20+ Creative Sims 4 Holiday Ideas, Plus A Bunch of Cool Holiday Mods!

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Looking for ways to make your Sims 4 gameplay more festive? Check out these creative Sims 4 holiday ideas and cool mods that we handpicked for you! In this article, we’ll explore some innovative ways your Sims can partake in holidays, and share some of the best Sims 4 mods for holidays, which will add some extra cheer to your gameplay. Read on!

sims 4 holiday ideas
20+ Exceptional Sims 4 Holiday Ideas & A Bunch of Cool Holiday Mods!

Check out These Creative Sims 4 Holiday Ideas!

When The Sims 4: Seasons was launched on June 2018, it became the fifth expansion pack to hit the game. The said EP introduced the concept of holidays in The Sims 4, providing our Sims with premade holidays such as Love Day, Harvest, New Year’s Eve, and Winterfest, and allowing Simmers to create custom holidays and events through the calendar system.

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In this article, we crafted a handful of custom Sims 4 holiday ideas to help you pepper your calendar with fun holidays! Before anything else, we recommend that you install the Holiday Traditions by KiaraSims4 and the Random Holiday Traditions by LittleMsSam, gameplay mods which are both included in the second section of this post. Installing these two Sims 4 holiday mods will allow you to create most of the ideas we included below. Enjoy and have lots of happy holidays in the game!

1. Flower Festival

Screenshot 2023 04 25 171208

First off on the list of Sims 4 holiday ideas, you can create a Flower Festival. You can add objects like flower arrangements, garden statues, and other decorative items to create a cheerful atmosphere. Then, choose a day to hold the festival and create a custom holiday in the calendar menu. You can select the flower festival theme and choose holiday traditions for your Sims to participate in during the festival, which we indicated below. Finally, assign a floral dress code for your Sims to wear during the festival.

  • Arrange Flowers
  • Give Flowers
  • Gardening
  • Flower Bunny

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Click the image to learn all about it!

2. Food Festival

Screenshot 2023 04 25 171315

Much like a fun flower festival, you can also create a custom Sims 4 holiday that is focused on food! Yep. Your Sims would love to have a gastronomic feast featuring delectable dishes and refreshing drinks. You can place a community lot in the game, such as a park, to be able to hold the food fest. Pepper the place with food stalls, picnic tables, chairs, and food-themed decorations. For the dress code, choose something that your Sims will feel comfortable in (because they’ll eat a lot!). Then, you may choose the following traditions:

  • Bar-B-Que
  • Drinking
  • Grand Meal
  • Eat Cultural Dishes
  • Eat Ice Cream

3. Camping And Bonfire Night

Screenshot 2023 04 25 171434

For another custom Sims 4 holiday that is sure to thrill your Sims, go and create a Camping and Bonfire Night on the calendar. Take the family out for a comforting evening of gathering around the bonfire and roasting some S’mores. Let Sims bring along a handful of spooky ghost stories and prepare for a bit of hiking, to make the trip memorable! Here are the holiday traditions we recommend for this journey to the woods:

  • Go Camping
  • Go Hiking
  • Stargaze
  • Tell Stories
  • Fire

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4. Art Appreciation Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 171741

Let Sims take some time to pause from their hectic lives, by letting them participate in an Art Appreciation Day, another enjoyable custom Sims 4 holiday. It could be a chance for their minds to be relaxed and invigorated, while they honor the value of different forms of art, like paintings, sculptures, and various objects. These are the possible traditions that you can choose for this Sims 4 holiday:

  • View Art
  • Art and Music Spirit
  • Appreciate an Object
  • Watch Live Performance
  • Music

Find a variety of art stuff by clicking the image below:

sims 4 the art room bestsimsmods.com

5. Spring Cleaning

Screenshot 2023 04 25 172113

Shake off those dust bunnies and prepare your Sims for a revitalizing Sims 4 holiday when the winter season ends—through Spring Cleaning! This is the time for them to bring out those vacuum cleaners and organize objects and clutter around the house, making all areas spic and span. Take note that some objects that are no longer used can also be donated to charities! Create the Spring Cleaning custom holiday, then choose the following traditions:

  • Cleaning
  • Do Laundry
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Thankful Spirit

6. Bake-a-Cake Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 172059

Bake a batch of cakes, dress your Sims up as bakers and chefs, and invite some guests over for a Sims 4 holiday called Bake-a-Cake Day!  Your Sims will surely appreciate this holiday, especially if they have a passion for baking. It can be an exhilarating chance to add some color to their usual routine, provide them with opportunities to learn new recipes, and help them improve their cooking skills. You may choose the following traditions:

  • Baking
  • Invite Guests
  • Drink Coffee
  • Drink Tea

7. Pool and Barbecue Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 172514

As Summer officially starts in the game, it’s time to dive into more activities in the backyard. Gather up your Sims’ neighbors and have a refreshing dip in the pool, and start the grill as well, to serve up some hot, sizzling meat and veggies. Trust us, this custom Sims 4 holiday is going to be delightful! For the dress code, you can choose light and easy-to-wear outfits, or swimwear, for your Sims.

