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If you’ve played The Sims 4 long enough, then you definitely know all the problems butlers impose. The Vintage Glamour Stuff pack was the official update that brought us the butlers in the game. But with all fairness, it introduced many more issues than it solved. For all of us who like our Sims to live at the top of the social hierarchy, it’s essential to have the perfect butler service. And that’s precisely what we’re showcasing here: the LittleMsSam’s Butler Mod for The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Butler Mod provides a complete butler experience in the game. Whether you’re looking for more interactions or just on-time attendance by your butler, this extension provides it all! Plus, the Butler Mod removes all the confusing and weird things that your butlers do daily. It transforms the mindless base game servants into respectful individuals who clean and take care of you and your kids. 

And that is exactly what everyone with glamorous Sims needs, right?

To download the Butler Mod, please visit this site. Please note that you must have the Vintage Glamour Stuff pack owned first for this mod to work.

Now let’s check the Butler Mod in detail!

The Butler Mod Features

Hiring and Firing Butlers

In the Butler Mod, it’s pretty easy to find and let go of a butler. Firstly, if you want to hire one, then you can do so through the new Pie Menu on your Phone. They should be located in the Household Category. Remember that you can hire up to four additional butlers!

And if you want to cancel one, you have two available ways to do so:

  • Cancel through Sim – Butler – Management Menu: Cancel xx Butler
  • Cancel through Phone interaction – Cancel xx Butler 

Optional Add-ons

These features are optional, so you don’t have to use them unless you really want to. But if you think that will complete your simming experience even further, then totally go for it!

  • No Auto Cooking – forbids your butler to cook out of their own will. They will not engage in cooking activities unless they’re ordered to do so. And for this, the creator has a perfect extension mod called Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drink, which you can download here.
  • No Auto Put Away – your butlers won’t put away food anywhere they go anymore.
  • No Gardening – makes your butlers not work on your garden.
  • Go to Sleep & Wake Up Earlier Butler – butlers will usually go to sleep around 10pm and wake up early at around 6pm.
  • Forbidden Moods – a quality of life feature that removes all the negative moodlets from your butler, like Bored, Stressed, Uncomfortable, or Dazed.
  • Cannot Die – prevents Butlers from dying in any way.
  • Cost Fix – takes care of the “one-time payment” which you pay twice if you move to another lot and take the same butler with you. Now, you will only pay them once!
  • No Uniform – removes the necessity for your butler to wear the classic “butler” uniform. Instead, they can wear casual clothes around the house.
  • Locked Stats – allows you to lock your stats, so they don’t go down.

Available Languages

And Simmers around the world that don’t play the game in English will be happy to know that the Butler Mod is available in multiple languages. Much respect goes to the people who have worked on them!

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Dansk
  • Swedish
  • Japanese


Although a small extension, the Butler Mod really ups the quality of the day-to-day gameplay. Having the perfect responses and interactions with your servants is an immersive characteristic that many find it almost mandatory for simming. We’re happy that such a tool exists, and we recommend you to give it a try!

And if you’re on a safari for other mods, then go and check out our mega mods and CC collection! You won’t be disappointed!

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