The Sims 4 Ultrasound Scan Mod: Know What To Expect When Expecting

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Pregnancy can be a surprise, even when it’s something you were trying for! Reduce some of the mystery and stress with the help of the Ultrasound Scan mod.

Ultrasound Scan Mod

Regardless of the type of The Sims 4 player you are, chances are good that you’ve played through a pregnancy at least once. As time has passed and more updates have come to the game there are now multiple ways your sim can become a parent: Trying for a Baby with their partner, being abducted by Aliens, adoption, or having a Science Baby. The least expensive and most accessible option for most sims is to “do it the old fashioned way” and while it’s very exciting, this is the way that comes with the most mystery.

Depending on the type of person you are, your culture, etc., you may want to keep the pregnancy a surprise until the baby/babies show up. On the other hand, you might want to know everything there is to know about the pregnancy to be better prepared, and that’s where a mod like this comes in. The Ultrasound Scan mod by LittleMsSam will allow sims to find out the gender of their expected baby, if they’re having twins/triplets, and gives your sims a lovely Ultrasound image to bring home.

Using The Ultrasound Scan Mod

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When your pregnant sim is in their second or third trimester, they’ll have an option in the “Travel…” menu of their mobile phone to get an Ultrasound Scan for §75. Selecting this option will have your sim leave the lot for 60-90 game minutes and when they return there will be a scan in their Inventory. This scan will have the pregnant sim’s name and information about the number of expected babies they’re carrying along with the babies’ likely gender(s). The scan itself will have 1-3 fetuses on it depending on how many are being carried!


You can rename the scan with your baby’s name(s) and hang it on the wall for a Happiness buff. In Buy/Build mode you can use the Recolor Tool and choose between 9 different frame colors to perfectly match your baby’s nursery. Sims can make copies of the Ultrasound Scan for §25 a piece which can be gifted to other members of the family.

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How To Influence Your Sims’ Pregnancies

If you want to help encourage a certain pregnancy outcome without using additional cheats or mods, there are in-game ways which can influence the results of a birth. None of these are sure-fire guarantees but they will definitely help your chances!

Influence Gender

  • If you want your sim to give birth to a daughter, have them listen to Pop Music and eat Strawberries during the pregnancy.
  • If you want your sim to give birth to a son, have them listen to Alternative Music and eat Carrots during the pregnancy.

Influence Number Of Babies

By default your sims have a 10% chance of birthing twins, and a 1% chance at triplets!

  • Purchasing the Fertile trait from the Aspiration Rewards Store will increase the chances of a multi-baby pregnancy.
  • If you have Outdoor Retreat, your sims can brew an Elixir Of Fertility to up their chances of twins or triplets. The ingredients:
    • 1 Blackberry
    • 1 Dust Spirit
    • 2 False Morel
    • 3 Morel Mushrooms
  • With Spa Day your sims can get a Fertility Massage from the massage table if their masseuse is level 9 or 10 in the Wellness Skill. They will get a Fertility Boost buff that lasts for 12 hours, so they should “Try for Baby” during that time frame.
  • If you have City Living go into Buy/Build mode and give your sims’ home the On Ley Line Lot Trait before they “Try for Baby” to raise the chances of a multi-baby birth.

Use these tips and with the Ultrasound Scan mod you’ll be able to quickly find out if they worked! If you’re aiming for a particular combo you can save the game before your sim becomes pregnant; while gender can be influenced throughout the pregnancy, multiple births are determined when your sim conceives. If you don’t get the outcome you wanted you can reload the game from that save point and keep trying until it works out. You’ll see this reflected in the Ultrasound Scan mod as the scans will confidently state how many babies are being carried but will state the gender as what “it most likely” will be.


The Ultrasound Scan mod is the perfect game-lore-friendly way to find out what kind of baby/babies your pregnant sim is carrying. There are other mods out there that will tell you the information but they don’t integrate into the gameplay as well; this way your sims will find out at the same time you do! Plus, having a keepsake scan you can hold on to and/or gift to loved ones is a sweet way to preserve the memory of your sim’s birth and show how much they were loved before they even arrived. Do you prefer knowing the details of your sims’ pregnancies or do you like the surprise of it all? Sound off in the comments, and happy simming!

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