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Find Out Everything About The Script Mods!

In the world of Sims 4 mods and CC, there is literally everything! From extension that lets you play as your pet to custom-created kitchen tops that you can get right now! But there is one category of Sims 4 extensions out there that has everybody talking – Script Mods!

Script mods deserve the biggest portion of our attention, believe me. They’re often the heftiest of downloads for the game, and they almost always introduce a game-changing feature. 

Generally, these features add depth to the already existing systems in the game, put there by the developers of Sims 4. Or, they sometimes straight-up remove those systems and introduce new and improved ones. 

And that’s why the creators of these script mods are so valuable to our community – they significantly improve the way we play the game!

But enough introduction, let’s dive deep into the topic of Sims 4 script mods and see what they are exactly!

What Are Sims 4 Script Mods?

Sims 4 script mods are a type of mods where the creators put their own lines of code (from beginning to end) rather than simply changing the already existing lines of code provided by the official developers of The Sims 4. Script modes are often referred to as core mods because they change something at the “core” of the game!

How are script mods different than regular mods?

Well, the regular Sims 4 mods that you can find all over the internet are much simpler than the script mods. They’re created by a person who only changes a few lines of code, often to improve one single thing.

For example, a non-script mod can be an extension that changes the values within some traits. You know, it won’t give you a new trait for your Sim, but it will boost the trait’s effectiveness that is already part of the base game.

On the other hand, script mods delete the Maxis coding and insert a new one. This fundamentally changes the behavior of some features in the game. Or, it inserts new features that haven’t been there before. 

But let’s take a look at some of the best Sims 4 script mods out there and see exactly what we’re talking about!

A List Of The Best Sims 4 Script Mods

Here is a list of the best Sims 4 script mods in 2021!

#20 MC Command Center

MCCC is the number 1 script mod for the game. It’s packed with hundreds of new features that are helpful in all scenarios. You’ll get access to things like pregnancy settings, which let you choose how often your Sims can get pregnant and stuff like that. Check this guide to know more about MC Command Center!

#19 Slider Mods

sims 4 slider script mods

Sliders are a great way to customize your Sims and make them stand out from the regular townies. You can get a slider mod for your Sim’s height, weight, legs, butt, lips, and whatnot! Check this compilation of sliders to choose the right one for you!

#18 Teen Jobs & Career Mods

teen jobs script mods

The mods that allow your Sims to drop out of school and get a job are also script mods. They’re great for introducing variety into your game and to make your gameplay new and exciting. This link will take you to a list of the best teen job mods!

#17 Unlimited Jobs

Unlimited Jobs is a new fun script mod you can try. It lets you accept as many jobs if you want, so your Sim can be all over the place. You can check it here!

#16 Butler Mods

sims 4 script mods butler

Extensions like the butler mod are helpful tools for managing your family, especially a big family. Butlers aren’t part of the basic game, and you can only get them with Vintage Glamour DLC. However, you can also download this butler mod if you don’t want to pay!

#15 Custom Traits

custom traits sims 4 script mods

One of the things that make the Sims 4 enjoyable is that you can experiment with different traits and see where life takes your character. But why limit your options? ModTheSims has a huge collection of traits that can be downloaded and installed individually. Check them out by visit this page. Learn more about how to add traits into your game by reading this post.

#14 No Intro

If you’re a dedicated Sims 4 player, we know you’d hate to waste any second, no? This script mod is sent from the heavens above to teleport you into your gameplay a few seconds faster -yep these matter! Learn more about what it does by following this post.

#13 Meaningful Stories

meaningful stories

This script mod brings about a more natural scheme to the characteristics of your sims. It’s built in a way that Sims become a little more stable but also leaning more towards a certain emotion, complying to the low of attraction. For instance, being happy and comfortable at the same time will probably boost up your sim’s happiness, and vice versa. We recommend giving it a look here.

#12 Road to Fame

Road to Fame is a mod created by Sacrificial. It does exactly what it the name suggests; it paves the road to fame for your characters to become models, singers, actors with an audience. Not only that, but your sims will also enjoy the luxury of hiring bodyguards. Read more about this mod on this post.

#11 Faster Eating and Drinking

faster eating drinking

If you’d like your sim characters to seem a bit more natural having their meals, then this mod is for you. They won’t completely isolate themselves from their surroundings as they eat -they would only pay it less attention, exactly like any hungry person. Have a better understanding for this mod by reading this post.

#10 More CAS Columns

sims 4 script mods

One of the most useful mods out there is “More CAS Columns”! It gets especially interesting when you have hundreds of installed mods that you’d like to skim through as you customize your sims. It can expand your list up to 5 columns. To install this one, have a look here.

#9 Social Activities

This one might come off as a basic, simple mod but it’s definitely worth checking. You could be working on a few upgrades, checking the town around as your characters wanders around with a friend of your choosing -sounds forced? fun? Your characters can have fun outings without your involvement. There’s so much potential for this mod for the right sims. Read more about it and how you could install it.

#8 Playable Pets Script Mod

A mod requested by many simmers since forever. This one allows you to take control of your pets, in the sense that you can use them just like your sim characters and can also let you see their needs. Here’s a more detailed description of the mod.

#7 Work from Home Mods

Another self-explanatory mod by NoelleBelleFleur. If your simmies wish to work from home as athletes, business owners or even entertainers, you know you should be giving this mod a look. Learn more about the different careers that go well with this mod by reading this post.

#6 Become a Sorcerer

When you’ve got magical powers, your sim will be in need of nothing else! We recommend testing it out for your self. Here’s a more detailed post on this mod, to learn about the different features of Become a Sorcerer in the Sims 4.

#5 Education System

As for the Education System script mod, it’s a whole package of fun. With it, you could enroll even your toddler sims in pre-school, that is in addition to an array of interactions that you’ll get to experiment with (like delaying homework heh). Read more about the different school mods that you could install in-game. Install the education system mod here.

#4 Resorts and Hotels Script Mod

Kawaii Stacie has brought this one to life in the Sims 4. You could build a resort lot and have an event of your planning on via your Sim’s phone. If anything, this script mod is an easy money maker. Learn more about it here. And do check out their installation page for more info.

#3 UI Cheats Extension Mod

It can be daunting to work up your way with everything in game. This mods allows you to fill your sims’ needs so simply by clicking a few buttons. The UI Cheats Extension mod can gets a bunch of tasks done with a single mouse click. Check it out by visiting this post.

#2 T.O.O.L.

TwistedMexi’s TOOL is an amazing mod that lots of the Sims 4 players have done crazy work of art with. It mainly takes objects off lots but it’s only got better as time progressed. They have a tutorial that you could watch and learn all the functions from. Here’s your link.

#1 Ultra Speed Mod

With this ultra speed mod, brought to us by the amazing creator Artum, you could play the Sims 4 at the fastest speed setting, even when your characters aren’t sleeping. It gets most useful when you’re looking to put something to the test. Have a better understanding of this script mod by reading this article.


Sims 4 script mods

To summarize, Sims 4 script mods are original creations and not modifiers. The normal mods only give us a couple of small changes. But the script mods usually bring new things to the game. And they change how we approach and play Sims 4!

Hope this post cleared some of the confusion about script mods!

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