5 Amazing Holidays Ideas In Sims 4!


Holidays in Sims 4

In this post, I’ll go over my top 5 holiday ideas for Sims 4.

Holidays bring the best out of people. Take Christmas for example. It’s the time of the year when we all become more compassionate. It’s the season of spreading good, feeling joyful, and meeting other people. But it’s also the one time in the year when we can dress in ugly Christmas sweaters and drink hot cocoa.

Anyway, the Sims 4 does a good job of mimicking these real-world holidays. Around Christmas, we can dress our Christmas in such sweaters, make them a hot cocoa and let them enjoy the snow in front of their houses. But, not all holidays are represented in The Sims 4.

Because of this, many simmers create custom holidays based on their real-world holidays. Here you can check 5 of the best custom holiday ideas for Sims 4. And if you like them, you can try them in your own game.

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Top 5 Sims 4 Holidays Ideas

5. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a real-world holiday that almost every country on the globe celebrates. It’s always on the 8th of May, so that’s the best time to schedule it in your Sims 4 calendar too.

In real life, we celebrate Mother’s Day by giving our mothers presents or taking them to a nice restaurant. That’s also the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day in Sims 4 too.

Here’s a few ideas of what you should be doing on this day in-game. You can give your mother Sim flowers, give gifts, take a vacation, or throw a wild party. In case the mother Sim is deceased, you could do a Remembrance on a graveyard. 

4. A Midsummer’s Night

The Midsummer Festival is one of the most beautiful holidays in the world. It’s the time when our planet offers the best weather and we’re free to spend Midsummer’s Night with our friends.

In The Sims 4, the best way to celebrate the Midsummer’s Night holiday is to throw a wild barbeque party and invite all of your Sim friends. You can get fireworks and light them up in your backyard. In the end, you can initiate sum water fun if you have a pool in your home.

This is by far one of the best holiday ideas for Sims 4. Guaranteed fun!

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3. A Midwinter’s Night

The Midsummer’s Night holiday has a sibling – Midwinter’s Night. And much like the Midsummer’s Night, the Midwinter’s Night is one of the best times that the winter season can offer.

On Midwinter’s Night, you can also throw a barbeque in Sims 4. But I’ve found that big parties indoors are much more suitable. You can invite your friends, play some games and raise a toast while the fireplace is burning.

December 21st is usually when Midwinter’s Night is celebrated around the world.

2. April Fools’ Day

For April Fools’ Day, you need no introduction! It’s one of the best holiday ideas that I’ve ever tried in The Sims 4. It’s wacky, weird, and full of fun!

On April Fools’ Day, you can wake up your mischievous spirit in Sims 4. Prepare a prank for your Sims and watch them struggle or giggle. In many cultures, people dress up in funny and wacky costumes on April Fools’ Day. You could do the same in-game. Just make sure your Sims’ outfits are ridiculous enough.

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1. Oktoberfest

And lastly, we have Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a drinking holiday that is annually held in Munich, Germany. But even if you aren’t from Germany you can celebrate it in Sims 4.

You need two things to throw a successful Oktoberfest party in Sims 4 – lots of friends and lots of beer! For this, you don’t need any specific decorations. You can turn your living room into a great party space only by using a large table. For the grand finale, you should also throw a meal for your friends.

Oktoberfest usually lasts from 17th September to 3rd Monday.

Those are the top 5 holiday ideas for Sims 4!

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