Realistic Weather Mods For Better Gameplay in the Sims 4!

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Looking for ways to make the weather in Sims 4 more realistic? Luckily, thanks to weather mods, you can have more control over temperature, clouds, and storms and ever. Keep reading to find out the best mods for tweaking the weather in your game!

weather mods
Realistic Weather Mods For Better Gameplay in the Sims 4!

Weather in Sims 4

Thanks to Sims 4: Seasons, our Sims can enjoy all four seasons to the fullest. They get to experience pleasant sunny days, idyllic winter, and snowy days, but also heatwaves and freezing weather. However, while we can turn seasons on and off and have some climate control, we don’t have much power over little details that would make the game more realistic, such as thunderstorms, clouds, or the intensity of the rain. Forecasts are always predictable, and so is the weather for all Sims 4 worlds.

So, to make the weather more realistic, it’s always good to have weather mods. Here come weather solutions for both folks who do and don’t have Seasons installed.

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1. Weather Realism Overhaul

weather control mod
Sims 4 Weather Mods: Weather Realism Overhaul!

Weather Realism Overhaul is here to tweak the weather in Sims 4 to make all seasons and weather changes more realistic. In a nutshell, the mod is designed to add more variety to weather transitions, change how the forecast functions, and add forecast thresholds, cloud cover, and lighting changes. This weather mod is created by no12, and you can download it from this page. Here are the 3 major features:

Forecasts Won’t be 100% accurate

Calendars in Sims 4 always show an accurate weather forecast. While this is great if you like planning their activities in advance, it’s not very realistic, as forecasts in real life are not always that reliable. Weather Realism Overhaul will make the weather much more unpredictable, making your Sims’ calendars less valid. The calendar might show a rainy day, but your Sims may get pleasantly surprised to wake up the next day and see the Sun shining.

Improved Weather Forecasts

With the weather control mod installed, rest assured your weather events and forecast names will be tweaked. Forecasts will not only show the weather for the upcoming period, but also show whether even and the temperature. The mod adds new forecast names and new events, but also adds more diversity to existing weather, such as different intensities of rain. Your Sims will experience quick rain showers for a couple of hours, and steady rain, which is less intense, but lasts longer.

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Improved Weather Visuals and new Temperature settings

Thanks to this weather mod, every weather change will look more realistic. You won’t see extreme changes in weather as transitions from one weather event to the next one are much smoother and replicate real weather. For instance, water poodles from rain won’t disappear after a few hours but will stay on the ground for a day or two after it stops raining. The wind isn’t an isolated occurrence, so it can happen at any time, mixed with any weather event. In addition to improved visuals, the weather also brings real temperatures in Celsius/Fahrenheit:

  • Freezing: <0C or <32F
  • Cold: 0-10C or 32-50F
  • Cool: 10-20C or 50-68F
  • Warm: 20-30C or 68-86F (Sims will now change to lighter clothes)
  • Hot: 30-35C or 86-95F
  • Heatwave: >35C or >95F

more realistic world’s weather

With this weather mod, Sims 4 words are changed and inspired by real geographical locations.

This means that sunny days or snowy days will differ from location to location, so for instance, your cold days won’t be the same in Osis Springs which replicates Phoenix in Arizona, and Forgotten Hollow, which replicates Rejkyavik in Iceland, where you’ll see lower temperatures and more snow. On top of that, you will also need more snow for certain snow activities. These are the worlds and their real-life location counterparts used as inspiration for the weather:

  • Bridgeton Bay: Portland, Maine
  • Britchester: Oxford, UK
  • Copperdale: Ticonderoga, New York
  • Del Sol Valley: Los Angeles, California
  • Evergreen Harbor: Trieste, Italy
  • Forgotten Hollow: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Glimmerbrook: Cascade Gorge, Oregon
  • Granite Falls: Lungern, Switzerland
  • Moonwood Mill: Sinaia, Romania
  • Mt. Komorebi: Sapporo, Japan
  • Oasis Springs: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Willow Creek: Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Newcrest: Vancouver
  • San Myshuno: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Selvadorada: Manacapuru, Brazil
  • Strangerville: Roswell, New Mexico
  • Sulani: St.Lucia
  • Tartosa: Palermo, Italy
  • Windenburg: Rostock, Germany

Compatibility and Better Seasonal Changes Mod

The Waether Realism Overhaul mod is complementary to the Better Seasonal Changes Mod made by the same creator, and the two work together to create a better weather experience. Better Seasonal Changes mod brings more realism by adding a few extra features for how plants and nature react to weather and temperature (a delayed spring bloom, plant color changes based on temperature, flowers appearing later than leaves, leaf accumulation in the fall).

Weather Overhaul Mod can interfere with other weather mods, if these affect any of the features included by the mod, such as weather tuning or forecasts. Be aware that, with the mod, certain occurrences and weather interferences that are present in-game are more likely to happen. For instance, there is a higher chance for rain to completely melt down snow.

2. Arctic and Desert Wheather Mod

If you want your Sims to live in an extreme climate than Arctic and Desert Weather Mod by Indilwen might be just what you are looking for.

This simple mod includes three Sims 4 worlds with edited weather and can get your folks to live in Arctic cold or desert heat-wave types of environments.

  • Arctic Cold (Willow Creek and Windenburg) – When the mod is installed, you can expect cold weather all year, more snow, and more blizzards.
  • Desert Weather (Oasis Springs) – There will be no snow, and heat waves will be your Sims’ everyday experience, all year round.

To install it, get the mod here. If you chose to get it for your gameplay, make sure you don’t have any other weather mods installed, as they may clash and cancel each other out.

3. Animated Rain and Snow

weather control mod

Animated Rain and Snow Animation by Snowhaze is here to help your Sims enjoy rainy and snowy days. Without Seasons, Sims get to experience only one type of weather – sunny. However, besides sunny days, with the animation installed, your folks can enjoy both the rain and the snow. 

This is a low-poly surface you can use to cover any area you like in the game, including areas around your lot. The weather mod surface can be overlapped to create an intense snow/rain effect. Your Sims can gaze at the rain or snow, walk in the snow, or take a swim in the rain. Snow and rain will look different during the night and the day. To make sure you can place it anywhere you like, use bb.moveobjects cheat.

However, it has some limitations. Unlike with Season’s weather, with this one, your Sims can’t get wet, play in the snow and rain, or have any particular interactions with it, besides viewing the rain/snow. You’ll have to zoom in on your Sims to click on them, and to perform the ‘’Go Here’’ interaction, you will need to click on a barren land or surface that isn’t covered with snow/rain effect.

Although players have reported that it doesn’t interfere with the Seasons, this one is more of a replacement if you don’t have Sims 4: Seasons installed yet and a great ambiance alternative. To download it, go here


Weather plays an important role in how realistic the gameplay is. Thanks to mods, you can pay with weather transitions, make events like snow, rain, sun, and clouds more unpredictable and add more spontaneity for your Sims. Mods allow you to experience different temperatures and even choose a dominant climate for the whole Sims world. Try them out yourself and enjoy your gameplay!

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