Give Sims a Better Pregnancy with Speed Up Pregnancy Cheats

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If pregnancy in The Sims 4 is just too darn long for you, using a speed up pregnancy cheat will make you (and your pregnant sims) very, very happy!

Speed Up Pregnancy Cheat

Growing a new being takes a lot out of a pregnant person. Morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, weird cravings, and more can plague pregnant people, among plenty of other quirks and complications. Even the easiest, smoothest pregnancies can feel too long!

Pregnancy lengths vary all throughout the animal kingdom; for human beings it’s typically around 9 months long. Since time in The Sims 4 works differently, their version of pregnancy lasts 3 days. It’s hard to translate Sims time to human time due to the fact that lifespan lengths can be easily changed in the game, so there’s no clear ratio of how time in The Sims 4 works compared to our world.

That being said, you may find that pregnancy for sims is just too long for you. Maybe you play on Short Lifespan, or you don’t want to deal with the buffs and such that comes with pregnancy and want it to be over with, or you’re just so eager to start your family that you want your new baby ASAP!

With Science Babies and Adoption, sims don’t necessarily have to become pregnant to start a family. That doesn’t mean players are limited to those options, though; you can still get a sim pregnant the old-fashioned way (or the alien way) while making the process fly along with a cheat to speed up pregnancy!


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Enabling Speed Up Pregnancy Cheats

Before using these cheats you will need to use a mod to unlock them. The Sims 4 came with several pregnancy speed cheats but unfortunately they—along with many other cheats—were disabled after the release of the Seasons EP. These cheats were considered “automated” cheats designed primarily for testing purposes and were enabled for player use by mistake, so the developers decided to disable them in a later patch (once we all got used to using them)!

That being said, you’ll want to download & install AllCheats by TwistedMexi before getting started with pregnancy speed cheats. If there are other cheats you’ve tried using in the past that did not work this mod may reenable them, so you can certainly give them another try while you’re at it!

All Speed Up Pregnancy Cheats

There are 4 different cheats to speed up pregnancy, once for each stage of the process. While these cheats are presented here for the purposes of speeding up a pregnancy, you could also use them to slow it down instead if that’s what you’re into:

Cheat CodeStage of Pregnancy
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester1Sets your sims to their 1st trimester (day 1) of pregnancy
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester2Sets your sims to their 2nd trimester (day 2) of pregnancy
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester3Sets your sims to their 3rd trimester (day 3) of pregnancy
sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlaborPuts your sim in labor right now!
This cheat will remove all pregnancy buffs, “pausing” your sim’s pregnancy until reenabled with one of the above cheats

As you can see, the cheats to speed up pregnancy (or slow it down) are pretty self-explanatory. Push your sim forward a trimester or two if you want the pregnancy over with faster, or set it back to an earlier trimester if you want your sim pregnant for longer.

It should go without saying, but these mods won’t work on sims who aren’t pregnant so if you try it and it’s not working, make sure your sim is actually carrying a little one!

Other Ways To Alter Pregnancy Length with Mods

Since you’re going to need to use a mod to affect pregnancy even with the in-game cheats, you may as well learn about other mods that can automate the system even further. There are a few different mods that, among other things, allow you to change pregnancy lengths without needing to use “speed up pregnancy” cheats.


WonderfulWhims is a mod that adds depth to the entire process of being a sim, from how they form attractions to others, to deeper and more dynamic personalities, to a menstrual and fertility cycle. Among the options is the ability to change the duration of pregnancies, so you don’t need to hover over your pregnant sim to make sure they’re in the trimester you want them to be in every day. And don’t worry, you can turn unwanted features off!

MC Command Center

MCCC is a massive mod for The Sims 4, which allows you to adjust and modify all sorts of aspects of the game. There’s a slew of options regarding pregnancy so you can really fine-tune and customize how it functions in your version of the game, making it a truly custom process unique to every player.

Other Pregnancy Mods

If you’d like to learn more about the range of mods out there that affect pregnancy in The Sims 4, take a look at 15 of our favorites.

Final (Trimester) Thoughts

Pregnancy is a long and complicated process that will hopefully result in a healthy, happy new person when it’s all done. Sims are lucky that it’s much more simplified and less dangerous for them, but players should be able to tweak the pregnancy process even further to fit their style of gameplay. Whether you want to have quicker pregnancies due to Lifespan lengths or busy sims, or you just really want total control over how long a sim is pregnant, pregnancy speed cheats can make that much more manageable. And if that’s not enough, there are a few other mods you can try for even more control.

Make pregnancy a lot easier for you and your sims with these pregnancy speed cheats—and have fun with them!

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