  • Bar-B-Que
  • Water Fun
  • Invite Guests
  • Sunbathe
  • Go Swimming

8. Day of the Dead

Screenshot 2023 04 25 174635

Almost every culture and place in the world celebrates the Day of the Dead to commemorate the lives and significance of loved ones who have passed away. Known as Día de los Muertos in Mexico, お盆 (Obon) in Japan, or Undas in the Philippines, this relevant event can also be carried out in The Sims 4 through a custom holiday in the calendar. Gather the family and spend time cherishing the deceased through the following traditions:

  • Remembrance
  • Tell Stories
  • Make Candle
  • Arrange Flowers
  • Thankful Spirit

9. Oktoberfest

Screenshot 2023 04 25 173344

Let Sims experience a fun-filled day of drinking with friends and allow them to party till they drop through an Oktoberfest holiday! Create a custom holiday in the game, and arrange the dress code of Sims by selecting German-inspired outfits. You may also install this mod here for German-themed beer and this one for German-themed snacks such as sausages, and pretzels. Go on and enjoy the happy Oktoberfest sesh with these traditions:

  • Drinking
  • Party Spirit
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Take Photos

10. Adopt-a-Pet Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 180843

Pets are just the cutest and most adorable creatures ever to hit The Sims 4 games. These tiny critters have made the Sims’ neighborhoods more colorful with their paw-resence and fur-riendliness. However, it’s quite disheartening to see some strays roaming in the streets. These cats and dogs are lonely, hungry, and have no home. Thus, another good Sims 4 holiday idea is to have a regular Adopt-a-Pet Day to be able to provide these creatures with a warm and welcoming abode. Include these traditions:

  • Pet Lover
  • Adopt a Pet

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How to Get a Pet

11. Get-to-Know-Your-Neighbors Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 172823

It’s not enough to see your neighbor Sims around the neighborhood, it’s also quite important to get to know them. Who knows? You may have to call them when something vital or unexpected comes up, or this may be your opportunity to have the friendship of a lifetime with someone. Hence, we came up with Get-to-Know-Your-Neighbors Day to help you warm up with the individuals next door. You can try these cool traditions:

  • Invite Guests
  • Watch Movies
  • Play Basketball
  • Tell Stories
  • Play Cards

12. Summer Vacation Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 172608

This is another thrilling holiday to have to celebrate summer heat! Let Sims have an amazing Summer Vacation Day by playing outside in the sun and swimming with family and friends! It’s the best way to cool down during the sizzling season. Go and create a custom holiday on the calendar and select swimwear as the dress code. For the venue, it’s much better to hold the holiday on the beaches of Sulani Island.

  • Go Swimming
  • Sunbathe
  • Water Fun
  • Go on a Vacation
  • Eat Ice Cream

13. Sports Festival Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 180655

For number 13, it’s time to get physical! A Sports Festival is also a great way to motivate your Sims to exercise those muscles and let them focus on their fitness skills. With this custom Sims 4 holiday, they can participate in athletic activities with their peers, doing a variety of exercises and sports. For the dress code, you can let Sims wear their sportswear. Here are the traditions Sims can do for this fest:

  • Exercise
  • Sports TV
  • Go Bowling
  • Play Soccer
  • Go Hiking

14. Parents’ Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 180807

Because every day seems to be a day for children, it’s time to give all the love back to parents and shower them with affection and appreciation, through the celebration of Parents’ Day! This Sims 4 custom holiday idea is perfect, especially now that The Sims 4: Growing Together has been launched and family dynamics in the game are stronger than ever. Go and honor parent Sims by taking part in these holiday traditions:

  • Gift a Parent
  • Hug Parent
  • Thankful Spirit
  • Give Gifts
  • Family Dinner

15. Diet Day

Screenshot 2023 04 25 180734

If we suggested a custom Sims 4 holiday that is focused on letting Sims eat their hearts out, then we also have the opposite holiday of it, Diet Day! This is especially important if your Sims want to cleanse their bodies from toxins of all the previous foods and drinks they had, or if they are undergoing a major diet change, like transitioning to being a vegan. Trust us, their bodies will thank them! Your Sims can participate in the following holiday traditions:

