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The best cc for your Sims is usually determined by your style and the popularity of the trends. But no matter what it is, there are always tons of best items to choose from. If you are looking for the best Sims 4 shorts cc, then this article is for you! Here are ten short cc that you can use to get started with your character creation.

SnootySims Shorts CC Finds

Bloom Set For Adults ( Dress / Polo / Pants / Shorts / Heels ) [MM]

bloom set 10 items serenity

Drama Top & Shorts [Alpha]

Drama Top & Shorts by plbsims

Red Velvet & Peppermint Collection ( Blazer/ Shirt/ Collar/ Turtleneck/ Crewneck/ Jacket/ Suit Pants/ Sweatpants/ Sweatshorts ) [MM]

Red Velvet & Peppermint Collection ( Blazer/ Shirt/ Collar/ Turtleneck/ Crewneck/ Jacket/ Suit Pants/ Sweatpants/ Sweatshorts ) [MM]

Breeze Set ( Top/ Pants/ Skirt/ Dress/ Bottom/ Shorts/ Shirt/ Glasses ) [MM]

Breeze by Caio

Homeboys Collection ( Shorts/ Shirts/ Accessorries/ Sweater ) [MM]

Homeboys Collection by AngelHoliday17

Stamina Set ( Shoes/ Socks/ Sweater/ Shirt/ Pants/ Long Sleeve/ Leggings/ Shorts/ Jacket ) [MM]

Stamina by Caio

Retro 80s Long Boardshorts

Retro 80s Long Boardshorts

Whether your sims are taking a jog, taking a swim, or just kicking back, they can do it in style with these retro 80’sprint shorts.

Inner Glow Set ( Hair/ Sweater/ Shorts/ Skirt ) [MM]

Inner Glow by clumsyalien

Denim Essentials ( Jeans/ Shorts) [MM]

Denim Essentials by renorasims

Fresh ‘Fit Set ( Top/ Shorts/ Pants) [MM]

Fresh 'Fit Set by madameriasims4

Disorder Set (Shirts/ Tights/ Pants/ Jacket/ Shorts ) [MM]

Disorder Set by Caio

Urbam Homage Adds-On ( Top/ Pants/ Shorts/ Necklace/ Jacket/ Piercing) [MM]

Urban Homage Adds-on by adrienpastel

Odds & Ends Set (Dress/ Vest/ Tops/ Shorts/ Pumps) [MM]

Odds & Ends by Teekalu

Balance & Grace Set (Jumpsuit/ Tops/ Leggings/ Shorts/ Leg Warmers / Braid Buns/ Ponytails/ Long Braids/ Long Hair) [MM]

Balance & Grace by joliebean & daylifesims

Vanilla Set (Skirt/ Jeans/ Shorts/ Top/ Pants/ Accessories/ Cardigan/ Shoes) [MM]

Vanilla Set

Lovely Mood Homewear Set (Pants/ Shirt/ Cardigan/ Shorts)[Alpha]

Lovely Mood Homewear Set by Rimings

The Rosรฉ Collection ( Dress/ Tops/ Skirt/ Shorts/ Jeans) [MM]

The Rose Collection by Sentate

Pomelo Set (Dress/ Blouse/ Shorts/ Jeans) [MM]

Pomelo Set by HuiEn

Sirea Chic: Trendsetting Shorts & Sets for Her (#AlphaCC Collection)

208229 sirea shorts sims4 featured image

PlumbobGrrrl’s Tempting Togs: Sinful Shorts Collection (Alpha CC Female Apparel)

322400 sinful shorts by plumbobgrrrl sims4 featured image

Fashion Fiesta: Simblreen 2020’s Ultimate Male Wardrobe Collection (Tops, Sets, Shorts & More)

251809 simblreen 2020 gift dump sims4 featured image

Silverhammer Linda’s Chic Ensemble (Trendy Female Shorts & Clothing Sets)

203174 silverhammer linda shorts sims4 featured image

Silky Dreams: Luxe Lace-Dotted Sleep Shorts in 8 Hues (Female Sleepwear Collection)

328219 silk sleepwear shorts with lace and dots in 8 colors sims4 featured image

Silky Slumber Elegance: Chic Silk Pajama Shorts for Cozy Nights (Sleepwear & Accessories)

331605 silk pajama shorts sims4 featured image

SimRanger’s Shawty Shorts (Chic Alpha CC Clothing Sets for Females)

