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Are you a passionate basketball fan or simply love sporty looks? In Sims, there is nothing that speaks passion for sports more than a pair of comfy shorts, leggings, and of course – a jersey shirt of your favorite team. Luckily, many content creators have given us the joy of adding some extra jerseys to our Sims wardrobes. Continue reading to find out the best Sims 4 basketball jersey pieces you can find on the internet!

sims 4 basketball jersey

If you are interested not only in sports fashion but love your Sims to play basketball, check out this basketball mod for Sims 4!

Sims 4 basketball jersey for sims of all ages

Sims 4 keeps getting bigger and better every day. We keep getting new clothes to add spice and avoid repetition and copycats in Sims neighborhood. Besides having the joy to explore novelties with every new game pack, we always hope for more exciting outfits to come our way. However, all Sims 4 enthusiasts know that there can never be enough fine clothing pieces. This is especially true for those who like to mix things up and create different characters every time.

To give you a helping hand, we have prepared a list of the finest Sims 4 basketball jersey cc suitable for all Sims, from children to elders. Let’s dive into it!

sims 4 Layered Jersey M by nitropanic

sims 4 basketball jersey

Wanna look gangsta and wear something that screams attitude and respect? Well, then this layered jersey is just what you need! Men of Sims can now look like real NBA fans, with these awesome Lakers and Chicago Bulls tees. Not only do they replicate the authentic basketball sets for these teams, but they are also available in 5 versions for your top pick. To get this CC, check it out on this page.

sims 4 Basketball uniform dress by rimmings

sims 4 basketball jersey

Speaking of layered outfits, we need something cool for Sims ladies, too! This CC features a long sleeve turtleneck in white black and yellow and an oversized basketball jersey tee-shirt that fits like a dress. You’ll get 20 swatches and pick from your favorite teams, such as Boston Celtics, Lakers, or Chicago Bulls. I love how hyper-realistic this one is! If you are as impressed by this piece as I am, to get yours follow this link.

If you’d like to have a real basketball playground in Sims 4, take a look at this hyperrealistic functional basketball court mod here.

jersey Basketball uniform at gorilla for sims 4

sims 4 basketball jersey

Looking for Sims 4 basketball jerseys and shorts? If you are looking for a full basketball look, this is the CC for you. Made for male Sims, this basketball uniform includes a jersey and matching shorts. It will make your Sims guys look like real sports buffs for sure. It comes in five varieties and will help accentuate their fit physique, especially their shoulders. Check it out on this page!

berry basketball jerseys for sims 4 school colors

sims 4 basketball jersey

Looking for high school sports uniforms? If that is so, I am sure that these school basketball jerseys looks won’t fail you. This CC pack includes seven customized looks for seven schools and mascots. You’ll not only get the looks, but also different mascots for every team, such as a knight, a bird, or an amazing scarecrow outfit. If you like these sporty looks, download yours here.

Sims 4 Kuroko no Basket Uniforms – jerseys and shorts

sims 4 basketball jersey

Great jersey pieces are not only reserved for popular NBA teams. Here comes yet another incredible uniform with a Sims 4 basketball jersey. You’ll get 50 meshes for 8 different teams to get a real customized feel. The jersey is a recolored tank top and they work well with editor’s shorts. The CC looks incredibly realistic, thanks to fabric lines and texture. Take a closer look at these pieces on this page.

sims 4 kids unisex jerseys by nitroPanic

sims 4 basketball jersey

Let’s not forget our youngest. This set of baggy Sims 4 jerseys for kids will not only make kids look stylish, but also help them embrace their passion for basketball or dress like their role models. If you have ever borrowed an oversized tee from an older brother or sister, you know how amazing it is to rock such a piece in front of your friends. You’ll be able to choose from 7 authentic looks, so get ready for diversity! Get this CC here.

To be able to modify your Sims bodies so that they look even more realistic, check out the best Sims 4 body sliders!

hazie sims 4 simba basketball jersey collection

tumblr 17c390758a8329de543c478459d4c530 43cab894 1280

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a few different jersey looks in one set? Well, this CC is a pleasant surprise in that regard. A crop top? You got it! A baggy boyfriend jersey for ladies? Included. A matching set of jerseys for boyfriends and girlfriends? Yep, also included. The CC comes with looks for both male and female Sims, including a total of five pieces for eleven different teams. What more can one wish for? To get this collection for your Sims, follow this link.

ginger cropped basketball jersey New mesh

tumblr 02903a0edc1dacf89c2da00ff0dfab84 4813ae4f 1280

When summer days come, it is essential to ensure that your Sims girlies have nice tops to choose from. If you want to play a sporty character or a cheerleader, then this is the CC for you. Crop tops are never out and if a basketball look is your thing then these radiant pieces need to find their way to your Sims wardrobe. If you like basketball crop tops, you simply need to have this one. Get it here.

KK’S Tanktop NBA recolor for sims 4

tumblr inline p8kqb9F13P1scqloh 1280

Would you like to look like a real fan of your favorite team and rock some Sims 4 basketball jersey authentic pieces? If so, then these authentic replicas of basketball jerseys are the way to go. The set includes eleven swatches for eleven different NBA teams. Men of Sims will be delighted to wear these. Choose based on color, or simply opt for the team you typically cheer on. You can’t miss these. Check it out and download it on this page!

Looking for extra muscle definition for your characters? Check out the Sims 4 muscle mod!

Sims 4 basketball jersey m for male sims

Among all other jerseys, this one is probably the most alternative of all. The set includes a few classic jerseys but also a few artsy ones with fun skeleton illustrations. You’ll be able to choose from a total of eighteen swatches, so rest assured you won’t run out of basketball outfits with this set. Get out in the bright sun and enjoy these jerseys. To get this look for your Sims men, go here.

New worlds and new community lots here.

JS sims 4 basketball Jersey top mesh


These dresses/oversized shirts are all a stylish girl needs. No matter if you are into hip-hop, like basketball, or simply love experimenting with different styles, this CC is a must-have. There are three different patterns to opt from. Pair it with knee-high socks, or with sneakers and a cap, and you’ll get an outfit that resembles pop song videos from the 2010s. No matter which one you choose you will nail an effortless, casual look. Check it out on this page!

Looking for cool, fresh facial hair for your characters? Take a glance at these Rare Sims 4 Hair and Beard CC!


These were our favorite Sims 4 basketball jersey looks found online. Our list has included jerseys of your favorite teams both for males, females, and kids. We also added different patterns and varieties to hopefully spice things up for you. After all, we always need some extra sporty looks for the gameplay.

This was a list of our favorite jersey tops for Sims 4 for you to try out on your characters. Special thanks to all of the awesome talents of custom content creators out there. If you would like to explore the world of CC and get more fun looks, take a look at our other articles.

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