  • Fasting
  • Exercise

16. Halloween Festival

Screenshot 2023 04 25 180825

The Halloween Festival is a night of all things terrifying and spooky in The Sims 4. You can start by decorating your lot with Halloween-themed decorations, like jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, ghastly sculptures, and Halloween treat bowls. Make sure to also prepare Halloween-themed dishes to spook the wits out of your guests, who will equally scare you at your door when they come in a variety of terrifying costumes! Choose the following traditions to celebrate this frightening night:

  • Spooky Spirit
  • Invite Guests
  • Wear Costumes
  • Trick or Treat
  • Carve Pumpkin

17. Day of Mischief

Screenshot 2023 04 25 181010

For number 17, we suggest that you also try the Day of Mischief holiday for your Sims. It’s pretty much like April Fools’ Day, as the main goal of this custom Sims 4 holiday is to pull mischievous tricks to unknowing Sims and simply let them have fun all day long with their peers. Just remember to be civilized and not to pull too many mischievous moves! Have the following traditions ready to celebrate this prank-filled holiday:

  • Day of Mischief
  • Mischief Spirit
  • Streaking
  • Music
  • Dance

18. Charity Day

Screenshot 2023 04 28 153421

If you’re looking for a way to let your Sims share their fortune and favors to other Sims, let them experience a Charity Day. Such a Sims 4 holiday can let your Sims give back to their community, allowing them to volunteer at local organizations, to help poor strays, and to donate extra simoleons. It’s a good way to let them spread kindness and make a positive impact! For the traditions, the following ones can be helpful for Charity Day:

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Adopt-a-Pet
  • Thankful Spirit

19. Spa and Wellness Day

Screenshot 2023 04 28 153550

For number 20, help your Sims to take a breather and relax with Spa and Wellness Day, a cute, little holiday dedicated to self-care! Yep, this is important for every Sim who needs reinvigoration. Go and set up a spa area in your Sim’s home with massage tables, hot tubs, meditation mats, sauna and some relaxing music. With this simple SIms 4 holiday idea, Sims can break from their hectic schedules and get some much-needed pampering. It’s all about feeling good and taking care of themselves! You may include these:

  • Hot Tub
  • Massage
  • Meditate
  • Music
  • Relax in Sauna

20. Outdoor Adventure Day

Screenshot 2023 04 28 154653

It’s time to get out and explore with Outdoor Adventure Day, another unique Sims 4 holiday where your Sims can enjoy the great outdoors and the adventures that lie beyond. During summer season, select a day in the calendar, and prepare your Sims to get moving and to soak up some sunshine with their close friends or loved ones. You can include the following activities which are sure to trigger the happy hormones of your Sims:

  • Travel
  • Go Fishing
  • Go Hiking
  • Go Sailing

21. Friendship Appreciation Day

Screenshot 2023 04 28 154329

Celebrate the power of friendship with Friendship Appreciation Day, an adorable holiday where your Sims can spend time with their closest friends and appreciate each other. Set up one afternoon in the calendar wherein your Sims can bond over stories, tea, or food. Encourage them to go and reach out to their old friends, and foster the connections that make their lives worth living. Remember, Sim friendships are all about building and strengthening relationships! Some traditions to consider for Friendship Appreciation Day:

  • Invite Guests
  • Drink Tea
  • Thankful Spirit
  • Tell Stories

The Coolest Sims 4 Holiday Mods

Discover more ways to make the lives of your Sims more entertaining with the following holiday and holiday-related mods that we curated for you. These gameplay mods will definitely fill your Sims’ calendars with the most exciting affairs!

For a more detailed look into the ultimate event mods that you need for The Sims 4, take a look at our article here as well.

1. Earth Holiday Traditions by SrslySims

Screenshot 2023 04 25 181320

Earth Day should be celebrated every day, because it helps us become more aware about this place we all live in. Bring the Earth Day Sims 4 holiday inside your game, with this Holiday Tradition gameplay mod from LittleMsSam. Through this mod, you can now honor Mother Earth with all new activities that are significant for the planet. Sims can now do tasks such as “Reduce and Recycle”, “Fabricate”, “Dumpster Dive”, “Make Candle”, and “Juice Fizzing”.

Bring Earth Day to the game through these traditions here.

2. Visit the Hospital Day by KawaiiStacie

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It is vital for Sims to give great value to their health, thus, they need to have scheduled health checkups for preventions and detections of diseases. Thus, you can create a Hospital event with this Visit The Hospital mod from KawaiiStacie, so your Sims can be looked after by doctors and nurses. Take note that this mod requires The Sims 4: Get to Work to function in the game.

