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The shoes Sims wear is so much more than footwear…They are fashion details, and they can help them express their unique personality! If shoes are your thing, then Sims 4 platform shoes will be a must-have in your female Sims collection.


Platform Shoes Custom content: Our Favourites

We have prepared a list of stunning footwear that totally reflects the latest fashion trends that both you and the characters you play will adore. When styling, variety is crucial, which is why the following selection of platform shoes will have something for everyone’s taste. Buckle up and let’s browse them!

Are you a sneakers fan and happen to love the Addidas shoe brand? If that is the case, check out some of the best Sims 4 Addidas shoes here!

1. Madlen serafino sims 4 platform sandals

sims 4 platform shoes

From romantic dates to party nights to strolling around the city on a beautiful day, these will give your look the attention it deserves. Red symbolizes confidence, so rest assured that these will make your Sims feel great about themselves in no time. And if you are more of a nude color type of a person, worry not. You’ll also be able to pick from olive green, beige, white, powder pink, and black, all of which are equally stunning! These medium platform shoes are new meshes. If you are as charmed with these as I am, you can check them out here.

2. snake productions Sims 4 platform shoes

sims 4 platform shoes

Who knew sims 4 platform shoes could be equally sassy and classy! These platform shoes are reserved for bold ladies who like to make the world spin. In this case, the combination of laces and platform heels with velvet texture is an absolute match. The fact that they come in seven different colors is a cherry on top. If you’d love to have these killer platforms in your Sims’ shoe collection, check them out here.

3. sims 4 high platform slippers

sims 4 platform shoes

Want to look fancy and all dolled up even at home? These slippers are practical, comfy, and perfect for casual outfits or days at the beach. Fashionistas among Sims ladies will know how to appreciate a simple, yet effective piece like this. To get a pair for your Sims gameplay, download them from this Tumblr page!

Vans shoes are always in, especially if you’re into punk and skate! Check out Top Vans Shoes CC & Mods here!

4. Leather platform ankle boots 01 by jius-sims BGC

sims 4 platform shoes

If you are into fashion, you have seen these on every celebrity lately, from Bella Hadid to Ariana Grande. Every time I see them, I fall in love over and over again. They are everywhere, and now they are available for Sims 4! The model blends a leather top with a thick platform to help elongate legs, and as such it will make your Sims paparazzi-ready. To spice up your outfits with a hot sims 4 low platform shoe mod like these, go here.

5. arlitoes Sims 4 platform shoes pack

sims 4 platform shoes

It’s time to make room for some Kawai platform shoes that will melt hearts! The bunny ears are widely appreciated by anime lovers, and if your Sims is a geeky fashionista, then these are just the right fit. They come in girly pink variant new mesh, but also in bold red for the brave ones. Install this cc pack into your mods folder from here!

6. Shoestopia gothic sims 4 platform boots


Gothic chunky boots were widely appreciated in the nineties, and are now back to bring some boldness into the world of fashion. No matter if your Sims is a goth or a fashionista who likes to rebel, these strappy boots are an absolute must-have. With studs and chains that add a dose of edginess to the look, I bet that these are not for the faint-hearted. If you are as impressed by these daring sims 4 platform shoe cc pair as much as I am, check them out by clicking on this button.

7. Mulder Platform Boots for sims 4

tumblr nbbdxnFCqW1sjvk38o2 1280

This is a pair that Charlie’s Angels would approve of. If I could imagine a Sims lady who wears a killer outfit, she would wear these. Boots like these pair are designed for ladies whose mere presence demands attention and who can seduce with a single glance. To get this pair for your fierce seductresses of Sims, check it out here.

Love fashion and design? Learn more about The Sims 4 Fashion Street Kit here!

8. sims 4 velvet platform sandals with socks

06 velvet platform sandals with socks ts4 cc

Mix alluring shoes with cute pair of transparent socks and you will get a masterpiece. These give me Euphoria vibes big time. There are two main swatches, and eight pairs of socks you can match with them. They go well with both vintage pieces and a classic black dress. To get this gem of platform shoes for your gameplay, check it out on this page.

9. sim 4 sugar

mmdxdl sims 4 sugar platform shoes by 8tuesday8 dde75m1 fullview

Imagine a shoe with a huge platform. Now double that. If you look at the top of the shoe, these are just regular comfy boots that come in pink, white and black. However, if you look at them as a whole, with the platform and all, these are mindblowing chunky models you need to have for the sake of variety. After all, they have character, and they are unique, just like the Sims who will get to wear them. Check them out on this page!

10. poster girl platform sandals by charonlee

1701 670x670 1

These immediately reminded me of Bratz dolls. A pair of heels like these are for high-end fashion lovers who are into the latest trends. Speaking of all the highs, these will elongate the figure of any Sims, making legs appear longer and leaner. On top of that, they are not only pretty to look at but are also compatible with other HQ Sims CCs and content. No doubt, these are reserved for Sims ladies, teens and elders alike, who fully embrace their femininity. I love them! If you do too, check them out here.

For more awesome footwear, check out Tigh High Boots Sims 4 CC pieces that will knock you off your feet here!

This was our list of the coolest Sims 4 platform shoes! We’re sure your female sims will appreciate some, if not all, of them. Check out related content by visiting the links below. And as always, happy simming!

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