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Get The Faster Eating and Drinking Mod for The Sims 4!

If you want your characters in The Sims 4 to be eating and drinking faster, then you’ll need a mod. Because we’ve been a part of the game for so long, some of the basic actions of our character have become pretty boring. We don’t want to spend our time looking at things we’ve already seen a thousand times before. So, we use a mod to speed up things up!

So, to the mod to make your Sims eat and drink master is: Sims Eat and Drink Faster AND Optional Version: Prefer to eat at Tables Included. You can find this extension at ModTheSims, or use our direct link to make a quick download. The creator is bjnicol and full credits for the development of this mod go to her.

Here we will narrow down to the greatest point of this mod, so you can make the decision of trying it out for yourself. Note that this is a quality of life feature and won’t affect your gameplay in any major way. But, it will save a tremendous amount of time on a daily basis. Let’s begin!

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The Mod for Faster Eating and Drinking in The Sims 4


The first thing that you’ll notice after installing this mod is that all the unnecessary bits of the eating and drinking animations are actually cut out. If you aren’t quite sure what we mean, just remember those “hummings” and “looking around” moves that your Sims do while they’re eating their food. 

These animations serve the purpose to make our characters more believable and ultimately immerse us into the simming experience. However, they take way too much time. And, quite frankly, they’re too boring to anyone who’s played the game for a longer time.

So, the mod does a fantastic job of clearing these moments out and giving us a clean eating or drinking animation. As a result, our Sims eat and drink faster without breaking any of the game’s mechanics. A key moment to highlight here is that nothing is actually sped up. Instead, your character will appear to be eating at a normal speed, but they will finish much sooner than they’re supposed to.

And the same goes for social situations. When your Sims will sit down to eat or drink with their friends, they will still take the time to converse and chat with them in between bites. You don’t have to worry about seeing them devour their food in 5 seconds and then stand up. As we said, the mod has been really smartly done, with all things taken into consideration. And that’s a big plus in our book!

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You’ll be happy to hear that the faster drinking and eating mod for The Sims 4 is compatible with the base game, as well as every expansion, game, and stuff pack to this date. This simply means that everyone can use it, regardless of which version of the game you’re currently on. 

Just head over to ModTheSims and get the mod for yourself!


The mod for our Sims to eat and drink faster has been such a useful feature, especially if you don’t have a whole day to play The Sims 4. The way it works is pretty simple: your Sim will eat/drink faster when she is alone, and a bit slower when she is surrounded by other Sims. This is a perfect way to organize such a mod, so we recommend you to use it as well!

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