Sims can go and visit the hospital with this mod here.

3. More Holiday Traditions by MSQSims

w 920h 690 3383266

Want to collect frogs on Winterfest, ask for a massage on Love Day, or bake some cookies on Harvestfest? You now can, with this mod that adds 49 new holiday traditions in the game, so that you are not stuck choosing the default ones which are a bit lacking. “Collect a New Fossil”, “Analyze a Collectible”, “Ask for a Massage”, “Bake Cookies”, and many others, are just some of the new traditions that this gameplay mod offers to the game.

Create new custom Sims 4 holidays with this traditions, available here.

4. Movie Evening by Ilkavelle

Screenshot 2023 04 25 170916

Do you have Sims who cannot get enough of films of any genre,and are just the ultimate cinephiles in the game? Then, you might want to create a custom Sims 4 event which is all about Sims watching movies all night long! Sims can watch a movie together while eating some slices of ordered pizza. It’s the ultimate comfort sesh after a tiring week! Take note that this mod optionally requires the Movie Hangout Stuff pack.

Have some fun movie event through this mod here.

5. Science Fair by Ilkavelle

Screenshot 2023 04 25 170810

If you have a handful of children and teens in your household, it is important to create more events that help expose them to activities and events that can pique their curiosity and interest for knowledge. With this Sims 4 event mod from Ilkavelle, you can create a Science Fair Day for your youngster Sims, allowing them to make school projects that they could submit to science competition juries! It’s a great time for them to build academic skills and confidence.

Download this mod here.

6. More Pre-Made Holidays by MSQSims

w 867h 650 3383265

If you want to spice up your entire calendar with all new holidays without going into the trouble of creating new ones yourself, then you might like this mod. Created by MSQSims, this gameplay mod adds 16 new premade Sims 4 holidays for your Sims! Yup! There are a whole lot of events for all seasons, including Superbowl, Pride Month, Easter, Kids Day, Summer Fun, and Winter Vacation. Your Sims will surely enjoy this boatload of new activities for their calendars!

Get More Premade Holidays here.

7. Holiday Traditions by KiaraSims4

In creating your new custom Sims 4 holidays, you will have more freedom and creativity if you add this gameplay mod by KiaraSims4mods to your game. Called the Holiday Traditions mod, this lets you unlock over 65+ new traditions in the calendar, which you could use for your new Sims 4 holidays. Our favorite activities from this mod include “Adopt a Pet”, “Family Dinner”, “Read a Book”, “Hug Parent”, “File Tax Return”, and “Eat Cultural Dishes”.

Infuse more Sims 4 holiday traditions with this nifty mod here.

8. Witches’ Sabbath by Ilkavelle

Screenshot 2023 04 25 170409

If you are a big fan of Halloween and you want to add more occult-related Sims 4 holidays in the game, then you might want to add this mod to the game. Created by Ilkavelle, this mod is called the Witches Sabbath, which lets you celebrate a Sabbath event with Spellcaster Sims. The event includes brewing potions, dancing together, and swearing allegiance to the Sabbath. Sounds terrific, right? Just make sure you have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic installed.

Celebrate the Witches Sabbath through this mod here.

9. More Holiday Icons by LittleMsSam

Screenshot 2023 04 25 165745

Of course, in creating a new set of custom Sims 4 holidays, it is important to choose icons that represent what exactly these new holidays are about. However, if you have observed the default ones available in the game, you know that there is not exactly much to choose from. Thus, LittleMsSam came up with this mod, More Holiday Icons, to help players select more distinct visuals for the custom holidays they create.

Choose from over a hundred Sims 4 holiday icons here.

10. Random Holiday Traditions by LittleMsSam

Screenshot 2023 04 25 170407

We really could not get enough of the holiday traditions included in The Sims 4, and we totally think we need more! So luckily, we have the Random Holiday Traditions Mod, another gameplay mod that gives you the opportunity to utilize more day-to-day Sims activities as traditions for custom holidays. Now, you can choose activities such as  “Go Bowling”, “Pumpkin Crafting”, “Eat Popcorn”, “Play Instruments”, “Do Laundry”, and plenty of others in creating your new holidays!

Incorporate more Sims 4 holiday traditions in the game with this mod here.

11. Coffee Day by TianaSims

Screenshot 2023 04 28 155551

With this mod, you can create a cute Drink-a-Coffee Day in your calendar! Simply install this mod, then add the “Drink Coffee” holiday tradition from the Holiday Traditions mod from KiaraSims4 above. You can also select the “Invite Guests” and “Bake a Cake” tradition, so that you can have an afternoon holiday at home drinking coffee (you can choose from lots of flavors including Black Sesame Latte, Vietnamese Coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso Romano, and others) and eating slices of cake with your guests.