145369 shawty shorts by simranger sims4 featured image

Chic Charm: Seamless Rib Lace Trim Boy Shorts (TS4) – Alpha CC Female Fashion

342555 seamless rib lace trim boy shorts ts4 sims4 featured image

TwistedCat’s Trendy Threads: Chic Alpha Sets & Hairstyles for Sims (#Download)

342940 redacted set 40 download 41 by twistedcat sims4 featured image

Sforzinda’s Grunge Glam: Chic Post-Grunge Apparel Sets [MM]

326608 post grunge grunge kit add ons by sforzinda sims4 featured image

Rona’s Revelation: Chic Alpha Male Ensemble with a Twist (Tops, Shorts & Sets)

342822 plot twist outfit set by rona sims sims4 featured image

Petra Posh Paws: AdrienPastel’s Chic Pet Shorts Collection (AlphaCC)

309160 petra shorts by adrienpastel sims4 featured image

GorillaX3’s Urban Essentials: Chino Shorts & Carabiner Keychain (Stylish Male Clothing Sets)

342845 chino shorts carabiner keychain by gorillax3 sims4 featured image

Alexandra’s Euno Elegance: Chic AlphaCC Shorts & Pants Sets for Women

307726 alexandra rich pants by euno sims sims4 featured image

Dyoreos Delight: Chic AlphaCC Female Shorts & Clothing Sets

273992 dyoreos like this shorts by dyoreos sims4 featured image

Dyoreos Delight: Chic Shorts Sets & Stylish Hats [AlphaCC Female Fashion]

270845 dyoreos like that shorts by dyoreos sims4 featured image

RonaSims Alpha Ensemble (Higher Outfit Set – Tops, Shorts, Male Clothing Collection)

324566 higher outfit set by rona sims sims4 featured image

SimCelebrity00’s Retro Revival (November ’90s Collection: Jeans, Tops, Shorts, Alpha Hair & Female Fashion Sets)

315814 november 90s set by simcelebrity00 sims4 featured image

Euno22 Punk Denim Set (Female Clothing, Jeans & Shorts Collection – Alphacc, May 2021)

315513 euno 22 0521 punk set denim sims4 featured image

SimblreenStyleBundle (AlphaCC Female Fashion: Jeans, Tops, Shorts, Shoes & Clothing Sets)

315297 simblreen set sims4 featured image

GorillaX3’s Denim Delight (Female Shorts & Accessories Set – Alpha CC, Jewelry, Watches)

314605 denim shorts by gorillax3 sims4 featured image

NuriBatsalSwim – Men’s Swimming Shorts (AlphaCC, Male Swimwear, Accessories, Ears, Clothing Sets)

283290 swimming shorts by nuribatsal sims4 featured image

AlphaPetTrends: Peter’s Shorts (Male Clothing Sets & Pet Accessories)

327383 peter shorts sims4 featured image

ElasticEase Denim Shorts (Female Clothing, Elastic Waist, AlphaCC, Casual Wear)

308135 elastic waist denim shorts sims4 featured image

AlphaWardrobeBasics (22-Piece Male Clothing Set: Jeans, Tops, Shorts, AlphaCC)

332169 kk basic set 22 sims4 featured image

Afterparty Ensemble by BacktrackCC (AlphaCC, Female Tops/Jeans/Shorts, Clothing Sets)

337207 128191 afterparty set 128191 by backtrackcc sims4 featured image

ZeroFlair Jersey Shorts (Trillyke’s AlphaCC Female Clothing Set)

340113 zero jersey shorts by trillyke sims4 featured image

AlphaSport – Nike Ensemble (Male Outfits, Shorts, Tops, Sportswear, Accessories, Watches)

340900 drawupon nike outfit sims4 featured image

Dazzling Denim Delight (Trillyke’s Light Denim Shorts – Alpha CC, Female Clothing Set)

341448 dazzling light denim shorts by trillyke sims4 featured image

Modern Shorts for Male [MM]

Modern Shorts for Male

Cute Denim Shorts for Female [ALPHA]

Cute Denim Shorts for Female

Crop Top with Harness and Denim Shorts for Female [ALPHA]

Crop Top with Harness and Denim Shorts for Female

These are some of the most creative custom content shorts that we could find on the internet. These are not meant to be replacements for the official content from EA, but they do provide some creative insight into what players can do with their Sims.

We hope that you enjoyed this list and maybe found something new to explore in the Sims 4! If you have any questions about these custom content shorts or creations in general please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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