the Greenburg household, with lot size 30×20. It includes two separate units, one being the crane, a residence of Knox Greenburg. The other unit is a large shipping container and a home of Merry and Blossok Greenburg. The value of the property is $42,444.

The Old Mill – A unique 3-floor home of the Sterling Rico family built on a 30×20 lot. The home is isolated from there est of the neighborhood and can be reached only via a bridge. The value of the property is $76,211.

The Waterfront – The third in a row of Evergreen Harbor Sims 4 community spaces. This is a two-floor empty lot that you can turn into one of the three different types of community buildings by voting. It occupies a 40×30 space. The traits of the lot are: Landfill Lot and Reduce and Recycle.

The Caboose – A two-floor bar occupying 20×30 space. This is a place for socializing, nights out where Sims can dance to music and drink their favorite beverages.

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