Have a fun Drink-a-Coffee Day with this mod here.

12. Make Hidden Holiday Traditions Selectable by EP1CxEMAN08

MTS EP1CxEMAN08 1787038 ModThumbnail2

Ever wonder how, when creating custom Sims4 holidays, you cannot choose the holiday traditions that come with surprise holidays? Well, that’s because the game hides these automatically. Thus, Simmer EP1CxEMAN08 made a mod that overrides this function, making holiday traditions selectable now. Thus, you can now freely employ these traditions in your calendar: “Free Food and Drinks”, “Purchase a Lottery Ticket”, “Shopping Rebate”, “Talk Like a Pirate”, “TV Season Premiere”, “Give Funny Gift”, “Give Mean Gift”, and “Give Romantic Gifts”

Get this Sims 4 holiday fix for your calendars here.

13. No Work! Holiday Tradition by LittleMsSam

Wouldn’t it be such a relief if adult Sims can freely enjoy their holidays in the game without actually attending work? But then that’s only just a dream in The Sims 4! Adult Sims always have to prioritize their work shifts before they get to actually participate in holiday traditions. Good news though, because LittleMsSam launched this new holiday tradition which allows adults to take a free day from work during Sims 4 holidays! Simply select the No Work! tradition in the calendar.

Infuse this new Sims 4 holiday tradition, available for download here.

14. School Holiday Tradition by LittleMsSam

Screenshot 2023 04 28 162935

Some holidays in the game just feel more realistic if it could give some days off for children, too! This helps families to celebrate holidays with each family member present. Plus, it’s ultra useful too when families need to take a much-needed travel or vacation for holidays. Luckily, kids can now take a formal break from school through this School Holiday mod by LittleMsSam. When creating a custom holiday, simply add this tradition so that young Sims can get the break from school.

Get this other Sims 4 holiday tradition as well, downloadable here.

15. Holiday Tradition Override by Chingyu1023

Screenshot 2023 04 28 164542

This is another Sims 4 holiday mod which provides a slight tuneup to the way holidays work in the game. It works by overriding holiday traditions, allowing you to set the preferences (likes or dislikes) of your Sims when it comes to the said traditions, and providing you cheats to ignore the traditions.

This Sims 4 Holiday Tradition Override can be downloaded here.

16. Werewolf Holiday Traditions by DerekSimsYT

Screenshot 2023 04 28 163537

Awooo! If you’re having massive fun playing with the werewolves in The Sims 4, then you’ll like this one! Called the Werewolf Holiday Traditions, this mod by Simmer DerekSimsYT allows you to have 8 new Sims 4 holiday traditions related to werewolves in the game. Activities such as “Transform”, “Hunt”, “Bite a Sim”, “Scratch an Object” and many other ferocious feats can now count as Sims 4 holiday traditions with this mod. Now, you can create werewolf-themed holidays whenever you want.

Have some new werewolf traditions for your Sims 4 holidays, through this mod here.

17. Holiday Baking Traditions by Xbrettface

Screenshot 2023 04 28 164422

If you want to try the Bake-a-Cake Sims 4 holiday idea that we introduced to you in the above section, then you may want to download this mod to accompany that holiday idea! With this Holiday Baking Traditions by Simmer Xbrettface, your Sims can have three new yummy traditions involved with baking— Decorate Cookies, Decorate Cake, and Make Cupcakes! You can choose these baking activities in the calendar whenever you create any custom holiday for your Sims.

Pepper your calendar with new baking traditions, downloadable here.

18. Not Sad About Holidays by BosseLadyTV


Because there are a lot of premade holidays in The Sims 4 like Winterfest, Love Day, HarvestFest, and New Year’s Eve, as well as surprise holidays like TV Season Premiere, Rebate Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the like, it is almost impossible for our Sims to participate in all these happenings. But the thing is, our Sims would feel awful if they miss doing the holiday traditions! Luckily, we have this Not Sad about Holidays mod by BosseLadyTV.

Now your Sims can skip holiday traditions without being sad, with this mod here.


The calendar system in The Sims 4 really spiced things up in the game, as it gave us the opportunity to fill the lives of our Sims with a bunch of enjoyable holidays and events that they could all glady take part of. Such affairs give a notable boost in the moods of our Sims, thus, the more occasions we create, the merrier they become! Thus, refer freely to this article as you create those new Sims 4 holidays and events in the game, plus, download the suggested mods above to shake things up further! Happy simming, Simmers!

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